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Comment: Re:Is this actually legal? (Score 2) 65

if they did enter it to the judge at 80( you know, just releasing a press release != giving it to the judge who might throw it out because it's infeasible in the first place) and then side talked a different settlement then its also mockery of the justice system on top of the investor fraud...

Comment: Re:Inquiring minds want to know (Score 2) 65

it was meant to affect shareholder value, value of future negotiations and all manner of other things.

further, it was meant to be used as a number to throw around when trying to extort money from other sites. like, when negotiating with isohunt say that the other site paid 80 million bucks and vice versa.

basically.. at the core of things.. it was fraud.

not just on one level but on many levels. all the mpaa member companies should be held accountable for that fraud... but guess if they are? fuck no..

Comment: Re:Cue Liberals (Score 1) 117

by gl4ss (#48678947) Attached to: NSA Reveals More Than a Decade of Improper Surveillance

a more actually centralized -smaller- government for usa would be nice.

why? no 3+ agencies with ability and rights to wiretap everything any of the tens of thousands of agents feel like typing into the identifier box.

I mean, surely this is proof of that there is no actual oversight, no warrants needed, just type whatever the fuck you want into the box.

Comment: look on the insides (Score 1) 98

by gl4ss (#48674423) Attached to: NASA Makes 3-D Printed Wrench Model Available

can you stick your finger into square hole and turn like that though.
anyways, maybe they only need just that and only that.

the wrench looks dull if you look at just the image but actually it has a spinner/oneway lock(dunno english name for that) inside, that you can not see in the pictures - the mechanism is printed in place. I was checking it out because there's the on circle on the surface that shows there's something funny going on. also, for one piece functionality print, your 3d printer better be calibrated correctly to print this one out.

Comment: Re:I'm the app's developer. Happy to answer questi (Score 1) 126

by gl4ss (#48671545) Attached to: App Gives You Free Ebooks of Your Paperbacks When You Take a "Shelfie"

how do you deal with people just writing their name on a piece of paper and putting that on the copyright page? manual verification, including manually reading the copyright page and checking that's the copyright page? just by that it would be too tedious to cheat that way?

(it's already pretty tedious to have to write the name on every book, that kind of takes away the getting the entire library in a snap as I find that it's pretty unlikely for many people to have _any_ public domain books)

Comment: Re:Stone Age diet ? he wants to live all 20 years? (Score 1) 439

by gl4ss (#48658547) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

meanwhile, in real life the life expectancy of someone 20 today is vastly different than someone being 20 even just 100 years ago.

unless.. unless.. you count out premature deaths due to disease, warring, breaking your leg, getting random infection from a splinter and all number of other ways to die including malnutrition - or maybe you don't think that 30+ extra years is vastly different or that the population boom of last century just happened only because people wanted to fuck more without condoms. hunter gatherers didn't exactly have that much to eat - in fact, by definition, they ate all they could and still didn't have enough and that's what kept the population numbers low - and more importantly they didn't have a choice in what they ate, they just ate what they had - and paleo diet freakos don't seem to mind too much that there's some tribes that eat the paleo diet and fuck.. they aren't living long at all.

as to this guy living to 120+. sure, why not. but I'l believe it when I see it, right now he is just a kook and on the edge of going just full crazy and has just picked up stuff to support him to live so long with gut feeling.

besides the life topic.. a floating elitist country with no minimum wage laws, implying imported slave labor because the no minimum wage laws is meaningless without such? then why the fuck doesn't he just move to saudi arabia and be done with it. it's already mostly accessible by sea and air anyways and runs a society where if you have money you can do whatever the fuck you want and can buy maids from a mall.

Comment: Re:Statistical studies (Score 1) 138

by gl4ss (#48658183) Attached to: Does Journal Peer Review Miss Best and Brightest?

3. is kind of moot.

why? anyone can publish anything they want on the internet. if it's interesting and the results actually work, it WILL make an impact.

I mean, take a look at youtube and the amounts of people trying to replicate shit that has been proven not to work! yet they try to make the free energy shit work again and again.

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