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Comment Re:Punishing people who get degrees we need the mo (Score 1) 157

Unfortunately, the current social sciences at U.S. Universities is more likely to turn out a 26 year-old government social worker who thinks all parents are idiots who need her detailed supervision and spends her free time in "safe spaces" demonstrating for vague left-wing causes in the hopes of finding an enlightened boyfriend who'll stay longer than one night.

If instead, it were to actually "teach people critical thinking, how to argue and write persuasively." and produce "well-rounded individuals who can go on to be successful in a number of fields.", then the ISA market will value that future success and ability to repay in the future appropriately.

Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 206

From my understanding the Orthodoxy questions the validity of the conversions on religious grounds. I think I have heard that they are pressured into conversions, and obviously do not mean to actually uphold Jewish law making their conversions invalid by definition. The Orthodoxy is strict, but at least theoretically if you meet their strict standards on Jewish observation, they you have to take the Bible's word on the matter that you are Jewish now.

Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 206

No, it is the liberals who can make it up as they go along. But if you believe in the one and only truth of the Bible, you must accept a converted Jew as a Jew in all ways. It is not Christianity, where you can be judged on your Christianity, found wanting, and kicked out. And Jew is a Jew, pretty much forever. There are very few things that can change that. Its all ritualised and quantified into black and white categories. There is no, "you have not been to church in a month, you are not a real Christian". The Old Testament lays out what makes you a Jew and what can take it away; And there are no levels of Jewness. A Jew can skip Jew church for a thousand years, generation after generation, and is still a Jew.

Then where are the black and Chinese Hasidic Jews?

Just because you can convert, does not mean everyone is going to convert. Jews are one of the least evangelical of all the religions and typically do not seek out converts. And just because you are a Jew, does not mean you cannot be racist, even against fellow Jews of other races.

Comment Re:There's already incompatibility (Score 1) 329

Most of this is in the MFi manufacturing (Made For iPhone) program, and you can only get details if you're an audited and accepted factory to build MFi products (I've done several MFi products in the last few years, I've been through the Apple approval grinder more than once). But Apple doesn't let you build products that play with non-iOS or even obsolete iOS devices and still get the MFi (and thus, Lightning) licensing. Does it run afoul of anti-trust laws? Only if someone was to take it to court and push it through - which would be a very long, very expensive process. And there a few manufacturers out there making MFi-like cables for Android.

Comment Re:Bad stuff happens in war (Score 1) 206

Both sides are guilty of atrocities, but this being Slashdot... I'd rather the side that has an industry of designing CPUs for Intel beat the side that has a bizarre totalitarian religion that routinely generates suicide bombers.

One has a totalitarian martyrhood culture, and the other is using them as substitute culprits to avenge the Holocaust on. Why side with either? Unless, of course, your apocalyptic cult sees Israel as a key to its end-of-the-world prophecies, which seems to be the case for alarmingly many people.

Comment Re:Sorry guys, Israel doesn't care what you think. (Score 1) 206

On a more serious note, I don't see Israel as any kind of good guy here. The fact that their opponents are, by comparison, monstrous, doesn't excuse what's going on.

I will also say that you bring up one big thing that is entirely missing- because Arabic is not a common language outside of the middle east, most Americans have no goddamned idea what's going on. Buddhists and Islamists melt together in one pool of "oppressed peoples" that is generally understood only by reflex. Some random powerless hick in Alabama says something insensitive about black folks and that's national news, some soldier of a terrorist regime promises literal genocide and then slaughters people, that's just whatever and you see it linked to on some blog.

The arabic stuff is pretty heavy.
They'll say things more openly when they think Westerners aren't watching.
I've been following it for years.

Dude, I'm not going to fault you for that, man. I'm not asking for unconditional support of Israel.

But I do wonder why the West fixates on Israel the way they do. It's not like there would be world peace tomorrow if they solved this one. There are some serious problems with human rights happening all over Africa, Persia, the Far East. Ten actual genocides with shrinking (rather than growing populations) going on today that people couldn't care less about. Not to mention over a dozen military occupations around the world, some of which are longer running and more severe than the one in Israel. Honor Killings, Gender Apartheid, Slavery. These are real problems that cover almost half the planet, but none of them are issues in Israel. And ironically, many of the perpetrators of those crimes are on the UN human rights council. It's absolutely mind blowing.

Comment Re:If someone killed my wife and children... (Score 2) 206

If someone killed my wife and children... I would not be above genocide utilizing a bioweapon, and I would be capable of building such a thing, targeted to a specific set of tribes or genomes

Good luck with that one. The problem here is that the two ethnic groups are almost the same: they're both Semitic people, and are extremely closely related genetically. Any bio-weapon targeting Jewish genetics is also going to affect Arabs, and vice-versa.

Something like that might work if, for instance, the Nigerians were really pissed at the Chinese. But with most cases where some ethnic group really hates some other ethnic group, the two groups are more similar to each other than to anyone else. It's kinda like all those cases you see where there's a family-run restaurant, but two brothers in the family have a big fight and suddenly there's two restaurants, the original one, and then a new one across the street with the exact same menu and almost same name.

Comment Re:Trees and powerlines? (Score 1) 142

Not counting your airport problem, it's quite possible that properties like yours will simply be on the "Sorry, we can't deliver to your address by this mechanism" list. That's going to be true of millions and millions of residences. Probably MOST residences. This will be more useful for exurbs, and for deliveries to places like corporate office parks, hospitals, or other spots that might need rush deliveries and have more reliably plausible LZs. Logistics are likely to be case by case.

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