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by lucm (#48190661) Attached to: If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

Why would I spend 3h cleaning my place while I can spend those 3h working for my clients? I make more money per hour than the cleaning lady and she is immensely more skilled at housekeeping than I am, so it's a no-brainer.

Also there is a side effect I did not expect with weekly housekeeping: I just love housekeeping day. On that day while I'm at work I know that when I come home in the evening my place will be squeaky clean, my clean clothes will be neatly folded or hanged, and the place will smell very very good. It's like when you start living with your first girlfriend, you are looking forward to see her in the evening - except that with the girlfriend this feeling doesn't last... but housekeeping day has made me happy since 2008.


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I'm paying $120 for the weekly cleanup (3h @ $40). The deal includes laundry, dishes, taking out the trash, etc. The lady is very good, she even cleans inside the cupboards. It's worth it even if she stays only 2h, except when I come home and I find that bedsheets or towels are still damp because she did not want to wait for the last batch in the dryer.

It's not easy to find a reliable local cleaner. Years ago it was easy to find one on Craigslist, but lately a lot of startups like Cleanify have appeared; they have nice websites and apps but basically it's just a bunch of part-time students booking local cleaners, and they offer less services to be able to crunch more appointments in a single day. So independent, local cleaners are now enslaved like employees of big cleaning companies and they rush from one half-done job to the other. They won't touch dishes, they won't do laundry, even changing bedsheets comes at a premium. They are like hotel maids who have 15 minutes to clean one room.

A good local cleaner is fantastic. A big chain that only does half the job is useless. And startups that just inject themselves as middlemen are the worst.

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Ubuntu is the only mainstream Linux distribution that I was able to get up & running quickly on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. I know that with some tinkering anything can work on anything but I don't find that entertaining anymore.

I tried (in that order, based on past experience):

Each of those proved difficult to install on that laptop. Some even required specific bios settings just to start the setup wizard (such as UEFI or AHCI options).

I'm not a big fan of Debian (or sudo) so the Ubuntus were at the very end of my list. I tried Linux Mint (Cinnamon). It worked immediately, but got all messed up as soon as the automatic update ran. Also I could not enable themes and many options did not work as documented.

So I ended up installing Ubuntu. It worked immediately with three exceptions (that were also present with all other distros):
-an incredibly lousy framebuffer performance (screen is Lenovo HiDPI, 3800x1200)
-a tweak to unblock the wifi
-a tweak to enable the trackpad, it gets disabled for some reason once in a while

Overall I am impressed. All components work, power management works, etc. The Software Center applet is fantastic; some stuff in the default repos is out of date (like Netbeans 7) but overall this is an incredibly smooth way to install applications. Now that LVM encryption is available in the setup wizard that's definitely my #1 distro for future desktop installations.

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by lucm (#48121747) Attached to: FBI Says It Will Hire No One Who Lies About Illegal Downloading

A former coworker of mine sells pirated movies at the office ($5 per DVD). She says it's legal because she downloads the movies using her paid Giganews subscription, so the movies are "hers".

True story: her husband (who works in the same office) went to court to challenge a speeding ticket. He got caught driving 94mph in a 60mph zone, which puts him in the reckless driving category (max + 20mph). But he claimed that since other drivers were on average driving 75mph (says he), he would gracefully accept a fine for driving 19mph over the limit, not the higher fine for reckless driving. The "rising tide" defense...

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Usenet is becoming very difficult to use because indexing sites like Newzbin keep being shutdown. They are either sued or have a hard time finding a payment provider.

Without a good indexer, downloading from Usenet is beyond retarded. There is a limit on message size so movies or tv episodes are split in multiple messages, and the protocol is unreliable so the messages are often corrupts, which requires posters to submit par files to let downloaders repair the files.

Also most ISPs don't keep binary groups so one has to subscribe to a paid provider like Easynews. And even with the best providers there's a limit to how much retention they can do, so Usenet content is a lot more volatile than P2P. Ex: if you are looking for the 6th episode of the 3rd season of Falcon Crest you are more likely to find it on P2P. Furthermore, Usenet providers comply with takedown notices, making the download of some stuff pretty difficult.

Another annoying thing with Usenet is that for some reason idiots from The Netherlands keep posting US movies and tv series with hard-coded NL subtitles. I don't know why, but it's been like that forever, it's the only country that does that with such magnitude. If you don't have a good indexer or an advanced provider like Easynews (who posts frameshots for movies) it's hugely annoying.

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The only problem is that there is no federal law against downloading. There is about copying and distributing which whoever offers it for download would definitely be doing but no law against you downloading it.

If you use bittorrent, you are distributing while you download.

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