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Comment Another solution (Score 1) 380 380

is quite simple.
bought advertisements, targeted for the site, bought from the site.

not involving the ad network middlemen. the problem with them in the first place is that any friggin site can have ad network ads in the first place and as result there's no CURATION whatsoever and quality of content doesn't really matter(only getting the viewer to the page matters! if the content is worse than the ad then that's a plus for the publisher too.. ).

the cancer of the modern internet is quite simply the ad networks - it makes it possible to monetize a site on the day one before a single human being looks at the site and thinks "do I want to pay ads to appear on this piece of shit?". it also leads to rather shitty content and just verbatim copied content propagating without reason.

then there's the cancer of the cancer: chained advertisement sites! you know, paying for clickbait advertisements that then only lead to pages that have MORE advertisements in an effort to pay for clicks that are supposed to be worth more directly just in adverts.

mobile slashdot sucks bigtime because of their advertisements. it makes it stutter even on galaxy note edge and I seriously doubt even the editors know what kind of advertisements get inserted(half a screen sized shit that is poorly coded making scrolling stutter). if they were advertisements bought from slashdot served _from_ slashdot with some sort of editiorial resemblance it wouldn't be half bad. now they only rely on miss clicks when scrolling. the stuttering makes the miss clicks even more likely!

all the browsers should just ship with ad blocking. but why do you think google came up with Chrome in the first place?

Comment Re:Ouya was all false promises. (Score 1) 91 91

you can turn any xbox into a dev kit of some level and any windows phone into a dev phone.

provided that you're willing to shell out your credit card number ;D. anyhow, you can develop on windows without giving a credit card number too.

aaaaaaaaanyhow, they originally marketed it as an open kind of box, while actually making it as closed as they could get away with without stomping on licenses of the stuff they used pretty much.

the whole marketing was to more or less market it as an "OPEN" "new kind" of console more akin to let's say a dos pc or whatever, but what the users got was a box that asked for their CC before letting to do _anything_. they got a box that felt more closed and more intrusive than a friggin surface(non pro).

Comment Re:Kickstarter forever (Score 1) 91 91

they didn't get screwed as such.

it was just that for some reason they were hyped up into thinking that an android box from company B would somehow be upermegasupadupacool compared to just any other android box(and usb controller) that's on the market and for some reason they got into thinking they'd get cooler games than on android even though it's the same frigging thing.

thing is, an used 100 bucks laptop would do the role much better. but majority of ouyas backers were people who have used 100 bucks laptop or two laying around anyways. it's baffling though why they got excited for it - a bunch of those are just hipsters "showing it to the man!"(ms/sony) without understanding what they're buying, what it's made from and why it's not sticking it to the man in the slightest.

Comment TURN OFF MMS (Score 2) 120 120

or never configure it in the first place to work.

that's your fix.

and slashdot editors: MMS IS NOT SMS SO FUCK YOU SLASHDOT EDITOR. it's not even remotely same technlogy.

mms is vulnurable? duh. how about sharing the image preview vuln(presumably) that's actually used since that has much more to it than just mms. but that mms implementation is exploitable is quite a bit less fatal/interesting than sms vuln.

besides than that I'm pretty fucking sure that 950 million android phones (total androids out there) don't have preview of mms in the notifications bar. only a subset has that feature. but the more interesting and potentially attackable route is through anything else that shows images.

Comment older devices don't get patched.. (Score 1) 120 120

for iphone 4 as well? I don't think soooo.

anyhow... expect mobile networks to filter these messages in

either that or 400 million phones in use in asia will receive an attack today if the attack really works as described in the blurb (proof of concept that installs something or gtfo).

(if you browse on a mobile from asia you might notice that shitloads of adverts that try to exploit or trick the user into installing sw. even slashdot carries occasionally ads targeted to asia tha will just straight up open another page that will try to fool the user into installing sw and doesn't let the user easily press back. thats without clicking the friggin advert. it's like ad networks do no curating whatsoever of asian targeted ads)

Comment Re: Right ... (Score 0) 117 117

ART wasn't ready.

it went from experimental to release without fixing the shit found in the experimental to get broken. some of them are "design decisions" true, but still crap from user point of view.

especially when the claimed performance increases are.. well, 50-100% ? nowhere to be benched. "apps start faster" which was never a problem to begin with..

Comment fail2ban works for this? sure about that? (Score 1) 157 157

you sure about that?

I mean, the point of the entire bug(more like a feature tbh) is that it gets around conventional checks for multiple failures(which is why you wouldn't be able to do this much of bruteforcing on normal connection because you would be banned).

the original blog post is unclear about that.

Comment Re:This Just In (Score 2) 136 136

he was complaining because without notice the behavior changed and he started missing valid emails from addresses previously he was responding to, partially without rhyme or reason, since he started missing in-between emails and sometimes would get a later email but see that there was mail in the 'thread' that he had missed due to the spam filter.

the point is, gmail changed the spam filter without notice (like starting to mark mail "this would go to spam next week") or whatever.

Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 227 227

"Out of curiosity, what secure locations can you use your smartphone?"

the oval room.

just think of the possibilities for the next clinton.

also, just about any military base USA has, any donetsk rebel base... of course, you might want to opt to say that any location that allows anyone to have smartphones isn't secure. but that's just the way it is, people have them now and if you can't trust them to not be snapping pictures with 'em phones you can't trust them to not photocopy the shit out of the stuff either.

Comment Re:Valasek and Miller are assholes and should be a (Score 1) 173 173

to be fair, the "10 miles away" is arbitrary.

"anyone who knows the carâ(TM)s IP address gain access from anywhere in the country. âoeFrom an attackerâ(TM)s perspective, itâ(TM)s a super nice vulnerability,â Miller says."

though, I have to ask, why the car has a public facing IP in the first place? sounds like waste of ip. I assume it's provided cellular provider, which would make most of them sit behind.

still pretty shitty design though.

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