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Comment: Re:Yes, because of your selection bias (Score 1) 266

by lucm (#46741293) Attached to: Apple's Spotty Record of Giving Back To the Tech Industry

Microsoft will do this for a while then try to exert pressure in various ways to get their way. Due to the structure of ASF, it's probably hard for them to get anywhere because there are so many different projects lead by so many different people. They will most certainly try however.

Citation needed

Comment: Re:see where your taxes go (Score 1) 322

by lucm (#46737695) Attached to: IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions For Patches

Also the amount, 12 millions, is retail price. With the large number of computers they have, the IRS probably gets the Public Sector Discount, which means at least 3x the retail price (plus mysterious fees), and to make things easier they probably rounded up the number to an even 200,000 licenses.

At the moment the GAO can't even give a ballpark figure for the money wasted by the IRS. Therefore, the amount of money wasted on XP does not matter, at least it goes back to an American company so they can stash it in Ireland or Benelux.

Comment: Re:This is very bad for OSS (Score 4, Insightful) 43

by lucm (#46635013) Attached to: New Apache Allura Project For Project Development Hosting

People who want to store their own projects on their own servers instead of having Crapware bundled with their downloads on SourceForge or who don't like the tedious process of publishing on Github can use this thing and SEO or twitter their way to the mainstream search engines - or maybe they just want to use it internally and don't care about people knowing about their stuff.

As for a federated register, if we look at the existing models (Wikipedia, Apple App Store, Google Play Store) then THAT is the end of OSS. When a small clique decides what is acceptable and what is not then the outcome looks good but that's just because the people or projects that are crushed are lost in the background noise.

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by lucm (#46634867) Attached to: New Apache Allura Project For Project Development Hosting

Those links are posted by the Praetorians and hide a secret portal leading to a mysterious backdoor. Thanks to CyberBob, I know how it works: hold the left shift key on your keyboard then click directly in the middle of the top loop of the "8". If you do it correctly, you will get to the backdoor and it will be wide open.

Be careful.

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by lucm (#46521573) Attached to: Big Bang's Smoking Gun Found

I believe that the only Windows involved in The Lattice is Windows XP, which happens to be the operating system used by the underlying SAN (an EMC Clariion) where all the data of the "known universe" (ours) is stored.

Yes people: your dearest memories could in fact stored on a device running Windows XP. One would need to be both a systems engineer and a neuroscientist to confirm this, but I suspect that the root cause of what we call Alzheimer is the WUAUCLT.EXE agent kicking into high gears and putting pressure on the SAN CPUs, preventing some bits of human memory to be properly serialized and stored.

This sucks but thanks to Windows XP at least we know that if the universe ends up crashing it won't be because the underlying storage infrastructure controller ran out of inodes while there is still plenty of disk space.

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