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Comment: What about other manufacturers? (Score 4, Interesting) 195

by Dzimas (#48630711) Attached to: Investigation: Apple Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers

These conversations inevitably focus on Apple, but what about contract workers in similar factories who make phones for Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft (that still feels weird to write) and newcomers like OnePlus? I suspect that conditions are worse, simply because there is less external oversight.

Comment: Re: uh, no? (Score 4, Insightful) 340

by Dzimas (#48394667) Attached to: Alleged Satellite Photo Says Ukraine Shootdown of MH17

It doesn't matter that it's obviously fake. These images were all over Russian media to cause a flurry of indignant response in favor of the Russian military and political position. Tomorrow's papers and newscasts won't bother to dissect the glaring errors -- all that matters is that millions of people saw "proof" that it was the evil Ukrainians all along. Sadly, many will believe the smear campaign.

After all, 10 or 20 million people honestly believe that your president was actually born in Kenya, simply because someone made up a preposterous tale that they desperately wanted to believe.

Comment: Re:Overly broad? (Score 4, Informative) 422

by Dzimas (#48182013) Attached to: Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres

From the study abstract: "After adjustment for sociodemographic and health-related characteristics, sugar-sweetened soda consumption was associated with shorter telomeres (b=–0.010; 95% confidence interval [CI]=0.020, 0.001; P=.04). Consumption of 100% fruit juice was marginally associated with longer telomeres (b=0.016; 95% CI=0.000, 0.033; P=.05). No significant associations were observed between consumption of diet sodas or noncarbonated SSBs and telomere length."

More: http://ajph.aphapublications.o...

Comment: Re:May I suggest (Score 4, Informative) 334

by Dzimas (#48181385) Attached to: No More Lee-Enfield: Canada's Rangers To Get a Tech Upgrade

You understand that there's a difference between the RCMP and the Canadian Forces, right?

The Canadian Rangers' mandate is to provide a military presence and sovereignty patrols in sparsely settled and extremely remote (Northern) regions of the country. The force is made up of reservists, and they're issued a unique uniform -- CADPAT pants, bright red Ranger sweatshirt and baseball cap. The whole idea is to take a group of Northerners and leverage their wilderness and arctic skills. It's a much smarter and more cost-effective approach than attempting to train and equip a group of 18 year-old city kids for the tundra.

Comment: Sensationalized risk. (Score 1) 421

by Dzimas (#48125099) Attached to: Texas Health Worker Tests Positive For Ebola

In the USA, about 630 people die every week in motor vehicle accidents. An additional 2,250,000 are injured. Nonetheless, the 24 hour news channels are going batshit because a couple of people have contracted a horrible disease.

Perhaps the smart thing to do is turn off the TV and step away from news sites. Oh, and remember to wear your seatbelt.

Comment: Blue was essential to create white light. (Score 1) 276

by Dzimas (#48104249) Attached to: No Nobel For Nick Holonyak Jr, Father of the LED

Seriously? The LED backlight in your computer screen is based on Nakamura's work. Same for your phone, TV and iPad. The blue GaN LED was essential for the creation of "white" LEDs, which are actually blue LEDs coated with phosphor to approximate white light. Same goes for the LED bulbs that are currently replacing billions of incandescent lights around the world in homes, street lights, and outdoor displays.

Comment: Blue LEDs were the key to white lighting. (Score 1) 276

by Dzimas (#48104159) Attached to: No Nobel For Nick Holonyak Jr, Father of the LED

People keep overlooking the fact that the development of high brightness GaN blue LEDs resulted in the technology becoming a practical replacement for white incandescent bulbs and enabled LED backlighting in billions of display panels. Coat a clear blue LED with yellow phosphor and, voila, a bright white light source that burns a fraction of the energy.

So, yeah, the red LED was a tremendously useful device, but it pales in comparison to the dramatic shift that is underway thanks to the development of affordable white LEDs.

Comment: Simple. (Score 5, Insightful) 204

If your company is large enough, have a quick chat with your legal department. A 3 year support contract that isn't providing you with any value is something that's worth addressing. A brief letter from your legal counsel ought to result in an interesting response (whether or not it results in action is another thing entirely).

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