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Comment Re:Richard Stallman Does This. (Score 2) 48

EMACS is indeed the only software that ever caused me physical injury.

After a multi-day editing binge on a CKIE keyboard I went to the campus medical center. Muscle strain on my left pinky from rotate/stretch/curl of my large hands to hit control ...

Now, I would never tamper with University property but a couple of days later days later, there was a little piece of plastic next to my keyboard , and the shift-lock no longer toggled allowing me to remap the control key to where God meant it tone. . .


Comment Re:There's an add-on for that.. (Score 1) 400

>I don't want to accept those cookies, I want to say
>"this site can set cookies, this site can fuck off" ... that
>has been a standard feature of Firefox for at least a

It's not that new . . . it long predates the firefox name and mozilla foundation.

I think it was in Netscape 3 . . . I don't remember if it's older than that.


Comment Re:Riding Bill's coattails ... (Score 1) 634

>Funny how only the governor's wife gets invited into such investment opportunities.

Actually, no, it wasn't that limited.

Her broker, in another case and as part of his plea deal for a felony conviction, explained how bribers were laundered at the time in Arkansas.

At the time (now changed), a futures order in that market only indicated the brokerage, not the client. When Joe wanted to bribe Kevin, they each opened an account with Lenny. Lenny would put in two offsetting orders (a buy and a sell). At the end of the day, the transaction that lost would go in Joe's account, and the profitable one into Kevins (unlike the stock market, this was a zero sum game, and the gain and loss would be identical amounts).


Comment Re:And nothing of value was added ... (Score 1) 133

I recall a time 10 or 15 years ago when I actually had to use ed . . . I vaguely want today that the debian I was using had dynamically linked vi, or some such, and it just wasn't available that early in the boot sequence. Or maybe /usr or /bin hadn't mounted; it's been a while.

What I really remember from it was the shock of needing to use ed for the first time in decades, and relief that I could pull it off . . .


Comment Re:Informative Article (Score 1) 329

My first mac (a 1984 128k) still works, my Macintosh Portable would work if I had the capacitors redone, my Mac Classic still works, and my Powerbook 180 (1994) would probably still work if it hadn't used those wretched IBM hard drives with the 99.9% failure rate (that is, if I reassembled, it would probably power up and boot off a floppy now).

My 2008 or so macbook died of pulling a spent staple to the magnetic port, shorting the fuse, and my SE/30 was fatally damaged by early chipmerchant memory modules that were a touch to big and broke the sockets.

I think the rest are still running . . . including a 2010 powerbook for my second daughter, a pair of 2011 macbook airs for the twins, a 2013 (?) air for my eldest , this new macbook my 15" retina pro . . .


Comment Re:Informative Article (Score 1) 329

And it only took that long with apple if you took it to a shop.

By the early 90s, maybe earlier, you called apple (Monday), they overnighted you a prepaid box, you overnighted to Armonk (Tuesday), which usually got it back in that night's outgoing overnight(Wednesday, for Thursday arrival).

Far faster than a dealer . . .


Comment Re:Crescent won't learn (Score 1) 329

I compare Harbor Freight to the rental price; they tend to be similar. So if it's something that might be useful for a second job somewhere down the line, I buy from them, otherwise I rent. I have no delusion it will be usable a third time.

Oh,and if it's something that could kill me if defective, forget it . . . like a jack stand.

similarly, I bought a bluehawk (?) 22" chainsaw--I have two trees to come down in my back yard, but in separate years (one is shading the fruit trees that will replace it). Cost about the same as renting twice from home depot, and it's there in the garage for some job down the future.


Comment Re:My brother (Score 1) 406

Except for trackers, such as double-click, I've never blocked an ad for being an ad. I don't even use a list on adblock.

I *do* block anything that blinks, wanders around, animates, or makes noise, including the purported content, such as rollbars of "content" for the local paper.

If it's static, I keep it; if it's dynamic, it goes.

It just makes it hard to read . . .


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