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Comment Re:The entire point of a corporation (Score 2) 86

If CEOs are personally liable for everything a company does you have completely gutted the entire purpose of a corporation which is to insulate the owners and employees from personal liability.

The purpose is to insulate the owners from liability otherwise they would be loathe to invest when their losses could far exceed the potential return. Employees enjoy no such intended insulation. In practice, they have effectively enjoyed protection but that's merely a combination of diffuse responsibility and poor enforcement, not by design.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 684

The structure of the sentence doesn't specify militia membership as a pre-condition for keeping and bearing arms. It merely implies that a well regulated militia requires arms, that militias are composed of citizens and thus grants citizens the right to bear arms, implying that they thereby would be able to join together into a militia if they so chose.

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