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Comment Re:exaggerate much (Score 5, Insightful) 224

thats veeery generous of them.

oh wait, 99% of countries they offer it in already have consumer laws that dictate that the shops that sell the stuff have to accept used electronics and dispose of them properly(and as apple is doing direct sales, this puts them on the hook). who wants the hassle of going to the place to dispose of them though... not surprised of apple branding legal requirements as 'bonus' though!

the problem is more along the lines of apple not providing parts for fixing(3rd party pretty much) and their move to non-fixable at all on purpose devices. now this wouldn't suck so much if for example your ipod classic 160gb broke it's headphone jack(like all of them do, eventually).. since uh, what are you going to replace it with? a 16gb ipod touch?

thats the real problem, you find a device you like and you can't keep it running and you can't buy a replacement.

Comment Re:Speaking of crappy ads (paid posts) (Score 1) 211

slashdot probably doesnt know either.
they dont know what ads get displayed where.

which is why people use adblockers. for example, every now and then the mobile version of slashdot has ads that auto-open hoax update pages to install crap. I think it's because slashdot doesnt check what their page looks from different countries.

Comment Re:Go Work for the Competition (Score 1) 192

or maybe it doesn't stink.

10 years.. many kind of ui's were perfected already 16 years ago.

just saying that making it 'intuitive' doesnt necessarely mean anything.

make a GOOD PLAN and make a GOOD DEMO about what the new ui should be like. nobody wants to make a new ui that will be just like the old one once it has all the same functionality, only more "intuitive".

case in point: metro ui. if anyone on the team thinks that you want to turn the ui into something where BUTTONS don't all look like BUTTONS then good riddance, they are right. because if you say a MODERN intuitive "UX" then thats what people will think about, about a crappy new ui that is confusing as hell to all your normal users and lets them achieve 30% of what the product previously did.

Comment Re:Shame Australia (Score 1) 91

look if you put a transfer cap then average will be way under said cap. then you can lower the cap. then you can lower it again. and again. and again. and always claim the average is below the cap so you can lower it.

by the way fallout 4 is near 30 gigs.

just downloading one game will put you on average use - and here we get to why you would want a fast connection, if you want to play said game on the same day.

Comment Re:Bill Nye is a narrow minded nerd (Score 1) 387

well it's funny that you say that because stock cars (out of a manufacturer) have better drag ratios, higher horsepower engines, go faster and have less emissions.

that was his problem with nascar. the aerodynamics testing is for bending the aero rules of nascar, they are not for producing the ideal vehicle for the race. the engine tweaks are for circumventing nascar engine rules etc. the rules are intended to keep all the cars the same - and the same in this case meaning using decades old base technology in a stupid way engineering wise.

the weight is regulated too.

get over it, there is no actual car go fast research going on in nascar anymore. if you really thought it had anything to do with using less fuel and maintaining speed the cars would look totally different and use different valvetrains.. hell your honda civic from mid '90s is a century further in technological concepts than the shitters in nascar.

Comment Re:In other words... (Score 1) 387

uh. maybe you could make a point that it is economics related. or statistics. which kind of are sciences, but not really what NASA was about in the piece.

have you looked at nascar since '70s?

it is literally one of the most stagnated motorsports out there. even the historic series races have more innovation going on.

at one point yes, it was meaningful and led to direct enhancements to technology. now it is stagnated and on purpose rule driven. the technological advancements are only in how they can bend the rules to gain a seasonal advantage.

carburator, iron block and pushrods? like, come on. aerodynamics? meh forget about that.

THERE IS NOTHING TECHNICAL TO RESEARCH EXCEPT RULE BENDING in NASCAR. and sadly F1 is going the same route and indy has been down in that hole for a looong time now too. they're all about the drivers because that is cheap and sells tickets just as well.

Comment Re:Call of Duty in game chat (Score 1) 202

eh. just use skype or whatever. people are already using it to replace teamspeak etc.

however, the point is, the feds & etc are running a campaign to demonize encryption when it is just most likely that they were using something like whatsapp only for international messaging.

and you know why? because international sms's COST A FUCKING LOT OF MONEY.

there's already too much to filter through even if they could read everything. case in point, the mastermind they were already well aware who he was but they did not know where, how or with whom he was communicating and it being encrypted or not was irrelevant.

Comment Re:Parade of the Pedants! (Score 3, Informative) 211

well.. in case of star trek and star wars.. there was explanations before for why tie fighters did not fight in atmosphere(they would break up) and why xwings had closing wings(closing or opening them while in space serves little purpose). also once upon a time star trek writers bothered to come up with plot lines where they didn't place the huge saucer space ship in atmosphere/gravity as well.

then came this one director who apparently was too stupid to understand backstories OR physics, so he made movies of both which seem just silly poorly informed fan flics. never mind the space phone.

the point is, that such things can destroy a plot. if there is a teleporter and flying to klingon home planet takes 1 hour and there is a space phone that can operate anywhere then everything else done in the movie is totally pointless.

with the batman, it doesn't really affect the plot how it looks when the bridge breaks - what matters for the plot is just that the bridge breaks. there's big plot holes around that sure about human behavior but that is hardly the point.

Comment Re:Honestly ... (Score 1) 131

some things that might be achievable would be things like the google play services location services and such.

the payment api services however.. they would need the dev to do so much work they might just as well switch to ms apis anyways for those. they need to set the iap options on ms's servers anyways and switch the server side to do confirmations from ms. this is a task that I cannot see being automated.

as to mapping the ui libraries? why the fuck. nothing good can come out of that, and with that I mean it would just break most ui's totally. just use the ui as it is already.

note that they will have to provide a filesystem as well etc. might just as well run android in a vm and provide a limited compatibility library for google play services..

Comment Re:The value isn't declining (Score 1) 393

sure it is declining.

look for the price of university education in USA now vs. say 1980. in 1980 the university education would allow you to buy a mcMansion, now you can buy the mcMansion for the price you could save by not paying the stupid tuition fees and working mcdonalds for the 4 years from your mothers basement.

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