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Comment Re:ownCLoud (Score 1) 52

I'm a penny pincher like my father before me. I drive may cars well past 100,000 miles and 10 years old and I save possibly useful scraps of hardware and cobble useful things like file servers out of it for personal use. But in this case I have a backup system which rivals most commonly used ones in business...

While I disagree with using RAID-5 (for anything) I have to give it to you, it's refreshing to see a thrifty attitude in this world of disposable iPhones and 5-year servers EOL. I would be obscenely wealthy if I had done that in the past instead of blowing money to the four winds.

Comment Re:ownCLoud (Score 1) 52

My drives are not always spinning and routinely are in "power saving" mode most of the time because the file server is not heavily used.

The more I read your comments, the more it reminds me of Michael Scott when he describes Wikipedia: "anyone in the world can write about any subject, so you know you're getting the best possible information". You just bring up bad practice after bad practice and brag about it.

There's a reason why MAID never caught up.

So what did we learn from MAID? We learned that power management is far more difficult and complex than anyone had thought, and powering on and off drives up to 10s of times per day caused a number of reliability issues.

Comment Re:ownCLoud (Score 1) 52

I have a RAID 5 array that gets me about 3 Tb of space on 4 drives (and a hot spare).

Then I hope your backup solution works because the day one of those disks shits itself, odds are you'll lose the entire array. Rebuilding large disks with a parity count is long and brutal on the spindle, and those 5 drives you bought are quite possibly coming from the same manufacturing batch and are exposed to the same environmental conditions as the one who failed. You're playing with fire.

DIsks are cheap, there's no reason to use anything but RAID-10.

And btw your "bring a backup to the office" scheme is not an alternative to using cloud storage. It's just a way to make it easier for someone to steal your backup more easily than if it was encrypted and stored on OneDrive or glacier.

Comment Please mod up ^ (Score 1) 1818

That "Slashdot Deals" box is extremely annoying. On desktops and laptops it shows up 1-2 seconds after the page has loaded, bringing down the right sidebar a few inches. I often click by mistake on it as I'm about to click on something else in the sidebar.

Also I think it's the reason why I can no longer read Slashdot on my android phone using Firefox. It makes the browser crash. I would have to switch back to Chrome and it's not going to happen.

Comment Re:There's no doubt that... (Score 1) 1818

It is an election year, are you suggesting the elections don't matter, or that there is no impact of technology on elections?

He must be a Democrat and he's afraid that people will talk about the Clinton email scandal.

Liberals are always in favor of free speech but only as long as they agree with the speech.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1304

The last talk posted on they link I gave was in 2015.

Are you talking about the March 2015 video of her talk at the "Lesbian Who Tech 2015 SF Summit" (no kidding)? Because that's the only activity on her blog or Youtube channel in 2015. Before that there's ONE post in 2014, and before that it's all Donglegate and before.

I don't know what you're trying to prove but someone who gave ONE talk in the 3 years since her SJW moment and who does Zendesk training for a living is not someone who leveraged her 15 minutes of fame successfully. How the fuck do you go from an important role at Sendgrid to doing Zendesk macros tutorials, that's a nosedive if I've ever seen one.

You'd think that she learned from all of this, but no. When she was interviewed by Jon Ronson recently she said that the guy who was fired following her public shaming should have kept his mouth shut about it, that he's the one to blame for her becoming a social pariah.

Just to recap: the guy made a joke to his friend during a conference, she overhead and took a picture and posted it (without ever talking to them) because she felt "threatened" (in the 400+ crowd), the guys apologized but she went on, prancing around on TV and blogs and panels to discuss the incident, and when the guy got fired he made ONE short statement about it on Reddit (mostly an apology) and she's blaming her downfall on that.

I don't think shaming the shamer is a proper response, but really, fuck her.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1304

Look again. In her speaking engagements there's nothing since 2013, and most of the stuff on her blog and youtube channel is at least a year old. Check her resume; nowadays she's doing stuff like part-time Zendesk training.

The Donglegate destroyed her corporate career and she didn't turn her 15 minutes into a lasting business either.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1304

The book goes further than just rehashing the shaming events. As an example the author also investigates the reputation management business; those companies flood Google with fake blog posts and articles about their client to push down the damaging results to page 3 or 4 in search results.

Hate to sound like his publicist but really any book by Jon Ronson is worth reading. I don't know to what extent everything he writes is accurate (as an example ICP deny most of what he said about their coming out) but he's quite thorough in his research and he writes well.

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