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by jfengel (#48203831) Attached to: First Evidence of Extrasolar Planets Discovered In 1917

He was the one who kicked off European colonization and exploitation of the place. Other Europeans who came made only a tenuous foothold. Columbus was the one who said, "There's a place over there, and it's worth living in and taking stuff." He's the reason Europeans in general came to know about it.

It's not entirely out of keeping with other uses of "discover". The OED's first definition is "To disclose, reveal, etc., to others". The fact that it's first is historical, rather than a matter of present usage; the present use "to find out" is also very old. But it also includes notions of "finding out for oneself", i.e. not necessarily being the very first.

All told the OED gives over a dozen different shades of meaning for "discover", and I don't think this one is entirely wrong. It can be misleading, since as you say there were already people there and other Europeans had lived there, but he was an important "first" whatever word one applies.

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Still, the Trust Fund seems like a rather odd concept. It's a government promise to pay for... something it had already promised to pay, namely Social Security benefits. If the Trust Fund runs out, it's still on the hook to pay those benefits.

The program was intended to be pay-as-you-go. The SSTF was supposed to be a way to save against the Baby Bust being unable to pay for its parents, but where can you really save that kind of money? No bank can handle it; it would badly skew any stock market you tried to invest with. Effectively, they just dumped it into the general Treasury coffers, where it was all spent. The Boomers are starting to demand it back, and the burden falls right in the place the SSTF was supposed to avoid, their children.

The net effect was just to establish a highly regressive tax (since Social Security money is capped) that Reagan used to pay for a massive expansion of the US Government, doubling spending during his time in office. I used to think the SSTF was just a bad idea, but I'm increasingly coming to the conclusion that it was a deliberate attempt to screw over the poor and the Gen Xers.

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We knew what was going on when you ran your anti-IBM campaign, sometimes even positioning yourself as arguing on behalf of our community. It was a way to lend credence to IBM and MS arguments during the SCO issue. To state otherwise is deceptive, perhaps even self-deceptive.

Florian, you would not be devoting all of this text to explaining yourself if you didn't feel the need to paint your actions in a positive light. That comes from guilt, whether you admit it to yourself or not.

Go write your app, and if you actually get to make any money with it you can give thanks, because it will happen despite what you worked for previously. Keep a low profile otherwise because your credibility is well and truly blown and you can only make things worse. And maybe someday you can really move past this part of your life. But I am not holding out much hope.

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A) It's more accurate.
B) You can send the dealer a email
C) Online isn't working.

And no, many of you do NOT have Aspergers syndrome. Some do. No more here then anywhere else.

Most of you are just passive aggressive ass hats.
I am around people with Aspergers syndrome every day. I don't know of any that can't use a phone to call someone they don't know.

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From the actual tribune article.
Correction, October 20, 2014: This post originally misstated that Chicago's government had reduced the duration of the city's yellow lights. The timing of the lights has remained consistent overall but can vary in individual instances due to electrical fluctuations. In February the city changed its policy to begin giving tickets in some cases when, due to fluctuation, the yellow signal lasted less than three seconds.

And the statement is plausible, according to the traffic engineers I work with,

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Did you read those sites? they do not prove what you said at all.
The first one was out because they did't know the distance traveld. It ahs NOTHING to do with camera caligration, and it fact it worked, but the SOB got it tossed on a technicality. He even said:
"And just in case you're wondering: I probably was speeding."
So there you have a guy who was breaking traffic laws, but wasted ta dollars instead of owning up. Mean he cost his fellow citizens money for somethign he did. Fucking coward.

The second one:
"I think it was an oversight more than anything," Yes, a person setting up the light did set it yo country standards. Form the time given, it matches federal standards,
Again, nothing to to with calibrations.

The third one is from a letter on reddit. He won because the county would provide up details about the camera. His numbers are not the federal and/or county guiding, they are a recommendation from some else. His math was irrelevant. Again, no evidence or re-calibration due to the camera installation.

In fact, in every case the cameras HELP the person getting a ticket. Had a police officer just pulled them over, they would have had no record to use. It would have just been cop said, he said. They would have lost.

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