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Comment Re:behind? (Score 1) 36

Not necessarily, TFS doesn't talk about how good US agencies hackers are to break into the adversary systems. US could have problems defending its systems and still be good in breaking into others.

So it is the same for US when they wish to break into some system, all they have to do is find one hole. This makes all sides equal.

A team with a poor defensive and a strong offensive can still win the game.

Comment Re:Vinyl (Score 1) 260

Same setup here except for the horn-loaded speakers. I found that the sound was better with dome tweeters without a horn. 3 way bass-reflex with conic bass and midrange and dome tweeter. Electrostatic speakers were interesting too although expensive.

Horn-loaded speakers prevailed when you went above, say, 150 W RMS. They seem to be a must in all concerts. I have never seen a dome tweeter in those contexts.

Then again, I hear that horns are hard to tune so maybe I just listened to crappy horn-loaded speakers back then ;-)


Comment Re:Vinyl (Score 1) 260

Depends on the speed you are recording at. I used to use Scotch Classic tape and record at 3.75 in/s for even longer play time. You could go up to 15 and even 30 in/s but my toshiba tape recorder was doing 7.5 in/s max if I remember correctly.

Whatever tape I used degraded over time, hence keep the vinyl as a master copy and re-record it.

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