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Comment: Re:essential to know about jQuery (Score 1) 125 125

It's very likely that people would already have the CDN version in their browser cache since a lot of website use that link.

This is a popular claim, but what little real data I've seen says quite the opposite. There are so many different minor versions of a library like jQuery that the chance of any given visitor to your site actually having visited another site using the exact same version from the exact same CDN within the cache window turns out to be pretty low.

There are not that many version of jquery in use, and anyways the odds of that same visitor having your local version on his first visit are ZERO, which is basically the worst case scenario. Given the fact that this is a third-party library that you are unlikely to modify, hosting it on your own servers provides no advantage whatsoever. Just monitor the CDN like you do for your own resources.

Comment: Re:essential to know about jQuery (Score 2) 125 125

There is a performance aspect to consider, however, especially on mobile where the network sucks. It's very likely that people would already have the CDN version in their browser cache since a lot of website use that link. By forcing users to download your version, you are slowing things down for them at the worst possible time - their first visit to your website.

If you have valuable content and a captive audience, fine, but if like most people you are in dire need to attract and retain visitors, it's best to put chances of doing a first good impression on your side. Use the google hosted version and keep an eye on things.

Comment: Re:Cool (Score 1) 190 190

My best friend has been gang-raped (by adults) when she was in middle school. It lasted for 6 hours, and she required extensive medical care after that event, including reconstructive surgery in multiple areas (genitals, colon, dental and facial). For the parts that she recalls, she did not "squeal".

As it happens, one of our common friends is a porn producer that specializes in hardcore stuff. So we have discussed the whole rape fantasy thing extensively over the years.

None of this makes me an expert, but I don't think anyone in this thread has better information on this subject than me.

Comment: Re:Security is a better reason to "switch" (Score 1) 190 190

Given the numerous Android security problems and APPs with hidden data collection issues, I'ld say forget 'Force Touch' as a reason to switch.

If I was a celeb I'd rather have "Android security problems" than The Fappening, As a nobody, the only people likely to steal my naughty pics are Geek Squad employees, and they can do it on IOS or Android so that's no reason to switch.

Comment: Re:It has this. (Score 0) 190 190

And if you think that a random 'private detective' can't sideload shite on you iphone because it's an iphone, I have bad news for you - you're wrong, and it isn't all that hard or expensive.

Actually, yes it is hard. 8.4 has never been jail broken. How would you do your detective stuff on my phone?

Maybe you could ask that to the 4chan people who stole naughty pics of celebs straight from their Apple accounts?

Comment: Re:The People Have Spoken (Score 3, Insightful) 370 370

And calling for segregation in the labs based on gender is also sexist.

This story is not people fighting sexism. It's people reaching for the low-hanging fruit of using twitter and facebook to swarm a semi-famous person for a mildly insensitive joke he made.

Where are you, twitter vigilantes, when women are sold as sex slaves in the ISIS kingdom? When Latino girls are shipped by containers to a life of abuse in the Middle East? When Indian women are raped because they are walking on the street without a husband after sundown? When a large number of native prostitutes in America disappear?

You know where you are. You are in line at Starbucks, giving 20 seconds of attention to the latest scandal on your twitter feed while someone is preparing the skinny vanilla latte. So of course you can't find a solution to real problems, but you find it rewarding to join your "voice" to a crow of other misinformed idiots attacking someone who can possibly be shamed.

Why don't you all install a Sudoku or latest Angry bird game instead and give the world a break with your twitter garbage. Keep your shallow opinions to your close circle of friends instead of broadcasting your ignorance and everyone will win.

Comment: Re:that's funny... (Score 4, Insightful) 368 368

If she wants to protect the little people in the music industry, she should offer to allow Apple to use her music royalty-free for six months if they pay new artists during the three month free period.

This. Exactly this.

What you describe is basically Taylor Swift (estimated net worth: 200 millions) bankrolling Apple (estimated net worth: 700 billions) because unlike them she cares about poor musicians.

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