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Comment Re:Decline of Soda?, Two words.. (Score 1) 532

The problem with artificial sweeteners is not how they break down. The problem is that they do such a good job of faking sugar that the body is fooled and doses insulin accordingly. Which leads to long-term inflammation, insulin resistance, and all kinds of other issues. And it's made worse by the fact that the glycemic imbalance causes cravings, which lead people to consume more sugar (or fake sugar).

I'm not saying people should drink a 12-pack of Mountain Dew when they wake up in the morning, but drinking diet soda isn't much better in the long run.

Comment Re:So many ways to combat this... (Score 1) 139

I was curious so I just looked it up. Apparently it reduce the fraud rate by 68%, so there the evil canadian system works :p

You got it wrong. The chip is only good to protect purchases made at a physical POS. It doesn't work for online transactions. In this case of re-shipping scam it does not help to have chips - yet the customers do pay for that technology.

And scammers are scammers, they adapt. Instead of swiping cards they now steal the POS device and replace it with a modified one that registers all the details of the transactions. It never ends.

Cards with chips are not safer overall, but they are more expensive.

Comment Re:So many ways to combat this... (Score 3, Funny) 139

If the purchase is large or the card isn't swiped, simply send a verification code to the customer's phone for that transaction that they have to enter.

So in order to complete the purchase I have to drive home, get the verification code, and drive back to the store?

No thanks.

it probably wouldn't work for you anyways, these things require touch-tone.

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