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Comment: Re:We need a *social* change (Score 2) 620

by HBI (#48461357) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

I think the difference between me and the opposing commenters is that I have actually lived in the ugly communities, and they haven't.

I used to act as a local law and insurance adviser and do taxes for people who didn't know how to do this kind of thing for themselves. Please don't call me a community organizer heh. Anyway, the racism and hatred you find in such places must be experienced to be believed. These people need to work - if only to force exposure to other people and to understand that we are all human and must live within some kind of rules to avoid bloodshed. Otherwise, the scenario I painted above is reality - and will become more prevalent when work is optional.

I live in a nicer place now, but I still have friends from those communities and I still remember how things were. They tell me nothing that makes me believe things have changed.

Comment: Re:We need a *social* change (Score 1) 620

by HBI (#48459615) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

You only describe less than 10% of the population.

Meanwhile back here in the real world, people would drink and smoke pot and sleep all day and beat their wives/girlfriends. Then they'd have sex with the neighbors. People would get shot or get their throats cut based on that, depending on the firearms availability. They'd quickly band together in groups and despise outsiders. A quick devolution to anarchy would result.

Much better to keep everyone *busy*.

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by HBI (#48411713) Attached to: Uber Threatens To Do 'Opposition Research' On Journalists

So, "journalists" get to make noise in the sphere of public opinion but are to be immune from the negative repercussions of said attention? Quite a deal for them, I say. Especially when many take money to alter the focus of their writings, or otherwise have a political axe to grind.

Your attitude is naive in the extreme.

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by HBI (#48409921) Attached to: Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Single-Player

There is seriously no point in explaining to these nimrods that they are being (semi-)expertly fleeced by con men. Con men suitable for their dulled senses, at least. They'll either learn with time, or they won't. The fact that they are still willing to dump tons of money on games - moreover, with Kickstarter, even worse than the usual 'prerelease' scam* - indicates the foolishness beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Imagine an alternative situation where a food retailer crowdfunded "Christmas Dinner". You donate your money, and they remove the previously promised turkey and replace it with Spam on December 23. Would these same morons argue that Spam was better for you at that point? I think they would...

* Why on earth would you ever give money to a retailer or even a manufacturer for a vaporware product? Ever.

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by HBI (#48333407) Attached to: Aereo Shutting Down Boston Office

Because multicast is complicated. You think it's easy - it is not. The professional tools for distributing multicast are not ready for prime time and the consumer hardware doesn't know how to deal with it at all. It's not as simple as sparse mode vs dense mode, even. Try doing multicast with multiple links not run by the same provider, for instance.

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