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Comment: Re:Government is a tool (Score 1, Troll) 239

by A nonymous Coward (#46800881) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

I repeat, legal oppression only exists because of government. If you cannot see that simple truth, you are wilfully blind.

Primogeniture and entailment were government laws which enforced class distinctions and warfare -- withotu government creation and enforcement of classes, there would be no class oppression and warfare.

Government laws prevented women from owning property, voting, or having much freedom at all, and made marriage rape legal.

Slavery and segregation were the direct result of government laws. Society was integrating on its own until government stopped it and reversed course.

It's very simple: government creates laws to justify its oppression. You claim to get your history from the People's History. It's not much of a history if that single lesson doesn't come through loud and clear.

Comment: Re:Lots of people care (Score 3, Interesting) 239

by A nonymous Coward (#46800711) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

People care about people. Governments do not. Any one who thinks the government is his friend is either a crony or a fool, possibly both. Governments' mission is to compel or prohibit; their core competence is coercion in the name of the status quo.

Before government made black self-defense illegal and enforced bigotry with government guns, blacks at least had a chance. Society was at least slowly intergrating even in the face of government sanctioned lynching, before government stepped in officially and made it illegal, backed by government guns and jails. The US Post office and military were more integrated than most people realize, until Woodrow Wilson came along and enforced segregation. That Louisian railroad was just one of many companies who integrated in pursuit of the amlighty dollar, until governments came along and stopped them with government guns and jail.

Progressives are an ignorant whiny lot, like all statists. All power to the government! The people, not so much.

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by A nonymous Coward (#46800339) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

Civil rights for Black People in the Southern American States only happened because the Federal Government stepped in with the National Guard.

BULLSHIT. Slavery and Jim Crow were both the RESULT of government laws. Neither can exist in the absence of government. Jim Crow in particular owes its existence to a Louiana law requiring a railroad to segregate its railroad cars against its own wishes, said law being approved by the US Supreme Court.

You need to learn a lot of history before opening your yap next time.

Comment: Re: large corporate taxpayers (Score 1) 2

Corporate taxes are bullshit in the first place. They are passed on in their product prices. If your response to that is that businesses are evil for doing so, then you are doubly a fool -- if an expense like taxes makes no difference in product prices, then why do other expenses matter? Expense is expense, money is fungible, and if you can't see that, you are far too ignorant to survive.

Comment: Re:Never flown? But it could break a record? (Score 1) 353

And that theoretical speed is with minimal fuel, no weapons, no armor, no maneuverability, no military radios. In short,


Then there's that crap about being a jet fighter.

two eight-cylinder 4.9 litre race car engines producing 450 horsepower each

which is only half the horsepower available in real fighter airplanes 5 years later which could only manage 450 mph.

This is one of the more idiotic articles to come down the pike in quite a while.

Comment: Dazzle painting (Score 1) 1

by A nonymous Coward (#46283523) Attached to: How to dazzle facial recognition algos?

"Hard to follow" is itself hard to follow. The shades and colors and hard lines made it difficult for German stereo rangefinders to lock on, it made it difficult for submarines to determine the shape and length which were necessary for proper range, speed, and angle estimates, and in general it made target identification slower and more uncertain.

It wasn't zebra striping either. It was bizarre blocky shapes, always with straight edges, and there was a lot of color. The reason so many people think it black and white is because color film was very expensive and rare, and newspapers didn't print color pictures.

Comment: It would be even nicer than nice ... (Score 1) 1

... if government just stepped out of the picture altogether. Yes, I hate bloatware. Why do you hate it so much, though, that you think you need to get government fo back up your hatred with the threat of jail and corporate death?

Government exists only to compel or prohibit, ultimately at the point of a gun. Its core competency is corrupt cronyism. To want that on your side is to admit your desires can not be achieved by moral persuasion or logical argument.

Comment: Re:write it yourself (Score 1) 243

I wrote a file deduplicator. Build a table of file size ---> name. If two files have the same size, run md5sum on them or just use cmp -s. It's a trivial program.

But if you have photos which you consider duplicates but which have different sizes or checksums, then it's a visual gig and lots of boring tedious work,

Comment: Yeah, not so much (Score 1) 1

by A nonymous Coward (#45772053) Attached to: Billion-dollar climate denial network exposed

Try this refutation.

tl;dr -- they counted the entire budget of any organization which spent even a dime on anything remotely anti-climate crisis. The true amount spent is probably (my guess) well under $100M.

It was intellectually dishonest to even release that study, and intellectually dishonest to tout it.

Comment: Compulsory? Bah (Score 1) 81

by A nonymous Coward (#45714205) Attached to: The Case For a Global, Compulsory Bug Bounty

Anytime coercion enters the picture, along come its sibling corruption in every sense of the word.

If your scheme is not popular enough to stand on its own two legs -- if your arguments are not enough to win the day -- propping it up with compulsion is the only recourse left, and it reaps what it's worth.

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Yes, let's set a standard, AND NEVER CHANGE IT.

Technology makes one leap into the future, and never changes again, so new standards are just capitalist hokum meant to deceive a gullible public and corrupt crony governments.

Why anyone ever let the government move away from the horsefull carriage standard, I do not know. Oh wait, that was after they'd already let the government approve the carriage, as if horses alone weren't good enough. Oh wait, that was after they'd already approved the walking standard. Oh wait, someone approved shoes and boots. And socks. And shoelaces, don't forget them, or velcro tabs, or slip-ons.

Yes, by all means, let's freeze standards to what YOU want, bub.

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by A nonymous Coward (#45428263) Attached to: Serious proposals to replace obamacare begin

1. That's the first time anyone has ever tried a reverse ad hominem attack on me. Yay!

2. A one-sided conversation is not a conversation. Once commenced, a conversation is not under control of any single party to it. This is not a panel discussion and you are not the moderator of one. if you don't like the path the conversation taken -- if you now wish you had not made that first post -- too bad. Drop out if you want.

You have argued nothing except that you are butt hurt over being called out on your attempts to artificially limit the definition of corruption and cronyism. Your subsequent attempts to pretend you didn't start the topic and switch horses in mid-stream is interesting. I can only guess your first post embarrasses you so much you want to disown it.

If, instead, all you want to do now is argue about what degree of butt hurt you are, find a mirror. But if you want to argue about what crony corruption is, feel free to respond again. I'm sure slashdot's servers can withstand your efforts.

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