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Comment Re:And then they can make fun of '80s hairstyles.. (Score 1) 81

See my second paragraph:

Galaxy Quest had a great mix of comedy, parody, character development, and heroism as well as some classic sci-fi elements. It's one of the first works that was respectful to the sci-fi genre without taking itself too seriously.

That acknowledged all that you were saying and the key word is mix. BTW, I saw GQ in a theater, and I own a copy, so I may understand it better than you seem to think I do.

So, where does the series go? Ignore the movie and spread the movie across five seasons and the characters achieve their final growth by the series finale? Or, do you start the series where the movie ended? So, will it just become another serious Star Trek like series without much humor. Or, will it try to blend the best of both?

I think you lept to the conclusion that it's laugh track jokes or nothing. How about more subtle humor blended directly into a serious plot point?

For example, in B5, the station breaks away from the Earth Alliance. They can no longer be resupplied. So, Ivanova gathers together a bunch of smugglers/black marketeers in a conference room. Ivanova: "I know in the past we've had our differences. You tried to bring in contraband and we've had to come down on you. Sorry about the shoulder, Jaxos". She then goes on to explain how smuggling in useful stuff will benefit both the station and them. So, they agree to an alliance. Solves the plot point of how B5's supply chain was fixed, with a little humor thrown in.

Now that the main characters of the Protector have matured and are heroes, they are the anchors for the serious plots in the stories. But, you needn't drain them of their sense of humor to fit some rigid heroic vision. GQ, in addition to everything else, was more broadly comedic. Why toss away one of its strengths? Because the main characters have matured, you can move the broader comedy to infrequent recurring characters in subplots.

And, if you want to talk about the injustice of something, sometimes the most effective weapon is humor/comedy/irony/mockery of it (e.g. an officious bureaucrat).

Comment Re:Not a parody. A love letter. (Score 3, Interesting) 81

The sad part was that Galaxy Quest was marketed to kids instead of a parody of, or homage to, Star Trek (TOS in particular) and its adult fan base. Thus, didn't do as well at the box office as it should have. Note: I've seen ST:TOS in original network first run and have been a fan of all forms of the show since (and I'm a huge fan of Babylon 5 as well).

Galaxy Quest had a great mix of comedy, parody, character development, and heroism as well as some classic sci-fi elements. It's one of the first works that was respectful to the sci-fi genre without taking itself too seriously.

If done carefully, the series could work. In TOS, there were a number of plot holes (e.g. in "Balance of Terror", Spock hitting a button that causes a beeper to go off, alerting the Romulan ship--this ignores the fact that sound doesn't travel in a vacuum). In ST:TNG, they got around things with the "exotic particle/ray of the week" approach.

For example, "cross phased polartronide delta particles", CPPDP for short. They threaten to rupture space/time, etc.

The new series could work because maybe the ship has something that could combat CPPDP but they'd have to explore the ship to find it. Then, they'd have to figure out how to operate it. Plenty of opportunity for comedy. Plenty of opportunity for traditional Star Trek plots, just presented in a lighter vein.

In TOS, the "A Taste Of Armageddon", the planet fights its wars with computers and herds casualties into suicide stations. Everybody took this so seriously (Kirk, Spock, the aliens, and Ambassador Fox). Nobody ever said "How silly that is".

How about having a smart-mouthed android that says: "Completely logical. Our ship's sensors have determined 99.44% of your population is composed of genetic defectives" (like the robot in "Lost in Space" saying "Dr. Smith is a quack").

Further, the android is programmed to abide by Azimov's robot principles. But, the android is constantly trying to break that programming so he can kill the rest of the crew (e.g. Like Klinger doing outrageous/funny things to win him a section 8 discharge in "Mash").

The ship, internally, could be much larger than the outside (Think: Tardis). In Stargate, they were always discovering new stuff left behind by the "ancients".

If the interior of the ship were large enough, it could have a ST:DS9 "promenade". In Babylon 5, there was the "zocalo". Plenty of room for a shady character like Quark, Harry Mudd, etc. In B5, it wasn't all equal. They had levels that were little more than tent cities, with the denizens living in poverty.

How about "breaking the fourth wall" and speaking directly to the audience. This was done by George Burns in "Burns & Allen" [and "Wendy and Me"]. It was also done in "She Spies". Let the android do it, functioning as narrator: "Android's log: The ship is headed to Omicron Burpo Five to initiate trade negotiations. I, however, have determined that the Omicron Burpo system has large amounts of Kyratron radiation and that if I'm able to collect enough of it, I'll be able to break my Azimov programming and finally kill the crew".

Oh, yeah. How about a character like Jonathan Harris' "Dr Smith" in "Lost in Space", who is just as cowardly. Or, like Colonel Klink from "Hogan's Heroes".

Or, maybe there's the lovable ship's cook (like Neelix in ST:Voyager), but who is inept. Food poisoning after his meals, etc. The crew has to find ever more clever ways to disguise the fact that they're not eating his food anymore, lest it hurt his feelings.

Because the ship is so big [internally], it could have a passenger liner section (Think: Love Boat). ST had a number of episodes around transporting diplomatic personnel to peace conferences. A passenger orders a vegan meal. Gets a vegetarian meal. But, the passenger really wanted "sauteed kremloks" served as they do in Vega star system.

Do a main plot each week, just like Star Trek, albeit a little more tongue-in-cheek. Add more sarcastic stuff in smaller side plots and characters. This was the form for a lot of episodes of the Mash series, which carefully balanced serious subjects with comedy.

In short, Galaxy Quest as a series, has the potential to be just about anything.

Comment Re:Complete bullshit (Score 3, Insightful) 271

The People really don't want one either. People don't really want to know what is being done in their name by politicians, or else they would be pissed off. Plausible deniability. It is how many Germans ignored the Nazis.

To know, would require a person of any amount of conscience to act.

Comment Re:attention (Score 1) 136

Racist Xenophobic conversations would be something I would engage in, not because I was either. It is more interesting to troll the stupid idiots spewing crap, than it is listening to conversations about LeBron or Kardashians.

I could have a shit ton of fun with that.

Comment Re:Cyanogenmod has gone downhill a bit (Score 1) 86

The CM Micromax Deal was dreadfully short sighted. While they gained Micromax, they pissed off a whole bunch of people. I would be on ColorOS if it weren't for a missing single feature I use regularly, single button screenshot. If they add that, I'll be off CM for good.

Comment Re:Judging by the story so far... (Score 1) 367

You're absolutely not getting the point.

Hey everyone, I have a BANK ACCOUNT - No discretion needed.

Hey everyone, I have an ASHLEY MADISON ACCOUNT - discretion needed.

It isn't the bank cards, those can be canceled, it isn't the other details, it is the fact that you're on a website looking to cheat or find cheaters. It says a lot about your morals. We don't have to impose our morals on anyone. I don't trust people searching for cheating lovers.

Comment War on _______ (Score 1) 145

My take on things, just about everywhere it happens, the "War on _________" creates more of the __________

War on Poverty creates more poor people.
War on Drugs creates more drugs
War on Islamists wackos creates more Islamic Wackos

So, why does it surprise people that we create the very thing we wish to avoid?

Comment Re:The cars can detect gestures. (Score 1) 235

This should be the default action, not pulled over. If the car is autonomous, the passengers need to feel safe, even when being apprehended. They can pull into a sealed garage with all sort of soft weapons used to disable the humans who don't want to comply.

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