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Comment Re:Fake God Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Death (Score 1) 136

See this is why it is not worth the time to present evidence to idiots like yourself.. because you wouldn't know what to do with said evidence if it were dropped in your lap due to your scorching case of confirmation bias and Dunning Kruger effect.

Again no evidence, just posturing and figure skating to hide the fact that you have no fucking clue if such "evidence" actually exists or not, you just gobbled up the dogma and perpetuate the cycle of blissful obedience.

People like you think that you are like Copernicus, bravely facing the hordes of idiots, but really in that story you're more like the Church who couldn't tolerate people arguing with the dogma and sent the heretic to jail..

Comment Re:Fake God Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Death (Score 1) 136

There's nothing to learn in that article. It's just one more global warming zealot who goes on a rant about people who disagree with his dogma, and he even does the usual: put them in the same basket as holocaust deniers.

Oh wait: were you trying to provide an example of unmitigated bullshit? Because if that's the case, good one!

Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 0) 136

Sorry, I can't make sense of your comment as a whole, it feels like the ramblings of an angry elderly person, but on the France vs USA I agree that there has been more terrorism in France. Maybe it's because France used to exploit people in various colonies, I don't know, but if they were to follow the examples of Israel or the USA they would have less incidents. You can't talk or social-work terrorism out of a country, you have to prevent it from entering and relentlessly chase it down when it finds a way in.

Comment Re:Fake God Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Death (Score 1) 136

How is the parent not yet modded Troll?

You might find yourself lacking opportunities to breed with anybody that has an IQ above room temperature, but such it the price of being vocally moronic.

Given the level of discussion that is your contribution to this thread, I'll take your alleged evidence (which is, as usual, not presented but merely stipulated) with a bag of salt.

Comment Re:Fake God Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Death (Score 1) 136

Why don't you publicly question the theory of evolution or global warming then? You'll either be labeled a creationist or be told that there's "overwhelming evidence", end of discussion. The whole "question everything" thing only applies to whatever is not covered by the dogma. Total hypocrisy, just like those christians who take charity seriously unless you're gay.

Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 1) 136

Yes. Walls and checkpoints do work. Remember how it was basically a daily thing to hear about a bus or market bombing in Israel 10, 20 years ago? Then they built that electronic wall and those checkpoints, and while bleeding heart liberals tear their shirts open in outrage over the unpleasantness experienced by Palestinians, the bus and market bombings have stopped. The fuckers had to go in the next country, hiding behind women and children to throw rockets at Israel, and that problem more or less got solved too. Now apparently they started attacking people with knives.

France and other countries will learn. People who are willing to blow themselves up should not be allowed with the civilized people, and for that there's nothing like walls and checkpoints. It makes it more difficult for idiots to cause damage.

Comment Re:Fake God Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Death (Score 2, Interesting) 136

You probably blame religion for stuff like the Paris bombings or the Inquisition, but really it's bullshit. It's all about people, not religion.

Look at the brave old USSR, which was officially godless and atheist, and see how many millions died in prison camps or politically-driven mass murders. Same with Cambodia.

I know it's comforting to have something to blame for all the problems in the world, but that's basically the same as joining a religion because its dogma is a comforting way to see the world. Truth is, people have killed, stolen and raped each others forever, it has nothing to do with religion or politics, it's just how people are.

So we've heard it all about religion. Religions are stupid, religious books are fables, god is a security blanket blablabla. Can we please move beyond this? It feels as dated as SCO bashing.

Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 5, Funny) 107

It's tough being a CIO. He looks like he's up there, but the CEO, CFO, COO and all other cool CxOs all look down on the CIO and make fun of him in his back, they don't even invite him to join them at the cool people's table at the office Christmas party. He sits at the loser table, with the head of HR and the head of facilities, and instead of hearing the good stories about coke parties and hookers, he hears about groupons and vacations in Punta Cana.

People, give a break to your CIO. He's a reject and a commodity like everyone else in IT, and sooner or later they'll replace him with someone from that Indian company where he outsourced your job.

Comment Re:Already solved (Score 1) 107

time spent on security management jumped from 24 percent in 2014 to 31 percent in 2015.

Wow! 24% of their time WAS spent on "security" and yet we read about breach after breach after breach. I'm sure that adding those additional 6 percentage points will make all the difference.

I guess the missing 1% in your calculations got lost in one of those breaches you keep reading about

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