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Comment Missing the forest for the trees (Score 1) 256


The most popular pairing â" hamburger and tater tots â" still results in about 26 percent waste on average, according to the study.

And you can only imagine what the high-end or average must be.Multiply this by all the schools serving meals and the enormous amount of waste is still not enough to bury the "think of the [hungry] children" mantra recited by the usual suspects. LAUSD, the 2nd largest school district in the US is starting a program of free breakfasts for all served in the classroom - for kids up till middle school. Food pairings is fighting a forest fire with a garden hose.

Submission Boeing's 1960's Stealth Jet->

g01d4 writes: Interesting article about Boeing's early 1960's stealth jet, "Quiet Bird".

"[A half scale] model of Quiet Bird was said to have been tested at Boeing’s Wichita facility in 1962-1963, all of which occurred on a radar range. No actual flight testing of Quiet Bird itself was said to have happened, though. But the tests were highly successful: they proved that it was possible to drastically decrease the radar signature of a tactical aircraft."

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Comment Technology and livestock handling (Score 1) 131

In 2014 you wrote

I have emphasized the importance of removing distractions that cause balking from cattle handling facilities.

How has technology been employed to automatically detect and either alert or mitigate potential distraction situations? For example, using sensors to alert when external sound and motion levels become an issue or when livestock shows above normal signs of stress. Another example might be the tailored use of CAD to design facilities that take into account "other common distractions [such as] reflections on shining metal or wet floors. In indoor facilities, a ceiling light to eliminate a reflection will improve animal movement."

Comment Re:There's something you have to ask yourself. (Score 1) 213

Or, perhaps that Slashdot is a good source for legal advice?

Slashdot might be an entertaining source for dealing with the likely "local cable company ... run by a bunch of half-wits". In either case I'd document in detail my initial efforts with them to correct things.Then next step would be to contact the local franchise authority (with your notes and still documenting what you do). Last, or if things go downhill really fast, you get legal advice.

Comment Re:So...what is this? (Score 4, Informative) 18

It falls under the category of planetarium software. The WWT user guide has more information. This kind of software is often used when you're curious to find out what's overhead on a given evening. These programs take the place of finder charts if you need to manually point the telescope. If it supports telescope connections (which WWT does) you can use it to point, click and point your telescope (some programs such as TheSky even have an option for satellite tracking). You typically can define field of views for your imaging cameras (e.g. to make sure there's a decent guide star). These programs come in useful for old school photometry when you're looking for a suitable comparison and check star. And there's the giant pictures, tours and classroom stuff as well.

Comment Re:I hate and despise - but they should still be s (Score 1) 818

no business being flown by any US government authority

Technically it's been flown by states (and possibly other more local forms of government) which points to the concept of state vs.US gov't rights. Unfortunately the concept of associating the Confederate flag with the assertion of state's rights has been poisoned, melded, or used as a fig leaf to justify (un)popular southern attitudes towards slavery and then civil rights. That S.C.couldn't be bothered to lower the Confederate flag to half mast after the tragic shooting should have put to rest any arguments justifying it for non-racist reasons (not that yet another reason was really needed).

Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 1) 381

a manager's work is: *manage* his or her resources the most efficient way

I see the manager's role as assigning a task/deadline and (in most cases) allowing the employee to find the most efficient way to get it done. Are you asserting the manager needs to micromanage the employee's time as well to assure efficiency?

there's also a strong incentive for the (clever) employees to not make efficient use of their time either.

TFS states: "When everything over 40 hours is free to the employer, the temptation to demand more is almost irresistible." What is the incentive for the employee to work overtime (over 40 hours) for free?

Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 1) 381

So you'd expect an employee who refuses to go to all meetings because they aren't productive would get the "employee of the month" award?

That's a straw man. If the "employee of the month" skipped a meeting then a competent manager would either know the employee was being more productive or realize his meeting wasn't.

Comment Efficiency (Score 1) 381

their managers have little incentive to look for ways to use their time more efficiently

If I parsed the sentence correctly then it should be up to the employee to look for ways to manage his or her time more efficiently. If you have to rely on your manager then you're in wrong job.

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