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Comment Ambitious (Score -1, Flamebait) 59

they're assembling an arsenal of open-source tools for DIY diagnosis and first-aid care—centrifuges made from old hard drive motors; microscopes from deconstructed webcams; homemade incubators; and 3D printable speculums.

So they're getting 3D printable speculums, cool, but what about more basic, affordable tools, like good ol' coat hangers or steep staircases?

Comment Re:Not really news at this point (Score 1) 186

Knowing that a large number of reviewers think an article is worth reading is good enough.

Even better: there should be a way to find the article score in various demographics, like they have on imdb. That way when an article is rated 8.4 by females age 18-29 and 6.4 by males 30-44 (like Divergent on imdb), I will know better than read it.

Comment Re:WtF? (Score 5, Interesting) 128

Did you know that Box's CEO pays himself a very modest salary, lives in a tiny apartment near the office, drives an old car, and got a very small stake in the IPO (something like 4%)?

The guy has been working like a madman for over 10 years. I'm not a big fan of him, I find him obnoxious, but he is definitely not a scammer.

Comment Re:Foolproof (Score 1) 258

The obvious solution to that is to respect my personal space.

Why don't YOU respect other people's space and not stink it up.

As for the rain and snow. Dress for the weather. Or do what a lot of cyclists do: bus or drive during bad weather.

This is a great idea. Let's focus on sunny day urban planning! Off course on rainy days everybody will take 4h to get to work, trying to drive or ride the bus in the gridlocks, while the huge bike lanes are empty except for 2-3 bike warriors who think they don't stink because people at the office are too polite to complain.

Comment Re:Foolproof (Score 1) 258

I do shower every morning and use a good deodorant (not a perfume but an actual deodorant) and I wear a fresh shirt / polo every day.

Fascinating. What about underwear? Do you also wear a fresh pair of underwear every day?

Such a clean freak, reminds me of my grandfather. Come Sunday morning, dirty or not, he would take a bath.

Comment Re:Mobbing and agitprop is "culture"? (Score 1) 141

Posters he's describing are pure propaganda, all basically shouting "WORK HARDER AND MORE!"

Work harder... doing what? Facebook has 10,000 employees. What are those people doing all day? The guy wrote the first version working part-time while he was at school. Of course they have improved it, I know they got all fancy with their php jvm and nosql database and whatnot. But still... 10,000 people?

Tesla has about the same number of employees and they design, build, sell and service futuristic electric cars that accelerate faster than a Formula One racing car.


Comment Re:Openness (Score 3, Insightful) 141

There is nothing to say about this Zuckerberg quote. Someone doesn't understand 'openness.' I will never work at that company.

Zuckerberg went on to write that the employee obviously didn’t share the same values of openness and transparency because they shared the confidential information in a way they were asked not to do.

That person released confidential information without telling anyone about it, and without coming out when it was leaked, so they were not doing it in a transparent manner. This is just like the dude at Wikileaks who operates in total secrecy but publishes the secrets of other people. Once you start doing cherry picking on what you "share", that's not being open and transparent.

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