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Comment Singularity after all? (Score 1) 50

Rat Brain 200,000,000
Human Brain 86,000,000,000

If a Moore's law type progression occurs in this field we'll get human brain simulation within a decade. If so, watch out because everything will change. Of course the researcher is only simulating a portion of the rat brain and technology rarely moves in straight lines, so let's be reasonable and call it twenty years.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1163

Not quite correct. You're not allowed to carry them unless it's within the course of your duty. That means off duty don't have their firearms and most on duty have theirs in the armory. That said there are still quite a few people with their weapons for around for various reasons, though most of them don't have ammo. The number of personnel with firearms and ammo is fairly small but it is more than just MPs. Duty Officers/NCOs, various guards, armory personnel, those heading out to the firing range, etc.

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