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Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 1) 323

If they're terrorists and enemies of the US, then yes that's kind of the whole point of the Authorization for the Use of Military Force. (out modern day wimpy version of declaring war). If they're not, then we should let them go. Not a whole lot of grey area here, on what grounds do you justify holding them but not killing them?

Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 2) 323

I see your point however the military aren't intended to be jailers. Either the individuals are a threat and should be killed or they're not a threat and they should be returned to their country of origin. If somehow they are a threat but you still don't want to kill them, then someone other than the military should be in charge of them.

Comment Re:What else did you think would happen. (Score 1) 697

I have to agree. Although none of the parties involved are fully responsible, this combination of factors produces a very nasty situation. At the very least an attempt to delete files of this sort should generate a warning and confirmation dialog or require a special switch of some kind.

Comment Re:Mdsolar strikes again with unrealistic FUD (Score 1) 346

If there was profit or necessity the alterations would be made already. One thing you cannot really do is accuse a greedy business of not seeking profits.

Actually there are a variety of projects that are net positive to society but net negative for the builder, light houses being a classic example. These kinds of projects are called "social goods" and government is the right choice to build them since it socializes both the costs and benefits. A national grid would increase competition which is good for the country as a whole but actually bad for the local operators so they'd never build it on their own.

Comment Re:Mdsolar strikes again with unrealistic FUD (Score 1) 346

Software is an extremely poor analogy in this case. My argument is that a national grid will improve competition among power produces and allow for more efficient production & utilization of electricity. That's exactly the kind of infrastructure we would want. Since it's a social good where the benefits would be felt by many but the costs would be borne by few, the government is the most logical entity to do the project.

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