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Comment: Re:Better Link (Score 1) 190

by lucm (#48898801) Attached to: WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus Fight Gets Ugly For Users

Did you read the testimonials from the Airbnb and Dropbox guys?

We're really excited about Presto. We're planning on using it to quickly gain insight about the different ways our users use Dropbox

It's like those book reviews on Amazon where people say: "I've only read the first two pages so far but I'm excited about this book". Very convincing.

Comment: Re: There is no anonymity (Score 3, Funny) 110

by lucm (#48882241) Attached to: Barrett Brown, Formerly of Anonymous, Sentenced To 63 Months

You are an unattractive girl, mid 20s, who has glowing stars on the ceiling of her bedroom and who goes to hot yoga class without realizing that yoga pants are not for everyone. You are lazy and significantly overestimate your intelligence. Your father is a fat guy who works in an unionized organization and prepares tax returns for $20 cash during tax season. You have a small pet, probably a semi-exotic bird, and there's a faint rancid smell in your bathroom that you can't explain. Your front teeth are ok but the side ones are yellow. You put the underwear that has no stain on the left side of your top drawer, and when you clean the lint from a dryer you tend to throw it behind the machine if no one is looking. You have vague notions of a foreign language, probably Spanish, but you always try to let other people think that you are fluent in that language. One time in middle school you did something wrong, like stealing booze, and when the theft was discovered you planted evidence to have someone else take the blame. When you masturbate, you think about the following: the young teenage girl next door (20% of the time), being raped by two old bums behind a dumpster (30%), doing a striptease for Steve Martin while he's drinking a can of lukewarm Diet Pepsi (50%).

That's who you truly are. Your name or address is just paperwork.

Comment: Re:Suitable Penalties Need To Be Given (Score 2) 240

by lucm (#48882179) Attached to: Dish Network Violated Do-Not-Call 57 Million Times

Nah. If you look at the numbers, the p/e ratio of this stock is more than 2x the p/e ratio of Apple. It would take an insanely huge fine to scare away investors, especially those institutional investors who own 95% of the company. This is not a corporation that will bend over for legislators, especially pencil-pushers like the FTC.

Also it makes no sense to adapt a fine to the market cap of a corporation. As an example, Google has 10x the market cap of Dish, but only 4x their annual revenue. Dish also has a profit that is 4x bigger than Amazon, with a market cap 5x lower. The market cap is meaningless.

Comment: Down with haters (Score 1) 686

by lucm (#48863079) Attached to: Doxing Victim Zoe Quinn Launches Online "Anti-harassment Task Force"

taunting her "haterz"

I'm getting fed up with the "haterz" thing. It's a self-serving and simplistic conversation stopper, like "homophobic" or "patriarchal".

I don't "hate" Justin Bieber, Zoe Quinn or Jar Jar Binks. I just consider that those persons have nothing of value to contribute and are not helping to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in their respective sphere of influence. I would have to care about them to qualify as a hater.

Comment: Busted (Score 1) 686

by lucm (#48862961) Attached to: Doxing Victim Zoe Quinn Launches Online "Anti-harassment Task Force"

I have a theory about the secret agenda of Slashdot editors. It's actually a clever endless loop of business:

1) Slashdot reader is angry (or bored) because of the editors, so he decides to start a blog to bitch about gamergate, feminazis and other hot issues

2) reader goes to the Deals page to buy the $49 Wordpress bundle (93% off!)

3) reader puts link to a Slashdot discussion on his responsive and mobile-ready blog

4) reader's reader clicks (or taps) on the link

5) goto 1

Flawless. It is basically a money printing scheme.

We warn the reader in advance that the proof presented here depends on a clever but highly unmotivated trick. -- Howard Anton, "Elementary Linear Algebra"