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Comment Re:Foreign interests? (Score 1) 423 423

#1 and #2 are great ideas. Tough ideas, but great if you can pull it off without crippling the economy.

Things start to fall apart around #3. As I have stated before, laws disproportionately affect those who are honest enough to follow them. Guns laws will REALLY stop honest people from getting them, and you HOPE that a little splashes over to the criminals. And if you have a criminal without a gun, you still have a criminal.

Look at the UK. I dare you to do this: do a Google image search for "stop knife violence." Since England has mostly tamed the gun beast, they are now turning their sights on knives, since people who intend to kill use whatever tools are at hand. Do you carry a Leatherman tool? I have heard (but no 1st hand knowledge) that you can get arrested for that in London since it has a locking blade.

And even if you DID manage to get rid of all knives, people would switch to another tool. "Stop cricked bat violence" anyone?

If get get rid of a gun, the criminal can use other tools. If you get rid of the criminal, you have NO reason to fear guns. It is as simple as that.

Comment Re:Foreign interests? (Score 1) 423 423

The point of laws is to describe what bad behavior is, and determine a punishment.

Outlawing murder does NOT stop a murder from happening, it just allows you to punish the criminal once they are caught, and provides a deterrent. If a person is willing to commit a murder and break that law, what logical process leads you to believe that this person will suddenly worry about gun laws too?

Ultimately guns laws are a disproportional burden to the honest people. Did France's gun laws stop the attack on the magazine office? And yet it is the honest people of France that have to obey those laws.

Please think just a little deeper than a knee-jerk reaction.

Comment Re:Kessel Run (Score 3, Interesting) 227 227

The Kessel Run was covered in one of the novels. I am guessing that the novels are no longer canon.

Actually, what IS the story? Supposedly the new movie covers the Solo kids based on what happened in the novels, but the prequals (1-3) totally crapped on the back story of Boba Fett.

I also saw Chewy, but he died in one of the novels too.

What is canon and what isn't?

Comment Re:Foreign interests? (Score 1) 423 423

Are you really that dumb? Of course criminals obey SOME laws. Otherwise, rounding up criminals would be easy, as you just arrest the guy crossing the street a dozen time because jaywalking is illegal.

My point is that criminals do not mind breaking laws if it benefits them. Honest citizens, in general, will obey the laws.

If a criminal can 3D print a gun, he will. Getting jail time is just an occupational hazard for a criminal.

An honest citizen, one with children that they are responsible for, will generally not do things that will get them locked up for years.

Comment Re:Need to be adjustable (Score 1) 340 340

I am currently at a cube. It is a no-brainer to simply detach the work surface from the cube and stick it back in a couple of feet higher. If you want to sit, get something the height of a bar stool, and you are golden.

For home use, I used an Ikea table-style desk and raised it up as far as it would go. Not tall enough, so I purchased some bed risers (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.) to raise it up an extra five or six inches. Problem solved for not much coin.

Comment Re:bans on knowledge rarely work (Score 1) 423 423

So, short of hiring a psychic to predict future crime, what else do you suggest as far as a background check? Do you have a criminal record? Have you been declared mentally incompetent?

Anything beyond that is a judgement call, and who gets to make that call? On what basis?

Keep in mind that every year, less than one out of every 30,000 gun is used in a murder.

Comment Re:Yay, regulation!! (Score 1) 423 423

Actually, most people, including myself, are just honest. While I could get pirated movies, I would rather be able to live with myself and I follow the law willingly. Note that I do use VLC so I don't have to watch the FBI warnings and previews (probably breaking the law somehow).

Comment Re:A few years ago (Score 1) 51 51

I don't get it. How the HELL can Canonical ever call this a success? The phones are not going on sale to the general public. How many units does it take to make back the NRE?? Well, if you are intentionally limiting the units, it may take a hell of a lot. What is up with this business move?

Comment Re:This was always going to happen (Score 2, Insightful) 288 288

Just a comment on the "status symbol" thing.

How many times have you seen a iPhone enclosed in a big sturdy case designed to protect the thing from nuclear armageddon? And on these cases, how many times do they have a big cut-out for the Apple logo on it? Heaven forbid that the person standing next to you would fail to notice the Apple logo!

No, how many times have you seen a similar thing on a case for any other phone?

This just proves that some people don't just want an iPhone... they want everybody around them to know that they have an iPhone.

I am still waiting for the Apple shoes and matching purse to show up.

"And do you think (fop that I am) that I could be the Scarlet Pumpernickel?" -- Looney Tunes, The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950, Chuck Jones)