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Comment: Ammo selection (Score 2) 342

by blue9steel (#48668723) Attached to: Study: Police Body-Cams Reduce Unacceptable Use of Force
Why are police officers armed with lethal rounds in the first place? Less lethal "rubber bullets", actually rubber coated steel spheres, should be more than sufficient for all non-SWAT scenarios. While they aren't death or injury free, the mortality rates are vastly lower than lethal munitions while still having considerable stopping power.

Comment: Re:hooray for the government (Score 1) 68

by blue9steel (#48626261) Attached to: Councilmen Introduce Bills Strongly Regulating UAV Use in NYC
Regulations aren't the best solution for every problem. That said, I don't necessarily think some basic rules on drones are a bad idea. This action is going way too far though. It's like gun regulations, requiring that someone pass a gun safety class is sensible, telling them they can't have their gun with them anywhere except in their home is not.

Comment: Re:Translation: new technology costs jobs (Score 1) 677

by blue9steel (#48618033) Attached to: Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates
There are three sectors to the economy: Resources, Manufacturing, Services. When we automated the resource sector people moved to manufacturing, when we automated manufacturing people moved to services, when we automate services where will they go?

Comment: Re:Does the job still get done? (Score 1) 677

by blue9steel (#48617823) Attached to: Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates
If things continue as they proceeding there are three likely outcomes:

1) Tumultuous but non-violent social change to a new order of things, everyone lives happily ever after

2) A successful revolution prior to the deployment of robotic military / police, the 99% execute the 1% and live happily ever after

3) A failed revolution attempted after deployment of robotic military / police, the 1% crush the 99% and live happily ever after

See, all futures are happy, it just depends on your point of view.

Comment: Re:not a serious proposal (Score 1) 200

by blue9steel (#48617589) Attached to: NASA Study Proposes Airships, Cloud Cities For Venus Exploration

You know, the first steps to determining if there's even a distant shot in hell of terraforming the place in a century or three.

At the moment I'm not seeing a reason why it's worth the investment. I love space and wish we were doing more but human exploration is expensive and has low ROI. What we really need to do is figure out how to commercialize space, we're not going to get very far at the current pace of a few billion here and there. Only private industry can afford to put in the trillions that would be required to really get things moving.

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