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Comment: Re:Doesn't give warm fuzzies (Score 1) 162

by g01d4 (#47325675) Attached to: Hospitals Begin Data-Mining Patients

Your basic point is correct but a tad misanthropic. I'd suggest most doctors care, but that care is so diluted that it's not in your best interest to put any reliance on it. We recently discovered our medical group, which we've been in for many years, could not be bothered to transfer the kids immunization records from the pediatricians office to their primary doctor (all in the same group) when the kids became adults.

As other posts have noted, the only care you can rely on will come from the insurance company.

Comment: Unit tests are just one tool (Score 1) 116

by g01d4 (#47018743) Attached to: Finding More Than One Worm In the Apple

Compiler and static-analysis warnings also could have detected the unreachable code, though false warnings might have drowned out the signal if such tools weren't already being used regularly.

I'd purpose that these tools weren't being used properly rather than turning the issue into a nail for the unit testing hammer.

Comment: Re:How about telling the Light what to do instead? (Score 1) 364

by g01d4 (#46642209) Attached to: Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light

But we can't coordinate sensors across the city to prevent me (and 30 others) from having to stop at a red light so that one car can pass, and then watch the intersection go unused for another 90 seconds

I'm not too far from you. I emailed the all-our-lights-are-synchronized LADOT about this last year and after a few months the reply I got was a short comment saying the system "worked as it was designed".

Comment: Re:Wait. (Score 1) 364

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I regularly drive a main artery with a timing system and several sensors, including some that seem to keep the light green a little longer after countdown if there's heavy traffic. Since it's not well designed, the only way to make each light is by speeding or crawling between them. The best you can reasonably do is to minimize the waits.

Comment: Re:Bad news for ecologists--new license needed (Score 1) 136

by g01d4 (#46341185) Attached to: Major Scientific Journal Publisher Requires Public Access To Data

There are plenty of scientists out there who poach free online data sets and mine them for additional findings.

I think the additional findings are part of what science is all about. How do scientists 'poach' something that's free? Did you think waiting many decades for the Dead Sea Scroll results was acceptable?

If data is that expensive to collect, then its collection and publication should rank as an end in itself.

Comment: Poor job in critiquing the models (Score 2) 560

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I only bothered w/the McNider & Christy article. Do they fix the physics of any of the models? No. Do they put forward their own model? No. Do they have any scientific explanation for changes in weather patterns:

Shouldn't modelers be more humble and open to saying that perhaps the Arctic warming is due to something we don't understand?

Comment: Re:Friends have better gear (Score 1) 201

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I have found google to be a much better telescope than any meat space version I care to purchase. Sad i know...

It's not sad at all. There's a large publicly available database of existing quality images (e.g. from surveys or the HST). Check out APOD and you'll see some of these images that have been stylistically enhanced. It wasn't till much (um, much) later that I enjoyed going to the observatory. In graduate school I preferred programming simulations on the computer and matching the results to someone else's images.

Comment: Re:Appropriate Supreme Court Quote (Score 1) 314

by g01d4 (#45908883) Attached to: Court Rules Against Online Anonymity
^Thanks. It seems you can remain anonymous and that it's up to the business owner to provide evidence that you couldn't have been a customer. If your negative review was vague, e.g. 'bad service' it would be an impossible burden on the owner - unless he could provably count his customers on one hand.

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Wow. This is amazing information!

It is, kind of. One might think the area around a pulsar would be fairly cleaned out and you've got to wonder where the asteroid came from and what kicked it in. While we've detected planets and asteroid/dust belts around stars, this might be the smallest extra-solar object ever detected.

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