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Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 3, Insightful) 329


Who was killed over Piss Christ?


Got the balls to say how many people were killed at Charlie Hebdo?

Got the stones to say how many people were killed of Mohammad cartoons?

Insults removed, but the salient point really should left intact for emphasis, as it is quite valid.

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 2, Interesting) 329

There's a *huge* difference between...

* some overheated and breathless clickbait that stretches the ideological-but-otherwise-mundane true story well beyond credibility (e.g. the example you posted), and...

* actual, no-shit instances of overt and government-sanctioned discrimination (e.g. TFA).

So, please, knock off the false equivalency; it serves no beneficial purpose, and actually masks the fact that there are some no-shit barbarians out in the world, some of whom run whole governments.

Let me put it this way - geography aside, would you rather live in a nation generally run by Judeo-Christian values (e.g. US), or Islamic ones (e.g. Saudi Arabia)?

Comment Re:Hillary, is that you? (Score 1, Interesting) 307

Slightly off-topic, but the only way to make sure everyone pays their fair share would be to remove *all* loopholes/deductions/credits, and set a single tax rate (say, 15-20%). For charity's sake, the first $x/year income can be exempt (where x = 120% of poverty rate or similar metric).

Yes, a flat tax. But, it is ultimately fair for a zillionaire to pay in 20% of his income, which would be way larger than 20% of Joe Sixpack's middle-class income. As a beneficial side-effect, people would suddenly get very interested in any congressional action that would change the tax rate, no?

Of course, often when people demand that $group pay their "fair share", what they often mean is "enough to make them suffer - hard!" I trust and am hoping that you're not one of those folks.


Now, on topic - as for Russia? They can set whatever rates they want... we have no sovereignty there, so even if they were taxed at 100% of income, the US government would not see a dime of it.

Comment Re:OSX (Score 1) 307

I doubt it - it ties far more closely to the overall Russian drive towards nationalistic solutions and tendencies. Even though Linux (we all know that's what they'll use) is not purely Russian (or even a fraction of same), it does allow them to fork the kernel and make it that way. Sort of like NoKo's 'Red Flag Linux', but without all the governmental spyware and crippling (well, as far as we know...)

Comment In Soviet Ru- aww, screw it. (Score 4, Insightful) 307

I can actually see a good reason for Russia dumping Windows... a Linux-based system gives them internal control over the source code to the OS they use - they can fork it and do whatever they want with it internally.

The taxation thing? That's just governments doing what governments tend to do - extract more money from those who produce wealth, especially from outside the borders where it's more politically palatable (and in some cases highly desirable). Shit, they've been doing this for as long as the word "tariff" has existed, and the "on a computer" aspect doesn't really make it all that much different.

Not sure if the pimped local options (e.g. Yandex) are any better or worse, though - only the Russian public can ultimately decide that.

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