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Comment Re:Rage (Score 1) 350

"Weve capped the speed of our prototype vehicles at 25mph for safety reasons"

Alas safety depends on real time traffic conditions and not on some database of speed limits. If the car was going significantly slower than the immediate traffic flow it posed a safety hazard. Hopefully the ticket will add this common sense to the programming. There's enough old people driving already.

Comment Still too early (Score 1) 500

Since the wage expenses are being phased in, they'll lag the productivity and publicity boosts to revenue. Whether these initial boosts can be sustained sufficiently to ensure future profitability is tbd. To be sure it's an interesting experiment and even should it not succeed one hopes that some progress towards supporting the middle class, as it were, will come out of it.

Comment Re:I can't help but wonder (Score 1) 342

who's this for?

The current governor's father was also governor and is favorably known for his efforts in building the state's infrastructure. You can figure it from there. The special interests and Brown's reputation as a 'moderate' (in a heavily Democratic state) trump common sense diluted by the state's other issues.

Comment Not sure anyone is claiming it is (Score 1) 375

There's the assertion that economics is granted a prize because the Nobel committee (or whoever) consider it a hard science like the other science prizes. That ain't necessarily so. Economics may have been selected as a representative of the so called softer sciences (it includes many of them after all) rather as the literature prize can be considered representative of the arts.

Comment Re:Amazing news! (Score 1) 171

mobile space is the first time the consumer has had a chance to stick it to the man

I think it's the first time the consumer has had a choice unbiased by what was being used at work. Well, maybe the second time if you count game consoles. Microsoft fully and successfully leveraged the PC business mantle handed to them early on by IBM. The consumer 'never went wrong' buying for home what was being used at work. Same interface, work at home &c.

Comment Missing the forest for the trees (Score 1) 257


The most popular pairing â" hamburger and tater tots â" still results in about 26 percent waste on average, according to the study.

And you can only imagine what the high-end or average must be.Multiply this by all the schools serving meals and the enormous amount of waste is still not enough to bury the "think of the [hungry] children" mantra recited by the usual suspects. LAUSD, the 2nd largest school district in the US is starting a program of free breakfasts for all served in the classroom - for kids up till middle school. Food pairings is fighting a forest fire with a garden hose.

Submission + - Boeing's 1960's Stealth Jet (jalopnik.com)

g01d4 writes: Interesting article about Boeing's early 1960's stealth jet, "Quiet Bird".

"[A half scale] model of Quiet Bird was said to have been tested at Boeing’s Wichita facility in 1962-1963, all of which occurred on a radar range. No actual flight testing of Quiet Bird itself was said to have happened, though. But the tests were highly successful: they proved that it was possible to drastically decrease the radar signature of a tactical aircraft."

Comment Known unknowns (Score 1) 237

It seems to me that many (in some fields possibly most) scientific papers have always pointed out that further work needs to be done. Calling it "ignorance" isn't profound nor does it help when applying for additional grant money.

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