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Comment Re:Poe's Law (Score 1) 58

For instance, one can send a text/email that is flirty, and decide (based on the recipient's response) whether to claim it was sincere or a joke.

This is ego saving, not deciding after the fact. Sending a flirty text is intentional. Context is also key, you don't send a "flirty" text to an enemy (generally), unless you're using it to hurt them.

And accidental flirtations are even more sincere than intentional ones ;-)

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 469

Free enterprise doesn't lead to anything, except efficient uses of resources. Don't blame economic process for something that is political. Which is why Politics should stay out of economics. The problem is, people use the tools available to protect their interests.

If you want to fix the problem, bigger government isn't the solution. The solution is to remove government from economics. And good luck with that. The best we can do is limit political interference by not voting for shills that would subvert free economy with government interference.

Like subsidies that always do more harm than good.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 469

They are socialists. They are trying to break free enterprise, because the only way to destroy it, is to help it destroy itself.

ObamaCare isn't socialism, it is designed to break the best healthcare system and replace it one that is "fair".If they wanted to fix the healthcare system, they could have done it by creating health savings accounts and market reforms like One Price for everyone, rather than "hey, you're uninsured your bill is 100,000 for your stay, while the insurance companies pay only 10,000"

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 4, Informative) 469

I have one question for you. How has voting 90% helped blacks get out of places like Chicago and Detroit?

My point, if it is too subtle for you is that voting DNC in lockstep hasn't helped the very people the DNC claims as its untouchables. Though they keep trying to blame Republicans for everything done in the name of socialism and social justice.

MY view is doing "nothing" as you say, would have been better than keeping them enslaved to the DNC party has. And having a Black President hasn't helped them in the slightest either.

Comment Re:IRS = ObamaCare (Score 1) 88

God forbid that you ever owe for being a member of society.

Being a member of society is not the same as involuntary servitude (13th Amendment). Got it. YOU MUST PAY to belong! So much for free association (1st Amendment).

This is why socialists suck. They have no clue how they enslave a society.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 469

You painted yourself there. Your words not mine.

I didn't miss the rest of the point. Someone who doesn't understand that Socialism is redistribution of wealth doesn't deserve any further consideration. And I explained why in my reply

Comment Re:Already??? (Score 1) 469

Just let that sink in. For you Bernie supporters, Bernie got 60% of the vote and 13 delegates, Hillary got 38% and got 15 delegates out of NH.

Hillary knows she cannot lose, because she has already grabbed all the Super Delegates the DNC machine has in place to thwart people like Sanders. All she needs to do is win enough delegates to augment her sizable lead in SuperDelegate count and walk in the Convention without actually needing to win anything.

Mark my word, Hillary is going to be the DNC nominee, even if there is FBI request for indictment.

And you think you have a choice.

Comment Re:One down. (Score 2) 469

Lose to Bernie? Bernie is not electable.
Lose to Hillary? Hillary can't even win the DNC primaries fair. Though I don't put it past her to tie up all the super delegates and win enough others to trump (pun intended) Bernies delegates, and get the nomination. Which would keep all the Bernie fans home in Nov, or worse, going to one of the Socialist/Communist party candidates.

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