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Comment: Re:Constitutional (Score 1) 167

by gl4ss (#47521149) Attached to: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

spies, terrorists. it's all the same really.

it used to be that foreigners blowing up bombs in USA were spies, now they would be terrorists. except if they're part of the cartel, then that's just "crime"(and almost a hundred years ago blowing bombs in NYC was not enough to get USA choose sides in a war, haha).

Comment: Re:Best Wishes ! (Score 1) 176

by gl4ss (#47520999) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

well, just go metro windows.

oh you want it be usable too...

the problem with their last unification was that it actually sharding more than unifying except for the fonts used. so instead of win32 style apis for windows mobile, desktop, server etc they ended up with different api's for phone, different apis for arm "desktop like" devices, different apis for trad. windows games to use, a bunch of api's for desktop "apps" that nobody uses with xna and silverlight "discontinued" but still somehow being integral pieces! but at least they all use the same font!

Comment: Re:Worst Response of all Time (Score 0) 72

by gl4ss (#47520531) Attached to: Dropbox Head Responds To Snowden Claims About Privacy

they could do that client side.

but wouldn't be such easy experience for everyone.

but if they provided tools to use the storage while doing the encryption on client side and have it still be visible as a drive/folder to the OS...

there might be a good market for that too. problem is that israel and usa could just coerce them to add backdoors even then.

Comment: Re:If (Score 1) 56

by gl4ss (#47512829) Attached to: Print Isn't Dead: How Linux Voice Crowdfunded a New Magazine

how? my thought that you weren't making a profit was based on the subscriber number times the cost of subscription minus the print costs and minus *personnel cost*. surely you cannot be making a profit unless nobody works for the magazine and/or all the writing is done for free in which case again, hey, it's easy to do profit if you don't count the expenses and fund doing it with something else.

which would actually mean that print is dead. see those professional youtubers? you know why they'r professional? because they're getting enough views for it to be a form of professional journalism because they're getting enough income that it pays their day to day living.

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by gl4ss (#47509053) Attached to: Exodus Intelligence Details Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Tails OS

but if I did it and sold it on the market on the country that I am in or their neighbouring countries then I would be unethical/criminal?

wtf? there's no "due time".

they could be just bullshitting too and just waiting for fixes to come in and then say "yeah those were the vulns".

furthermore, they would be vulnurabilities on the firefox code or the tor code which would count as news on their own. or perhaps they're just buggy drivers for wifi or ethernet. we don't know and now they're just doing two things, scaremongering and fishing for money from companies. they're using this as advertisement. "pay us or we'll sell exploits to your sw and not tell you" which is pretty much exactly what "black hat" exploit sellers are doing so does their work bother you? if not, ok.

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by gl4ss (#47505399) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

but it is specifically one part of the system.

mostly it works because the rockets never get to hit it(due to being diy rockets of dubious quality), but it is morale booster.

and as morale booster it works. fuck, some tourists are tweeting from over there "good day on the beach thanks to the iron dome ha" which .. is fucking insane. could choose somewhere better, even cypros for fucks ake..

Comment: Re:Not about leaks (Score 3, Interesting) 275

the way nokia handled plenty of contracting was that they were used just so that they didn't need to give them nokia perks when put off from the project(laying off).

I should know. When applying for a job(got tipped off to "call this guy" who told me to contact another guy) I went straight to interview with the company contracting on behalf of the company I would be "working" for(2 layers deep subcontracting from day 0 of that gig, makes no real sense except from the eventual layoffing perks viewpoint - and for screwing over the unions since both the layer 1 subcon company and nokia were doing some layoffs). every day while there we walked roughly 100 meters to daily meeting at the very nearby Nokia offices - and Nokia people greenlighted me to work on the project, the "interview" was a joke because it was with two guys who would not be making the decision, and Nokia was used for getting the local equivalent of secret service background check done(which really just is a check for criminal record but they make it sound fancier). so why didn't Nokia hire me directly, they knew I was on the job market, they knew I was uncontracted at that point in time? well, for easier layoffs and so that some good buddy guys could get to shave my pay on two layers.

oh and the whole Nokia crap from ms was solely and only to keep windows phone alive! that was their ONLY interest in the company and in insertion of Elop. and now they're killing the nokia X to keep windows phone alive(selling at all) since customers are liking nokia X more, as if people were choosing nokia x because it's nokia and would go for windows phone in the same 80 bucks category.

if you don't know what Nokia X is, it's a 80 bucks dualcore android phone available in asia, africa etc markets.

and the now laid off people in Finland in practice can go work whoever the fuck they want after they get laid off, prob is maybe 10% of them actually have usable skills and mindset... but their ex-nokia bosses aren't going to care for shit who they go work for and what "secrets" they take with them(there's no secrets to take with them so..).

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by gl4ss (#47498955) Attached to: Critroni Crypto Ransomware Seen Using Tor for Command and Control

the firewall - running locally - wont be worth shit, since the code already owns your computer on admin level and can change the firewall rules to whatever.

much easier if the AV just detects the embedded tor executable/process. generally speaking the av would detect this as it detects any other malware... the tricky part comes from that it's harder to see where the actual control and command for the whole network is.

Comment: Re:This is news? (Score 1) 207

..why would the feds have it? it's not basic info to store of your citizens really.

also storing credit card numbers while rampant in the industries is also something feds shouldn't be having and furthermore it's not something any credit card processing business should be doing ether(payment processor 'gateways' excluded, it's all in the rules if you start processing cc payments.. even if you do recurring charges you as a charger company don't actually need to store the full card data).

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