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Comment: Re:Bitcoin isn't money but it's still a financial (Score 1) 132

by gl4ss (#47424437) Attached to: Judge Shoots Down "Bitcoin Isn't Money" Argument In Silk Road Trial

that would be both friggin expensive and mainly useless. usual hop is way more than 3 between bank runs..

cash works just fine. you still have to launder it to use it though so that the irs/neighbours don't bust you for having money you shouldn't have...

Comment: Re:Weird question, but... (Score 1) 180

by gl4ss (#47422847) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Dedicated Low Power Embedded Dev System Choice?

*Probably to test how code performs under such low power conditions?*

not really. he's developing for mcu's. not for the system itself, so that has no point.

for it to be portable, it would need to have some other stuff.. like a monitor, keyboard and other stuff all which take power. now he might be doing it under solar power at his cottage or yacht or whatever.. but then kind of still would be needing the monitor and other peripheals.

basically the answer is just buy a friggin netbook. even if you need to have usb programmers for the stuff you're going to program due to not having gpio right on the system. my bro uses a raspi for mcu development but that's just mainly for flashing from the thing and using ssh to connect to it from a computer. so if he just wants to attach a big battery to the thing and leave it at where the mcu is doing some controlling or data acquisition and wants to update it live there.. then get a raspberry pi.

Comment: because it fucking is (Score 2) 209

maybe the got some straight up cash for it. it's not like there wasn't a scandal about such bullshittery already.

I mean, fuck, we've ALREADY had articles about shit dogs having a pretty shitty pc port that has features it has disabled on purpose to prevent the pc version from looking better.

why the fuck would they choose watchdogs for doing this comparison? did the at least use the tweaks to bring the pc visual quality BACK to what it was on pre-release demo videos of the game? since you can do that on the PC but you can't do that on the xbox and that makes the PC version look a lot better(to the point of it looking like the pr material distributed pre-release)..

of course the PC to run it like that costs more today than xbox one.

Comment: Re:Is Silicon Valley taking advantage of the naive (Score 2) 253

by gl4ss (#47412465) Attached to: US Tech Firms Recruiting High Schoolers (And Younger)

if they're paying highschool kids the average yearly income in a summer then the kids are taking advantage of facebook quite frankly.

I saw this stuff happening with Nokia back in the later half of the '90s. they would hire _everyone_. literally everyone off from the yearly roster at technical university. they would literally hire highschool students for summer gigs for coding.

then they had too much people a few years afterwards and spent over a decade of getting rid of the people while being consumed by internal power struggles which greatly affected product quality.

Comment: Re:Who cares, it's just bits (Score 1) 131

by gl4ss (#47397885) Attached to: Oculus Suspends Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales In China

no they're selling them to anyone with cash and 90% of people in the kickstarter weren't devs and neither are people getting it now...

if there's room for scalpers to operate, then raise the price in china. simple, huh? and bbb - the pricing is stupid for the demand. if they asked for more they could run a bigger batch faster....

Comment: Re:Not really surprised... (Score 1) 204

by gl4ss (#47386937) Attached to: New Russian Law To Forbid Storing Russians' Data Outside the Country

and they want that data to be inside their reach.

and the emails of course too.

watch russians start lying their country in about 3 minutes and companies that have any presence in russia for selling ads going to either ban russians from using their online services or migrate the company completely out of russia(more likely, since it's easier and possibly becomes a selling point as well, to russians).

Comment: Re:Yes, even video and digital photos are modulate (Score 1) 109

by gl4ss (#47382077) Attached to: Can the NSA Really Track You Through Power Lines?

I would think analog to be better for this than digital that gets run through filters before the data gets saved to disk as a single frame(analog being continuous feed giving them more to work with within a single frame.

telephone codecs etc would also just filter this out.

and hey, this doesn't really help one bit to catch some guy sitting inside a cave running their own generator. or someone who just runs it through some filters to improve quality.

though, that being said, I have no doubt that there's a few consultants selling technology to do this to NSA. being usable for anything in the real world or not being entirely different point..

Comment: Re:My stuff got hit by this. (Score 2) 495

by gl4ss (#47358247) Attached to: Microsoft Takes Down Domains

well, I'm pretty sure the judge didn't ask no-ip.

and MS portrayed it to the judge in the way that they must do it in haste, no time to waste.

so two things, MS mislead the judge and the judge didn't give a shit about ASKING THE FUCKING COMPANY WHO OWNS the DOMAINS. there's of course the trouble that hey, the fucking system allows that you can do that with a court order. now MS could have done this with any domain they chose.

Comment: Re:Can an "atheist company" refuse too? (Score 1) 1323

by gl4ss (#47356903) Attached to: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

well when you have 100 different sects with different views that's exactly what it means for the companies.

now soon some company will just decide it doesn't believe in cancer and cancel healthcare for that and that aids is gods punishment for gays so no cover for that and if you fell down the ladder while at work then that's clearly because you were hitler in your past life so no coverage for that either.

basically, fuck 'em. company shouldn't be the one providing your healthcare, some socialism has it's merits.

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