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While I'm not a fan of the system, what you are paying for is mostly the motion tracking system. I do have the first generation dev kit and it's rather nice compared to similar prior systems (Virtual-IO for example). But it is also majorly over hyped and Facebooks involvement was a death blow for me. But that's just me...

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by pitchpipe (#47679797) Attached to: Humans Need Not Apply: a Video About the Robot Revolution and Jobs

Get the power-hungry, comand-and-control collectivists out of office, elect free market proponents and the economy will sprint forward with increased job ops and increased income for just about everyone.

As usual, government (basic income, planned economy, etc.) is not the solution to the current crisis. Government is the problem.

I can't tell if this is satire or not. It sounds like a parody of a Foxnews host.

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by pitchpipe (#47679687) Attached to: Swedish Dad Takes Gamer Kids To Warzone

Would you do it if they were reading comic books about war? Watching movies? Watching 50s movies with John Wayne about war? Reading novels about war? Playing war in the yard? If they started playing cops and robbers in the back yard with the neighbor kids, is it time to haul them off to a Scared Straight session at a prison, to impress upon them the harsh realities of a life of crime?

I think that every American should have to take a trip to the war zone to see what our tax dollars go to supporting.

This whole story is a tale of over-reaction that only seemed to have occurred, because "oh my god, video games!".

Or maybe it's just a father trying to raise his children to be good humans. Nah!

Wanting to expose your children to realities beyond those as depicted by popular media is a thoughtful thing to do. Not so much when it's a swift over-reaction to "OMG VIDEO GAMES!".

How do you know it was an over reaction? Were you there when they were discussing it? Maybe they're just a really thoughtful family. Also, what about the children who are already in the middle of the war zone? I don't see anyone wanting to try to mitigate that.

And, really, the truth seems more to be "freelance journalist does a freelance journalist thing and uses his kids as fodder for more freelance journalism". What do you figure the odds are he'd be doing this and documenting it if, say, he were a flight mechanic or a plumber and there weren't some other benefit besides that to his children?

A plumber or flight mechanic going there with their kids? Maybe. Documenting it? Doubtful, as they generally tend to not make documentaries.

I like how you stated it as "uses his kids as fodder." I'd put it more as "Family man sees opportunities to teach his children to become good stewards of the planet, and documents it to try to help others do the same."

I guess it all depends on your perspective.

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by pitchpipe (#47649355) Attached to: About Half of Kids' Learning Ability Is In Their DNA

Well, you've already decided that "racists will go to great lengths to try to rationalize their bigotry". You probably decided that a long time ago, probably before even examining the facts involved. But you want to call me prejudiced?

I have tolerance for all but the intolerant. Why is that so hard for bigots to understand? It's not a paradox. It doesn't involve any twisted logic. It's really fucking simple.

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by pitchpipe (#47649289) Attached to: About Half of Kids' Learning Ability Is In Their DNA

And what they did not publish[...]

strangers with equivalent academic abilities shared genetic similarities

and these are unequally distributed in different races

[Citation badly needed to justify your racism]

WTF slashdot?! A blatantly racist claim with no backing gets modded to +4 Insightful with NOTHING backing it up? Not even a Wikipedia article? Not even a link to a white supremacist blog?

You moderators suck shit.

+ - Hackers Demand Automakers Get Serious About Security->

Submitted by wiredmikey
wiredmikey (1824622) writes "In an open letter to Automotive CEOs, a group of security researchers has called on automobile industry executives to implement five security programs to improve car safety and build cyber-security safeguards inside the software systems powering various features in modern cars.

As car automation systems become more sophisticated, they need to be locked down to prevent tampering or unauthorized access. The Five Star Automotive Cyber Safety Program outlined in the letter asked industry executives for safety by design, third-party collaboration, evidence capture, security updates, and segmentation and isolation.

Vehicles are “computers on wheels,” Josh Corman, CTO of Sonatype and a co-founder of I am the Cavalry, the group who penned the letter (PDF. The group aims to bring security researchers together with representatives from non-security fields, such as home automation and consumer electronics, medical devices, transportation, and critical infrastructure, to improve security. Along with releasing the open letter, the group participated in a closed-door session with automobile and medical device representatives in a private meeting in Las Vegas on Tuesday and planned to discuss automotive hacking at DEF CON on Sunday."

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