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Comment: Re:also bladerunner (Score 1) 93

by gl4ss (#49766257) Attached to: Cute Or Creepy? Google's Plan For a Sci-Fi Teddy Bear

if the patent included the plans for the devices that make the invention happen and not just a fucking description of the invention, then it wouldn't be prior art.

but as usual for the patents nowadays, it doesn't actually describe how to build the AI for such a doll. it only describes what the doll could do.

patent office sleeping again. should not have been granted. also numerous other patents have done the same shit already, so this is more like "an idea previously described even in patents but IN A TEDDYBEARDDDD".

Comment: Re:They're bums, why keep them around (Score 1) 67

by gl4ss (#49766193) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

making an example?

they're not yet made an example. if they get busted and thrown out of eurozone, THEN they're an example. the sad funny thing is that a lot of greeks want that to happen and their goverment to go all venezuela with monetary policy.

and if greeks weren't in the monetary union, they would have done that already three times in past 15 years.

the funny thing is that the "austerity measurements" are just measurements to make the country not use more money than they have. like, it doesn't matter if someone loans them more money if they don't fix that, 1 year down the road they'll be out of money and in even more debt. but the greeks do not want to live withing budget - they promised to live within budget when they joined the monetary union, they promised it 10 times in 10 years already but never lived up to it.

Comment: Re:Funny, that spin... (Score 1) 221

by gl4ss (#49766023) Attached to: What AI Experts Think About the Existential Risk of AI


and really, a lot of ai experts, perhaps 13%, are ai experts only in the sense that they make articles about "omg SIngULArity kiLL uS alLL".

really shitty article/summary writing anyhow. even the 13% is presented as a majority - and definitions of positive or negativity.. like, if people can't/don't need to work due to ai sweeping the streets, is that a net positive or a negative? some people think that fucking metal stamping was a negative invention..

Comment: Re:Here's why it's better than an S6 or iPhone 6 (Score 1) 106

by gl4ss (#49749271) Attached to: Asus ZenFone 2 Performance Sneak Peek With Intel Z3580 Inside

zenphones are pretty popular in thailand.. the previous phones were selling at ranges of 100-200 dollars.

heck, I believe intel and asus got a deal where intel is throwing the chips at asus so that intel gets some traction and user testing.. that is, I believe they're getting the chips cheaper than similar sized arm chips would cost.

Comment: Re:Force his hand..."Sue me! Sooner than later..." (Score 1) 374

by gl4ss (#49749263) Attached to: Student Photographer Threatened With Suspension For Sports Photos

he didn't go to take pictures of pictures.

if you're allowed on the movie set, allowed to take pictures there.. no contract was made and the pictures are not a work for hire.

you think disney owns copyright on everything that discusses star wars? the school doesn't own shit - and furthermore what's telling is that the principal thought that the kid was making money(irs?).

like, what the fuck? that's extortion.

what maybe had taken place was that the principal had previously taken a bribe or hired his own photographer? or maybe the principals cousin was getting paid by the school to be the "official photographer of stuff everyone was free to photograph anyways"(tm).

Comment: Re:ehh... (Score 2) 45

by gl4ss (#49741911) Attached to: Rate These 53 Sub-$200 Hacker SBCs, Win 1 of 20

I'd rather care if it can run step steppers 100khz+ rates reliably rather than if it has quad core or even 1ghz.

da faq though about the survey...

like.. the fuck do they expect to get answers on if boards that are not available are good or not? I was hoping it would be a good list of boards that can be bought, like, right now.

Comment: Re:Seems obvious now (Score 2, Interesting) 214

well, they were just concerned that people are really, really, really stupid.

which is fair. I mean, look at youtube now. full of newage idiots babbling about how we're moving to a new age and all that stuff. luckily the people who believe in that kind of crap and conspiracy theories about the government suppressing information about crystals usually just stick to their homes(and to scamming money out of other idiots, seriously, look at any youtube channel about newage/conspiracy stuff. if they have more than 2 hours of content they want to sell you something, even if they're babbling about the end of the monetary system).

