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Comment: Re:Arevas failure (Score 1) 78

by gl4ss (#47805535) Attached to: Finland's Nuclear Plant Start Delayed Again

look man they had NOT DESIGNED the damn automation system by the time it was originally supposed to go online! they had plenty of time to design it but for some reason fucked up or didn't do it. plenty of time before 2008 that is.

that they fucked up many parts of the construction was another delay, possibly why they didn't finish the automation because they knew the construction was going slower than expected and maybe they didn't finish the construction on time because they knew the automation wasn't finished.. friggin frenchies.

Anyhow, Areva was also on the hook for paying for delays but I don't know how that has worked out, but that's what was on the finnish press some I think five+ years ago.

the fuckup by TVO was buying from these fuckups in the first place... now they're lucky if Areva doesn't go bankrupt before delivery.

Comment: Re:Nuclear is dead on Earth (Score 1) 78

by gl4ss (#47805445) Attached to: Finland's Nuclear Plant Start Delayed Again

yeah because Finland is TOTALLY gunning for the new reactor for use with nuclear bombs and not for having cheap power to power the steel industry or anything like that...

some people... some people.. PHEAR THE FINNISH NUCLEAR THREAT!!!

*) disclaimer, Finland, if given some realistic incentive, could make a bomb in a few years, partially due to before mentioned expertise in steel and other high technology needed to accomplish such a feat. so you better fear it! and since Finland is not in NATO it's obviously a ROGUE STATE and since it's not allied with Russia either it's a double rogue state! homebase of the SPECTRE!

Comment: Re:Excellent move for the government (Score 1) 59

by gl4ss (#47801429) Attached to: New Nigerian ID Card Includes Prepay MasterCard Wallet

there's no reason to carry positive on it, it's a prepay card.

besides, if mastercard shafts them, they could just implement the backend themselves.

HOWEVER.. having such card would make it rather easy for them to move official business to using said card for payments and that might cut 95% of sticky fingers.

Comment: Re:yet if we did it (Score 1) 394

by gl4ss (#47801267) Attached to: Deputy Who Fatally Struck Cyclist While Answering Email Will Face No Charges

slap on a wrist is something else than nothing.

also, being a lying scumbag police officer is something that most of us do not do on everyday basis.

and would you have watched the trial the same way if she had been using her laptop while driving while also using her smartphone to do texting at the same time stamps and it had been shown that she lied about that and that there was evidence that she had been driving like that, as an accident waiting to happen, for a while?? I doubt that...

Comment: Re:Broadcom... (Score 1) 164

by gl4ss (#47798305) Attached to: Update: Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Cancelled

they're claiming all the micro board successeses, but don't want others cloning.

you know what they are really doing? working _for_ the resources they are resources to.

the broadcom chip is stupid and it is stupid to make a clone with it. if you're cloning something clone the bbb.. or at least something capable of _decently_ driving a cnc or 3d printer(pi is shit for that, even if there's a proof of concept of doing it worse than 8 bit atmel..).

Comment: Re:Mod parent up. (Score 1) 108

by gl4ss (#47794133) Attached to: Judge Allows L.A. Cops To Keep License Plate Reader Data Secret

they shouldn't even remove the current investigation tags, because that is information about the current investigation(removing them, if the perps see that their license plate should be on the list since they drove on the same street with every other plate on the list...).

but the real thing is that everyone is under current investigation and maybe the full sweeping of license plates tells that you're visiting a shady neighborhood to either bang some lady or to score some crack and therefore further investigation is needed.

Comment: Re:1st post (Score 0) 260

the famed israeli airport security is more along the lines "are you a white jew or a white tourist?" and putting you on further questioning/searches if you are not.

and the fake devices don't work if 3) the person operating it believes it to work and goes by the beeps. with the claimed operating ranges of the devices for explosives and the operator carrying explosives(bullets) himself it's a bit dubious though how stupid you need to be to believe them to work.

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by gl4ss (#47772873) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

I really depends on how at&t represents it on the marketing.

like "download x gigabytes of movies(MINUS ENCAPSULATION!!!)."

I seriously doubt that they advertise it like that or lay it out like that even on the contracts.

furthermore, they could one sidedly change the encapsulation to have gigabytes of padding for no reason at all.

"Out of register space (ugh)" -- vi