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Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 0) 778

The whole thing was INTENDED to be discriminatory. I can just imagine the father saying "This ought to panic them because you are Muslim."

The reason that I say this? Sorry, but the kid did NOT make a clock. Not even close. He took a commercial clock, removed it from it's case, and put it in a briefcase. Period. I am not sure that the kid learned anything scientific except maybe pain associated with not touching the primary inputs on a 120V transformer.

Here is a link where some engineer was able to identify the MODEL of the clock that was taken apart.

Comment Re:I look forward to the ISIS publication.... (Score 1) 546

So are you saying that the KKK does not use violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims?

No, not as far as I know. Well, not lately.

I find the notion of the KKK abhorrent, an I despise anybody that would join such an organization. However, if they have not broken a law, there is honestly not much that you can or should do to these people, from a legal perspective. Feel free to shun them, and call them names. But having an ideology (no matter how stupid it is) and joining a group is not, by itself illegal.

I have not heard of any KKK violence in quite a while (things were different 40 years ago). If any members did commit any violence or break any laws, then throw them in prison.

If this list is true, I would hope that any elected official on the list would immediately resign. Otherwise, recall efforts should be launched.

Comment Re:AWESOME! (Score 3, Insightful) 145

You realise that you're talking about Israel, an actual nuclear-weapon-equipped power, right? This is part of why the region is as it is.

I can't believe that I am replying to an anonymous coward, but you could not be more wrong.

Israel has had nukes for DECADES. How many times have they used one? (hint: the number is an integer between -0.5 and +0.5)

If Iran or Syria had a nuke, how long would they wait to use it? Weeks? Hours?

When has Israel ever used force? Only when provoked.

At least Israel HAS an interest in technology that does not go "boom." If you will recall, the Intel Core Architecture was invented in Israel (derived from Pentium M). Israel is actually a hotbed of technology and science. See here.

Comment Two KVM switches. (Score 1) 128

It sounds to me like you need TWO kvm switches.

One with a keyboard and mouse attached to it, and one monitor. The other would be just video -- or you could even use a cheap HDMI switch for this one.

This would allow you to have the keyboard and mouse tethered to one monitor, while the other monitor was independent.

For extra-fancy operation, you could even use an HDMI splitter to have the same video input going to both switches, if you needed to.

The only down side is two separate boxes to control, but you could probably rig up an Arduino or something to keep them flying in formation.

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