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Comment FCC blacks any such attempts in USA (Score 1) 65

The FCC and cell companies wont allow any intentional cell-free zones in the USA. Nominally the say its a safety issue for legal users. Inmates are very clever in obtaining, hiding and charging their phones. Plenty are found in any deep sweep of US jails. Did for theaters and schools.

Comment Re: Getting a car repair (Score 1) 463

Brake fluid is clear to brown and slick (in my car it's clear).
Power steering is reddish or light brown and thin (in my car it is reddish).
Transmission fluid is reddish or magenta and smells sweet
Oil is amber.

I tell the service rep what happened before and that I'll be checking before I leave the lot. (this is the most important part)
When done, I get the service rep and we pop the hood and check each of the fluids to make sure they look/smell/feel right (this is less important since the car is probably screwed at this point anyway).
"They design the rubber used in the braking system for high pressure sealing. Manufacturers also design this type of rubber for use only with brake fluid. Severe damage results from even the smallest amount of petroleum-based fluid added to the brake system. Oil-based fluid causes the rubber in the braking system to swell and very rapidly deteriorate.

The most common mistake is adding power steering fluid to the brakes*

power steering fluid will swell and deteriorate brake seals
Power steering fluid contamination will cause seals to immediately begin swelling. As the seals swell, they move forward and block the passages that allow the brake system to function. One example is the return ports in the brake master-cylinder. The swollen seal blocks this port and the return of fluid to the reservoir, when we release the brake pedal. "

* this is what happened to me.

Comment Re:Where was the CIA, FBI and NSA... (Score 1) 273

Indeed. And as the population is even dumber than usual (because they are kept in fear), nobody notices that forensics has no preventative value whatsoever and does make nobody any more secure. The problem is that forensics can also be used to discredit people. Example: Have a presidential candidate that want to cut NSA or CIA funding? Just see what you can dig up on them, and there always will be something.


France Using Emergency Powers To Prevent Climate Change Protests ( 166

Bruce66423 writes: Following the Paris massacre, the French government declared a state of emergency. One of the regulations this introduced was control of large scale gatherings, and one of the events that is being caught up in this is planned protests to do with the Climate Change conference in Paris next month. This has resulted in some activists being put under house arrest — yet other gathering, such as commercial street markets — are being allowed to go ahead. Funny that; anyone would think that the government is using the opportunity to suppress dissent.

Comment Clever but not earthshaking. (Score 4, Interesting) 64

Essentially, you are having the user connect to the internal address of the VPN server for your forwarded port, and therefore you do not go through the VPN or NAT. A good VPN service will have bound your port to the external address only, and this would not work. And the bad ones will fix this quickly, I bet.

Comment Re:Though I completely support the idea in princip (Score 1) 289

Plenty of people will have moral or philosophical or religious objection to other kinds of products/services/careers advertised in theatre ads. For example, the armed forces advertise. products that cause the massive increase in diabetes in the US advertise. bankruptcy mill lawyers advertise. etc. etc.

tough shit, suck it up and endure, then enjoy your movie.

Comment Re:Some people don't understand the word "former" (Score 1) 273

You reasoning is faulty. This is not intelligence tactics. This is PR. (Also, I do not hold a security clearance, so I can post whatever my pertaining observations are, unlike the about 5 million US citizens that have been muzzled that way...)

It works like this: Have a known former employee or close associate to who you maintain close ties spread some information or statement. Most people will see it as coming from you, but if it causes a stir, it will just be their "private opinion".

Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 230

Journalism, as originally implemented in this country, and listed in this definition "writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation" no longer exists. The opposite is taught in universities, reinforced through advertising revenues and page hit models, and is all but required by the manages and execs in our media outlets.

So, journalism did exist before there were online comments sections. It just doesn't anymore.


VTech Hack Exposes Data On 4.8 Million Adults, 200,000 Kids ( 62

New submitter lorenzofb writes: A hacker broke into the site of the popular toy company VTech and was able to easily get 4.8 million credentials, and 227k kids' identities using SQL injection. The company didn't find out about the breach until Motherboard told them. According to Have I Been Pwned, this is the fourth largest consumer data breach ever. "[Security specialist Troy Hunt] said that VTech doesn't use SSL web encryption anywhere, and transmits data such as passwords completely unprotected. ... Hunt also found that the company's websites "leak extensive data" from their databases and APIs—so much that an attacker could get a lot of data about the parents or kids just by taking advantage of these flaws."

Comment Re:End of open and honest? I'll disagree. (Score 1) 230

I'm pretty sure I can post open and honest comments while not being anonymous.

If you're white, middle-class, cisgendered, belong to a mainstream religion, have political views within the mainstream, and live in a cosmopolitan community, yes.

If you're a closeted gay atheist anarcho-communist in a small town in "flyover country", maybe not so much.

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