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Comment: Re:Duh (Score 1) 426 426

Yes there is some serious incoherence in Microsoft's strategy, always been like that. Just look at mobile - on one hand they buy a handset manufacturer, on the other they fail to improve their suboptimal and antiquated mobile SDK. Or on Windows 8 they push the tablet paradigm, but they lock down their app store so badly that most developers give up on making Metro apps.

From what I've seen, with Windows 10 most of the metro fluff will be gone. Doesn't mean that the whole 8.0/8.1 thing was garbage; there were a lot of improvements besides the metro snafu.

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 3, Insightful) 426 426

You find life unbearable on a Zenbook running Windows 8.1, and you say Ubuntu Jr makes things easier? Unlikely.

What obviously happened is that you got your panties in a bunch when you saw that metro screen and weird start button, and you couldn't be bothered to spend 5 minutes to read or watch a Windows 8.1 tutorial to learn about all the nice features. Instead you blamed Microsoft and went back to your zone of comfort.

It's ok to prefer Linux; I use Fedora on my desktop. But you didn't even give a chance to Windows, so don't come bitching about that O/S and be a drama queen on top of it. Millions of people use Windows on a daily basis on hardware that is a lot worse than your Zenbook and they don't jump from the balcony 20 minutes after powering up their machine for the first time. It's people like you that make Linux users look like petulant idiots.

Comment: Re:Easy (Score 1) 426 426

Netra (SparcStation, Ultra, etc.) among others had this "feature". You were expected to change it if you needed those adapters to work on the same network, and of course this had to be done with the shitty LOM connection, which itself was a huge pain in the ass.

I'd rather take a job at Best Buy running Windows Update and antivirus scans on cheap HP laptops all day than touch another Solaris machine.


Comment: Re:I kinda miss smit from AIX (Score 1) 426 426

For most commands on AIX, ike wget, they managed to remove the useful options. And they still force you to have username of 8 characters max.

If one day there's an International Court of Justice for computers, AIX will be among the first to be on trial.

Comment: Re:essential to know about jQuery (Score 1) 125 125

It's very likely that people would already have the CDN version in their browser cache since a lot of website use that link.

This is a popular claim, but what little real data I've seen says quite the opposite. There are so many different minor versions of a library like jQuery that the chance of any given visitor to your site actually having visited another site using the exact same version from the exact same CDN within the cache window turns out to be pretty low.

There are not that many version of jquery in use, and anyways the odds of that same visitor having your local version on his first visit are ZERO, which is basically the worst case scenario. Given the fact that this is a third-party library that you are unlikely to modify, hosting it on your own servers provides no advantage whatsoever. Just monitor the CDN like you do for your own resources.

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