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Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1266 1266

not to mention that greece has ~250 fighter jets to fight their big bad nato ally turkey.

the greeks are seemingly totally ignorant of happenings inside europe so it would be only just if they were to be kicked out.

they need a currency they can print, so they can keep raising pensions and social benefits(who cares if the inflation is actually higher than the raises).

Comment: Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 2) 1266 1266

and if they had been forced to cut their pensions etc earlier?

greece just took debt for a decade and used it to pay for social benefits they had no money to pay for and to pay for a military that's way bigger than they need.

and now the government is saying that somehow, magically, this all can continue with them staying in the euro. the only way they can continue to pay their pensions, benefits and state servants(including military) is going to start printing drakhmas, which will subsequently inflate like there's no tomorrow.

Comment: printing more money (Score 5, Insightful) 1266 1266

that's what the greek people expected to happen. just printing more money.

NOW essentially what the goverment can do is to tax all money that is being held in greek accounts, almost the same as just printing new money.

they can't just print more money since they're in the euro, but the people still expect (and syriza promised to !) to pay money as usual. they expect that the government pays out more money than it has because that's "democratic".

also a confusing ballot is democratic according to syriza.. with an unlawlully short campaign time to boot. not that it matters, the cash is going to run out anyways. it's like the prime minister and finance minister either deliberately try to run the country into a crisis or they don't have even cursory knowledge of how things work.

Comment: there's no subscription in the sense you think. (Score 4, Interesting) 277 277

he's senile or out of loop of what his approved or ms approved tactic leads to.

the tactic is fairly simple, to get as many users to windows which is post win 7. that is, to get as much users to sign up for ms accounts and more importantly to use the store to download their software.

that's the "subscription". not anything else.

and giving away windows licenses to people who ask? that's been a microsoft tactic for half a decade now at least. if you have a smallish business, home/edu user or whatever and have been paying windows(not counting bundled with your laptop or whatever) then you're in minority by now. they've been shoveling the shit out as marketing tactic for a long time now. giving away windows 10 licenses to beta installers is not surprising at all.

and heck how many of those don't have already a windows 7 or 8 license that would be eligible for upgrade anyways? very fucking few. in the west practically everyone who has a new enough computer to run windows 10 already was covered to get it for "free".

and yes we are quite sure windows 10 will launch as non subscription just a normal thing and that it will be free for win7 and up upgraders. the microsoft pushed ad through the windows update has made that painfully clear for everyone who actually uses windows and thus might give a shit about windows 10 anyways.

Comment: decent lunch for decent price (Score 1) 272 272

that does exist. you're not getting it though.

in USA you can get a decent lunch for a decent price.. but only when it comes to jeans and food.

when it comes to 21st century things like mobile data plans and warranties on consumer goods americans are getting shafted.

like fuck, why can't you just have a 24 month warranty on it? do you really want to buy shit that the manufacturer thinks will break in 3 months? seriously? shit that you buy on a fucking plan that you pay for 2 years mind you!

in other parts of the world unlimited means unlimited as well. no 2 gig limit. no 5 gig limit. no 30 gig limit. I got a 300kbyte/s torrent downloading over a mobile connection as I write this - of course, not in the USA, in the "sticks" in a country with a far less population density than USA - this area population density wise is comparable to rural arkansas and much much less population density than rural north east of the USA. oh and the monthly cost on that connection is about twenty bucks, ten bucks would get you a "slower" 3.5g connection. still unlimited though.

the thing with mobile data transfer limits is that as long as you have those then people will very rarely even hit those limits - people adjust their viewing habits so that they don't view youtube on them, so that they don't do fucking anything with them because they'll feel bad when they look at a mobile website and see that their precious quota is being drained by autoplay video adverts! .. and as a result the phone company wins again - they don't have to build a decent network because nobody is using it like it's the 21st century.

Comment: Re:The irony (Score 2) 294 294

they say that humans will be the first to go.

they do not offer any reasoning whatsoever for why humans would go extinct before cows or seagulls, yet humans can hunt seagulls to extinction.

that is - the published part of the 'study' just is 100% scaremongering without any rationale whatsoever... I'm not disputing their findings (the data), but the conclusion they come with from that data is highly suspect. and they made it just to get headlines. they made the study just for that reason.

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 152 152

well, they think that since they posted singularity stupid AI shit last week they should post some this week too.

seriously, the editors don't even try to EDIT. what's the point of even having them?

I mean, fuck.. it would become murder to discontinue to produce robot parts??? like what the fuuuuuuuck??? driving over an AIBO is not murder. it's a stupid discussion that should be had only after the subject if the discussion would be capable of being murdered in the first place!

Comment: Re:Depends on your perspective and tastes (Score 2, Insightful) 410 410

overcrowded? not too much. ever been to hong kong or bangkok?

of course, it's expensive.

but that's not too much of a problem for jimmy wales and his highly profitable business.

what was his high tech business again?. oh yeah... dang.. I thought he just last fall again marketed it as a charity that absolutely must have donations or it'll run out of money in 15 years......

Comment: Re:Who the fuck would use something like that? (Score 1) 206 206

lastpass seems a little bit strange.

do they have the ability to look your passwords? there's the ability to reset password but is that only for the "two factor"? they claim the decrypted passwords never leave your device, but they have password reminder questions/system? so what the fuck? they have syncing and that so.. do they have the ability to decrypt the data in lastpass or not?

Comment: Re:From the TFA (Score 1) 389 389

the guy probably felt that there wasn't the need to pay TWICE for playing the music.

maybe he believed that hiring the dj, and with dj paying a fee already, that he wouldn't need to pay more fees. like, the dj already pays for professionally playing the songs in public places BUT the public place also has to pay a fucking fee and they could have probably gotten off with paying just that one.

however he was mistaken, due to fee systems typically being really, really fucked up. want to play your _own_ song on a street? free if you never signed up to receive royalties. if you did, you'll have to pay a fee - a fee that should be paid to _you_ mind you and which you get back just a fraction of(if anything, depending on how that particular organization counts who gets the money - is it pretty much exact racketeering by whoever owns MJ's playing rights? pretty much yeah, in practice in most organizations only the popular enough to register in their rigged measurement system get paid - while playing every band needs you to pay the organization, they're only paying bands their algorithm extrapolates plays for)

generally though, it's the venue who is responsible for paying the fee.

Comment: Re:This is ridiculous (Score 1) 222 222

well then they should have leaked to the press how they got the information and how they got the files that they weren't supposed to even have, much less were supposed to have the means to decrypt it.

it just sounds like some guy in a suit wanted a free dinner from the magazines journalist and DADAA... it's like the fucking journalist did no self critical thinking of the story at all (it would have been written differently if there was any analysis whatsofuckingever into what he was writing).

it's just so ludicrous to claim that china and russia would have started a nuclear war without these extra special mi6 agents. ..whose names were probably already hacked from the cia anyways.

Hacking's just another word for nothing left to kludge.