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Comment: Re:vs. a Falcon 9 (Score 1) 61

by Bruce Perens (#49501071) Attached to: Rocket Lab Unveils "Electric" Rocket Engine

They can carry about 110kg to LEO, compared to the Falcon 9's 13150kg. That's 0.84% of the payload capacity. A launch is estimated to cost $4 900 000, compared to the Falcon 9's $61 200 000. That's 8.01%. That means cost per mass to orbit is nearly an order of magnitude worse.

Yes, this is a really small rocket. If you are a government or some other entity that needs to put something small in orbit right away, the USD$5 Million price might not deter you, even though you could potentially launch a lot of small satellites on a Falcon 9 for less.

And it's a missile affordable by most small countries, if your payload can handle the re-entry on its own. Uh-oh. :-)

Comment: How isolated? (Score 1) 49

by HBI (#49500895) Attached to: Resistance To Antibiotics Found In Isolated Amazonian Tribe

I seem to remember a National Geographic issue circa 1980 that was featuring Yanomami.

The last actually isolated tribe that I am aware of was in the New Guinea highlands back in the 30s. The rest have had more or less direct contact with civilization. Do you really think they were never visited by a missionary? Have you ever met one of those people?

Comment: Re:Pioneers get arrows in back (Score 1) 125

Yeah, and Microsoft...had phones YEARS before Apple did.

But people expect Microsoft to suck.

We use Microsoft because help for all the glitches and work-arounds are relatively easy to find because everybody else uses Microsoft and gijillion people already ran into and documented the issues we encounter. It's the Network Effect applied to volume suckage.

Microsoft just couldn't sell enough phones for the Volume Suckage Network Effect to kick in.

"Oh what wouldn't I give to be spat at in the face..." -- a prisoner in "Life of Brian"