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Comment Re:Two girls at one time is taken so... (Score 1) 808

Then go do everything I'm already already doing, except I'd never bother to look for sales. 'Cause, really, I kind of like my life.

You probably also understand that money doesn't matter besides providing the basic necessities. Sometimes just watching the birds playing outside can be more enriching than another zero tacked on the end of your bank balance.

Comment Re:Time investment (Score 1) 182

I had an awesome career and I left it all to live on 66 acres in the bush with hardly any income and I am happier now than I ever was in my 'awesome career'. I actually enjoy life a lot more than I ever did. I'm not in a glass cage. The only person who evaluates me is me and that is great. Those reading this with mortgages and debts crawling their way up the path to success and wealth I can only recommend getting away from it all, getting out of debt and pursuing things that make you really happy(for those who say they are happy think about it for a while). When you can sit and watch a chicken for an hour and really enjoy that process then you've really made it.

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