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Comment Re:Hipster software is the real problem. (Score 2) 86

> And the git bullshit.

Yeah, we never needed this new-fangled version control bullshit in my day. We just email our code changes around the office. Like men.

Real men print them out and send them via inter-office mail. That way they can be read while leaning back in your leather chair, drinking scotch and smoking a pipe.

Comment Re:Energy in? (Score 1) 151

If it were economical, that would be great. I did have a different thought though, perhaps the methanol could be used to solve the energy storage problem for renewable generating stations instead. Produce methanol when you have excess power, then burn it when things are slow. Might be more efficient than large battery banks.

Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 1) 350

If they're terrorists and enemies of the US, then yes that's kind of the whole point of the Authorization for the Use of Military Force. (out modern day wimpy version of declaring war). If they're not, then we should let them go. Not a whole lot of grey area here, on what grounds do you justify holding them but not killing them?

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