Comment: Re:Using the same logic (Score 1) 100

by gl4ss (#49734615) Attached to: US Levels Espionage Charges Against 6 Chinese Nationals

I'm pretty sure Von Braun never visited nazi germany again after leaving it(would have been pretty hard to do).

anyways, it's probably some feedback filter. and military applications? yeah, they use walkie talkies.

totally ground breaking tech only available from the few small companies? veery fucking unlikely. doubt they even had decent patent protection.

Comment: Re:But...batteries? (Score 1) 85

if this was cost effective way of turning electricity into bitcoins they would NEVER EVER embed it into mobile phones. they wouldn't even sell the chip, they would just put it in a warehouse somewhere to do it's thing.

also for some reason they think this chip _enables_ bitcoin payments on a mobile phone when in reality you don't need any chip like it for bitcoin payments on a mobile phone.

so it smells. it's a scam on some level or another.

bitcoin mining on a special chip in your mobile phone is a stupid idea, even IF you have the building blocks to make it not be such a stupid idea(magic chip) it would still be stupid to put the in mobile phones when they would be much more affordable and cost effective to put in electrical heaters or whatever - almost _anything_ else than a mobile phone.

and you don't need it for payments as said again. there's no practical need for the chip to be inside your mobile phone - it's practically the stupidest place to put it in!

Comment: Re:I see the master plan (Score 1) 123

by gl4ss (#49733877) Attached to: Jason Scott of Wants Your AOL & Shovelware CDs

mostly it's not a problem.
but he's been sued before I think.

also, this is not a new project.. I think I saw a speech from him about this like a year ago+ already.

why it's mostly not a problem? the shareware stuff etc is licensed for shared like that. HOWEVER many of the shovelware cd collections sometimes has.. eh.. let's say, less than authorized stuff. I remember one shareware cd having a full version of exterminator(with warez group crack intro and all) for example. probably went in there by a mistake but anyways..

Comment: Re:The song remains the same (Score 2) 201

by gl4ss (#49716223) Attached to: Baton Bob Receives $20,000 Settlement For Coerced Facebook Post

civil? huh? why not a criminal case.
prosecutor should be prosecuted for not bringing a criminal case then...

and it's used in newspapers now already against them. the reason they would do a settlement is to get off cheaper.

anyways, settlements are common in criminal cases as well. the whole settlement system needs to go - it's a joke internationally and seemingly makes the prosecution first try to up the charges so they can settle down so they don't need to go to court and instead can blackma.. "negotiate" the culprit to admit to something lower - which makes the whole system a joke and not a justice system(the law has certain punishments for certain crimes, it's not supposed to be a negotiation and the court is supposed to find out what happened).

for example if the prosecution has evidence that someone murdered someone, they damn well should prosecute it as a murder and not try to make a deal for manslaughter - and if they have just evidence of it being a manslaughter then they should prosecute it as such! it's not the prosecutions job to make a deal with the culprit about what the crime was...

Comment: Re:The song remains the same (Score 2) 201

by gl4ss (#49715371) Attached to: Baton Bob Receives $20,000 Settlement For Coerced Facebook Post

which makes the whole settlement system bullshit.

also it's common that through the settlement process the crimes committed turn into whole other crimes. and what does that mean? that the statistics will never be correct.

besides though, the dismissal of the officers involved is an admission of guilt.

Comment: Re:Democracy (Score 1) 294

by gl4ss (#49704407) Attached to: The Solution To Argentina's Banking Problems Is To Go Cashless

sure he did.

he proposed switching to a cashless system.
but cashless doesn't make a system currencyless.

like, move to bitcoin? perhaps.

but if you move to amazon payments, paypal or whatever, then you're just moving to dollars. or if you're moving to a peso based cashless system, you're still operating with pesos.

it's a stupid article really. "just move back to dollarzzz!!!"