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Comment Lennart Poettering (Score 2) 82

I would spend the whole time giving him ideas like bashd, which would includes commands such as:

and I'd also suggest that he starts working on PulseWifi, because just like audio and daemons, wifi is something that needs to be reinvented.

Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 1) 151

Why do people get off on telling others what to do when they know less than what the average person on the street does?

Maybe the first step to get an answer to that question would be for you to explain why you, personally, are doing it?

You call people stupid, you claim to know what "everyone" thinks, and also you claim to know more about terrorism than Wikipedia. Feel free to keep piling up bitter comments and outrageous claims, but I think the extent of what you can contribute to this debate has been fully explored.

Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 1) 151

Do you get the idea now about how your initial post insulted just about everyone?

And you know that how? Did you organize a poll? Made phone calls? Went door to door with a clipboard? Or are you just so full of yourself that you can't help but project your own feelings on "everyone"?

I don't know what led you to get your panties in a bunch like that, and to be honest I can't say I really care, but really take a chill pill dude.

As for the whole "France has more experience in terrorism", a simple Wikipedia search proves you wrong. Compare the ranks of the USA and France on this simple scale:

Even Norway has a higher Global Terrorism Index score than France.

Maybe next time you could look things up before calling other people stupid.

Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 1) 151

Sorry, I can't make sense of your comment as a whole

Kind of my point. If you knew enough to understand you wouldn't have written "France and other countries will learn", but you've clearly not bothered to pay much attention to the issue you are commenting on and thus what is considered normal general knowledge seems mysterious.

No, what is mysterious is the way you put words and sentences together but as a whole they mean nothing. Are you Estonian or something like that? I've heard this kind of babbling from an Estonian janitor at work. The guy is very friendly but omg the way he speaks reminds me of that robot lady that drives airships from her bath in BSG.

Comment Re:Fake God Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Death (Score 1) 151

See this is why it is not worth the time to present evidence to idiots like yourself.. because you wouldn't know what to do with said evidence if it were dropped in your lap due to your scorching case of confirmation bias and Dunning Kruger effect.

Again no evidence, just posturing and figure skating to hide the fact that you have no fucking clue if such "evidence" actually exists or not, you just gobbled up the dogma and perpetuate the cycle of blissful obedience.

People like you think that you are like Copernicus, bravely facing the hordes of idiots, but really in that story you're more like the Church who couldn't tolerate people arguing with the dogma and sent the heretic to jail..

Comment Re:Fake God Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Death (Score 1) 151

There's nothing to learn in that article. It's just one more global warming zealot who goes on a rant about people who disagree with his dogma, and he even does the usual: put them in the same basket as holocaust deniers.

Oh wait: were you trying to provide an example of unmitigated bullshit? Because if that's the case, good one!

Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 0) 151

Sorry, I can't make sense of your comment as a whole, it feels like the ramblings of an angry elderly person, but on the France vs USA I agree that there has been more terrorism in France. Maybe it's because France used to exploit people in various colonies, I don't know, but if they were to follow the examples of Israel or the USA they would have less incidents. You can't talk or social-work terrorism out of a country, you have to prevent it from entering and relentlessly chase it down when it finds a way in.

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