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by CannonballHead (#48436235) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

I'm not so sure about that. OSX is already on what, 10.7 or something like that? I doubt most people would fall for Windows 10 vs. OSX 10.7 [insert cat name here]. That STILL looks like Windows is behind, so it'd be failed marketing if it was a marketing gimmick.

I'm pretty cynical when it comes to tech companies, but I don't think Microsoft's marketing is quite that stupid nor their dev teams quite that stupid.

IMO, they probably wanted to bump the kernel number ... and decided to bump it to match the version. Maybe they actually want Windows 10 to use the Windows 10 kernel. Maybe they want OS version and kernel version to actually match/make sense/be in sync, and are using this as a good time to do it (versus the OS patch that was 8.1).

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by CannonballHead (#48436171) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0
There's no way it's marketing. Marketing does not care about the kernel version. Seriously, most people who use Windows have absolutely no idea what a kernel even is, let alone what version their Windows kernel is. And the people who do know what the kernel is and what the kernel version is are not going to be interested in marketing anyways.

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Did it actually not boot or did it seem to hang and the guy resets it after a minute? I ask because my PC had exactly this problem. Ages ago I had a drive die in my system so I pulled it but missed one of the references in /etc/fstab and when I did the initial conversion to systemd it hung and I was about to pull my hear out but instead I left the room to clear my head and came back several minutes later to find my system booted with no explanation as to why the delay.

The systemd update a few weeks ago finally gave me a nice message on console to let me know that one of my fstab entries was timing out so I checked, found the entry and now everything boots faster.

Comment: Re:Systemd is killing the Debian project. (Score 3, Informative) 550

And the criticism from those who are against systemd is extremely important to consider. The complaints are very sound, from a technological perspective. They're also based on decades of real world experience, which just cannot be ignored.

I'm not a total fan of every design feature of everything systemd has done but gave you actually read their supporting references? I'm most of the cases boycottsystemd has rephrased events to make the systemd folks look as bad as possible in ways that would make a Fox news reporter feel proud. A good example is their comment about requiring "bug for bug" compatibility with glibc was instead a use of a certain non posix flag needed for thread safety and complaining that it is tightly tied to Linux is about as helpful as complaining that udev is tightly tied to Linux.

At any rate, I find it very telling that they don't actually mention any of their supporters.

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by Bruce Perens (#48386659) Attached to: Researchers Forecast the Spread of Diseases Using Wikipedia

Like others I found the headline confusing. I read it as "Researchers are predicting the use of Wikipedia as a vector for the spread of disease". This may mean that:

  • Disinformation and ignorance are diseases.
  • Memes and computer viruses are diseases.
  • Wilipedia contains information that leads to depression.
  • Instructions on Wikipedia lead to substance abuse.
  • This is getting entertaining, fill in your own reason here.

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by gmack (#48366249) Attached to: Multi-Process Comes To Firefox Nightly, 64-bit Firefox For Windows 'Soon'

64bit... again, bragging points about how many bits you use, no functional difference to anyone. Its like when I gave the 32 bit version of Visual Studio to a colleague and he complained that he wanted the 64 bit version.... there is no 64 bit version because it isn't needed. Its just the typical knee-jerk reaction that 64 bits is somehow essential for everything, not just those programs that really do require it.

Not entirely true, x86 was famously register starved meaning you had to spend a lot of time swapping things into and out of the general purpose registers. When AMD designed the 64 bit extensions, they doubled the number of registers to 16 total, meaning software could spend less time moving things around and more time actually doing something useful.

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by gmack (#48341417) Attached to: Joey Hess Resigns From Debian

If gimp pulls in systemd libs then a bug should be filed there. There is no technical requirement it needs to be that way according to the gnome folks.

During that "lengthly consultation process", nearly all of the for systemd was based on the advantages that systemd, as an init system, offer over competing init systems. In the months since Debian committed to systemd, Poettering has been increasingly vocal that he wants systemd to be more than an init system. That is why there is a renewed call for debate.

This is what I mean by reading things for yourself. I've been reading about his plans but you are mistaking the systemd init system with the overall collections of things he is working on. It's not as if the high speed DHCP daemon he has just written will end up in PID 1. His proposals so far is that there will be more optional daemons that either work better and at some point in the future I wouldn't be shocked if there were to be a debate over whether his addons should replace existing daemons but we aren't there yet.


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by gmack (#48341233) Attached to: Joey Hess Resigns From Debian

You do not have to install gnome3 on Debian, I don't. As for systemd, I suggest looking through Debian's extensive documentation detailing why they chose systemd over the alternatives. At any rate the time to argue systemd was last year when Debian had a very lengthily consultation process. I also suggest looking up the systemd documentation for yourself considering the huge amount of FUD being spread about it and I find it telling that neither the Debian fork website nor the boycott systemd websites don't actually name any of their supporters.

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by Bruce Perens (#48298059) Attached to: Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crashes

One of the definitions I found was:

One who makes great sacrifices or suffers much in order to further a belief, cause, or principle.

I am sure that fits. While SpaceShip II is mainly intended for a non-exploration purpose, the program has resulted in some significant advances in rocketry and White Knight II has significant non-tourism use. These pilots have been involved in other space efforts, I remember the one who was injured from the Rotary Rocket test flights. There are lots of safer ways for these folks to make as much money as a test pilot is paid. They do what they do to advance our progress in aeronautics and space.

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