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Comment: Only one sort of TV matters (Score 2) 130

by Swampash (#46700937) Attached to: Apple, Google, and Amazon's Quest For One Remote Control Is Futile


It's the only sort of TV entertainment where the value of the product drops like a stone relative to the time since broadcast.

Game of Thrones? Awesome, can't wait, will download and watch it when I get some spare time.

Superbowl? I'm putting my life on hold so I can watch the broadcast in real time.

Live sports is the only sort of TV entertainment that is PIRACY-RESISTANT. That's where the money is, so that's where the content licensing battles will be fought.

Comment: Re:Old News (Score 1) 135

by Swampash (#46617431) Attached to: Researchers: Rats Didn't Spread Black Death, Humans Did

Scientists discovered this at least 6 years ago when I watched a documentary about it, and most likely quite a bit before that.

Exactly what I thought. In fact wasn't one of the hypotheses of the last investigation that the Black Death of the 1400s wasn't even plague, but rather a haemorrhagic fever like Ebola?

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