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Comment No speed limits as well... (Score 1) 24

It wouldn't surprise me. There have been studies showing that removing speed limit signs actually improve safety as well, because people tend to drive at a safe speed. When weather is bad, people tend to still try to drive the speed limit. When weather is good, it actually increases the variation in speeds. And it's less speed that kills, it's variations in speed.

That being said, I don't know if the effects would stack - it might be better to have no speed limit AND the white line, or no white line with a speed limit, but having neither or both is less safe. Or it might be situational.

I just hope that self driving cars renders it all moot, though the mental processing involved is interesting.

Comment Re:like an electric toothbrush? (Score 2) 29

Though it still does not explain why induction might be better than using a conventional dock, especially for an automated car.

Okay, have you seen tesla's automated charge connector? It's like something out of a bad horror movie.

Still, a list in no particular order:
More resistant against vandals
doesn't take up real estate with a charging station
No need for a person to hook up the charger(or a horror movie snake-thing)
faster connection
no need to play with adapters
no cables to trip over
ability to embed charger at stop lights, bus stops(for electric buses), taxi stops(for taxis), and such for a 'quick top-off'. Might not matter for a Tesla type car, but for a electric bus? Might be the difference between getting through en entire day and having to swap out the batteries for a bus or taxi.

Comment Re:Energy in? (Score 1) 99

Trust me, it makes no sense... I can guarantee you that it takes a lot more energy input than you can get out of the methanol.

And which is then going to just ... release all of that carbon dioxide.

It isn't magic.

But, in case you really needed to know:

but they admit that such a system may be five to 10 years away and will probably be still more expensive than ordinary fuel production.

Which over the years I have taken to mean "it kind works in the lab, we need to publish now, but there will never be any applications of this technology on a meaningful scale".

An awful lot of things which are 5-10 years away are really never going to happen. In fact, most such things are pretty much doomed to never be useful.

Not saying basic research isn't cool, but I don't think we'll expect to see this any time soon.

Now, if you can make ethanol, we're listening. Why no, officer, that's not a still ... ;-)

Comment Re:Sexual Assault (Score 1) 469

The only true statement in your post is the first and 2nd one the 3rd one reveals that most people make up excuses to feel better about their lame jobs and then the 4th one is completely your own creation.

The second statement is true according to Microsoft.

The fourth is indeed my own creation, based only on my own experience dealing with myself. Not sexual harassment in my case, but we were all young and dumb once.

Comment Re:I don't even know what "hyperloop" is any more. (Score 1) 195

Indeed. That's one of the few things that one can say has nothing to do with either the original Hyperloop alpha concept or the new college competition entries. Pneumatic tubes mean that they make use of pressure to push things - that's what the word "pneumatic" means. Pressure being the one thing Hyperloop (all permutations) distinctly lacks.

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