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Comment Re:Stop spying on everyone (Score 2) 479

For that to work you'd also have to come up with a scheme of monetary compensation or none of us will get to play with toys.

If $600 for a phone doesn't cover the cost of production, charge more.

... And then (rightly) go out of business when your customers laugh and buy a $150 knockoff that has all the same features at a quarter the price.

Comment Pathetic. (Score 3, Insightful) 151

Aaand, the OED just jumped the shark. Language may evolve, but at some point we need to draw the line - A pictogram does not count as a "word". Why not include Wood's American Gothic? Michaelangelo's statue of David (Or maybe they consider that more appropriate for the Italian dictionary?).

/ Lumbersexual. Nice knowin' ya, OED.

Comment Re:buy glasses. (Score 1) 197

Remind me again - In what world do you live that forging a prescription doesn't break the law?

"So we consider these things dangerous/important/abusable enough to require a doctor's order to get them."
"Wait, what if someone fakes a doctor's orders to get them?"
"Oh, that would never happen!"
"Heh, of course not, what was I thinking??? Meeting adjourned!"

Comment Re:buy glasses. (Score 1) 197

Well, when we humans learn to read, we learn to infer a few salient points not necessarily called out by the author. Non-autistic readers can deal with the absence of a word or two, taking the implied meaning from context.

For example, when someone mentions you learning how optics work, and then discussing how your eye doctor probably won't mind [possibly missing word here] changing a prescription, that carries the implicit idea of you, not your eye doctor, modifying the prescription. The entire discussion becomes pretty much meaningless if we reduce it to "Hey doc, can you bump this number up by a diopeter?".

But then, I don't know whether or not you, my reader, count as autistic, so feel free to interpret this in the most fucked up light imaginable.

Comment Re:buy glasses. (Score 1) 197

Probably the optometrist will be fine with writing you a prescription for glasses that will focus at your desired distance.

If your professional reputation depended on a layman's interpretation of your advice, would you feel fine with someone altering that advice?

And on the off chance you actually said "yes", imagine that you may actually bear some legal liability for the accuracy of "your" recommendation - "Your honor, Mr. Jones died because david_thornley decided that the safety interlocks on that x-ray machine just wasted the customer's time and disabling them couldn't possibly hurt anything."

it's an easy calculation to make it, say, a half meter: drop two diopters, if I remember correctly.

Seriously, what gives with all of you trying to reduce this to a mere technical matter? "Oh, the doctor doesn't know how much this hurts, I can change that "5mg" to a "15mg", he'll probably thank me for not wasting his time in the middle of the night!". Irrelevant. You have forged a script, no matter how much better you consider your forged version.

Comment Re:buy glasses. (Score 1) 197

Prescription glasses are not prescription drugs.

The crime here has nothing to do with the glasses, Saul, but rather, forging a prescription (and don't get cute about "correcting" it - same crime). It doesn't matter what the prescription deals with, whether drugs or glasses or dental varnish or CPAP machines.

Were I to break a leg, and a Dr to prescribe using crutches using ones that weren't prescribed to me would not be a felony.

If you altered that prescription (even though you don't actually need a prescription for crutches), then yes, you most certainly would have broken the law, however stupid you may consider that distinction.

before you presume that you are both an expert in optics and the law...

Right back at'cha. But feel free to use your "crutches" analogy when you get your day in court.

Comment Re:buy glasses. (Score 1) 197

Honestly learn how glasses are prescribed and how to modify a prescription.

Holy shit, loving all the fabulous advice in this thread!

Let's all assume the OP counts as a complete idiot and hasn't considered glasses or a bigger monitor, and recommend committing a fucking felony rather than addressing his question directly!

Brilliant, lads, just brilliant!

Comment Re:Glasses, contacts, lasik (Score 1) 197

Can better lenses make blurry things clear? Why yes, yes they can.

Can better lenses reverse macular degeneration? Why no, no they can't.

Horrible analogy. The poster isn't loosing his color vision his vision is getting blurry and he needs to compensate by making everything bigger.

You realize that you typically shouldn't take analogies literally, right?

"Apples and oranges? The OP can't see! He doesn't need more fruit in his diet, he needs an optometrist!".

Comment Re:Probably not a coincidence (Score 4, Interesting) 214

Born in same area, same date, same first three letters of last name-- expect collisions.

Your SSN doesn't "hash" anything. From 1972 through 2011 (the range applicable to these two women), only the the first three numbers (the area number) actually meant anything in isolation. The middle pair of numbers (the group number) only has meaning within a given area, and even then it just serves to more-or-less evenly subdivide the area. And the final four numbers (the serial number) monotonically increases from 0001 through 9999.

So rather than a collision, you could more accurately call this a race condition. Two requests go in at approximately the same time without adequate semaphores, and the serial number didn't get incremented early enough in the process to avoid both processes getting the same "next" number available.

The geek in me would love to know if no one ever received the next number in sequence - Did they double-increment after issuing the number, or did one of them overwrite the other?

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