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Comment: Re:Money or Art? (Score 1) 175

by g01d4 (#49682267) Attached to: The Decline of Pixel Art

Nowadays, you just motion capture it

I think they also use equations to calculate motion. Especially when you're talking about objects where the number of elements (e.g. hair) and other issues make motion capture difficult. And they're good at it. I recall several years ago an old DOS game (probably the last one I played) where the motion rendering was so impressive I felt like I was actually in the floating boat.

Comment: Re:One small problem (Score 1) 509

by g01d4 (#49639857) Attached to: What To Say When the Police Tell You To Stop Filming Them

When an officer of the law gives you a lawful order, you must comply

That's a good point. However, I think there's the potential of a Hawthorne effect. The police may order you to desist taking a video arguing an unarmed suspect is more likely to resist arrest knowing that video is being taken.

Comment: Impressive? (Score 1) 256

by g01d4 (#49538127) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis
It's somewhat impressive how a young woman was able to successfully fabricate/orchestrate this kind of business empire w/o first dropping out of some ivy league school. Her mea culpa sounds like a contrived effort at exculpation, i.e. a planned follow up since she knew she'd eventually get discovered. Did she have help?

+ - Dusting off older fashions

Submitted by g01d4
g01d4 writes: For vague reasons I've decided to start a project using/learning XML, starting with the XML Bible from 1999 that I pulled from the Goodwill pile. While no doubt still in use, you don't hear much about XML these days and Google Trends has popularity peaking about ten years ago. Has anyone else found use in resurrecting some of the older fads?

Comment: Re:Sure about the Louvre? (Score 1) 183

by g01d4 (#49216529) Attached to: Major Museums Start Banning Selfie Sticks

Why take pictures of paintings

I generally agree, though a selfie (dread word) provides a different perspective association with a painting that memory can't - i.e. seeing yourself standing next to the painting as opposed to seeing it as it is.

With respect to buildings (or other, esp. outdoor images also available online) one might be looking for a unique composition involving lighting, perspective, &c. There's also the same perspective element as well.

Comment: Re:Email lets you organize your thoughts (Score 1) 115

by g01d4 (#49210435) Attached to: Preferred way to communicate with co-workers?

With practice, one can keep face-to-face meetings on-track, mitigating the time-wasting factor

With practice one can write clearly enough to mitigate the "benefits of body-language and subtle queues to meaning." It works both ways and with email at least you've got a better record than memory. While I generally prefer email, a conversation is typically more efficient when you're trying to converge on some point of agreement.

Meetings are most effective when you can review written content in advance such that you have time for thoughtful review. Thus you can spend/limit the face time to addressing questions and issues that have some thought behind them.

Comment: Re:serious question (Score 1) 167

by g01d4 (#49168103) Attached to: Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

Their Groups website has been useful for long tail applications where users can get help and exchange information. One advantage is the single website with the same UI. It's convenient to leave open/scroll through the latest updates from a few groups on the same page.

Alas some of the vendors/developers are setting up their own forums, so you now you've got to go to each website, login and deal with each UI. More effort so it's easier to skip. Too bad Yahoo's not put more effort into it.

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