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Comment Re:This is crazy... (Score 1) 301

I found that, like in the case of homophobia, the more virulently opposed peoples are, the more likely they are one themselves.

I might agree with most of what you said but the above was admitted to be a tactic to shut down open and vocal early opponents of societal acceptance of homosexuals. Anti-Gay people became seen as closet gays because of this PROPAGANDA so it shut them up as the majority of them considered homosexuality a shameful activity. Do you also believe caveman found their mates by knocking women unconscious and dragging them by their hair back to a cave? If so then you might be a victim of early feminist propaganda too.

Comment Re:Why retail? (Score 1) 298

Your home does not get solar power when the grid is down if you have a direct grid tie system.

We have been off grid for over a decade and I hadn't really looked into the setup of grid tied stuff as it has never been relevant to us. When I discovered that grid tied solar systems didn't work during a grid outage I was a little shocked. I guess there are good reasons for this but it still seems a little weird.

Comment Re:Yet another blatantly biased submission. (Score 1) 508

Thank God for some sanity. All of this interference in the natural order does nothing in the long run but propogate genes and defects that should have been bred out of the species by now. Just wait until a really virulent strain of something comes along helped along in its evolution by vaccination then we will see the corpses being stacked.

Comment Re:The herd's moving (Score 1) 508

The collectivists are fucking evil bastards. They dress it up in the most noble of motives but when push comes to shove you are going to do what they say or the consequences will be up to and including your death. I've had vaccinations in my life but the minute someone approaches me to tell me what I have to have injected in my body by force that arsehole is going to be hurt up to and including their death. It's an easy game to play.

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