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Comment Re:A machine... (Score 1) 488

Even if it did, no foul play is allowed:

Speak to me
Oh no
The golden shower must have shorted out
His master circuit
He's, he's, oh my God
I must have plooked him
To death

Central Scrutinizer:

You have just destroyed one model XQJ-37 Nuclear Powered Pan-Sexual Roto-Plooker
And you're gonna have to pay for it!
So give up, you haven't got a chance


But I
I, I, I, I, I
I can't pay
I gave all my money
To some kinda groovy religious guy
Two songs ago

Central Scrutinizer:

Come on out son
Between the two of us
We'll find a way to
Work it out

Comment Re:Of course ... (Score 4, Funny) 315

Is this why I find that the look and behavior of my desktop have changed lately??? I can't seem to find where to click anymore to do the tasks I used to do. I had trouble and failed to upload pictures to Facebook lately while I swear I was an expert at it before.

Also, some strange menus appear and I can't find a way to close them so I need to unplug my computer every time in order to reboot it. I asked my nephew to come and have a look at my computer next time he is in town because I am afraid I might have a virus...

How do I find out if I am still on XP or if am running Windows 10???

Thank you very much sir!

Comment Re:640 kilobytes is all anyone will ever need (Score 1) 522

Your problem is the international carriers colluding to keep international prices high.

I usually stay behind 10 years in connectivity speeds and develop appropriately to match that. The only time I was ahead is when DSL first came out and 99% of people where still on 56kbps modems at home. I actually participated as a beta tester for free and I got 2.2mbps/1.1mbps speed for 4 years, half a mile away from the phone exchange. In that era, a T! (1.5mbps/1.5mbps) used to feed the IBM building where I was working and was pretty standard so it felt nice to experiment with the DSL from home.

Today, I am on 10mbps/1mbps and glad with it as mentioned here:


Comment Re:Stress is a killer (Score 1) 60

Jesus Christ, I thought saying in my OP "long periods of stress" was clear enough.

So let's say "long periods of stress" or even better: "long periods of stress caused by the same topic" == *Chronic*. OK?

See my other post about the definition of stress. Short term normal stress doesn't qualify because you do not end up in endless loops:

Thanks for the clarification anyway. It might help some.

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