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Comment: Re: Just what the Moon always wanted (Score 1) 97

Ok I will give you an hint:

It would make the solar system a {0} body system with a very hard center of mass to compute.
The {0} parameter would depend on which planets we exclude from our Earthly definition I guess, think about Pluto ;-)

In the end yes, the whole thing rotates around the center of mass which we haven't clearly identified yet...

Comment: Re: Just what the Moon always wanted (Score 1) 97

In order to account for binary systems, I like to generalize and say it's all the same although the formula to compute the actual center of mass when inside the larger body differs than when it is outside. This is because when inside the larger body, some part of the larger body modify the gravitational attraction from the smaller body.

But in the end, the important point to be aware of is the center of mass.

As a side note. although there is few references to such cases, it is the same for 3,4,5... body systems. All you have to understand is the center of mass.

Translated to slashdot developer like language: Understand the basic principles and avoid re-inventing the wheel as much as possible.

Comment: Re: Just what the Moon always wanted (Score 1) 97


Here is a link with a nice animated gif that shows it all:

Oh and yes, I already knew the center of mass was inside the Earth and both planets rotate around that center of mass which is pretty close to rotating around each other in popular language.

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