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Submission + - Samsung: Apple wouldn't have sold a single iPhone without stealing our tech (

jsse writes: "The two consumer electronics companies, Apple and Samsung, are preparing to do battle in San Jose, California next week, and now-public court documents shed light on the positions each firm is taking. As highlighted by The Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s trial brief pulls no punches in telling the court exactly where it stands regarding Apple’s repeated patent-related accusations. In short, Apple is the thief here, not Samsung. More on BGR."

Submission + - China's Green Dam is demolished ( 1

jsse writes: The Green Dam Project, a China Government sponsored censorware, has quietly closed its Beijing office last month, and its remaining Zhengzhou office is going into surviving mode due to insufficient funding to support the normal operation. The Green Dam project secured 4.17M Renminbi (1 RMB = 0.147691 USD) from the Government in 2008 but has never received further injection since. Aiming at "stop the poisoning of children's minds", China Government was mandating all PC sold in China preinstalled Green Dam. The policy has been heavily debated inside and outside of the country which forced the Government to postpone the execution of the policy last year. More than 20 millions PCs installed Green Dam will not receive further 'support and update'.

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