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Comment: Re:Lol wut (Score 1) 111

by gl4ss (#46831289) Attached to: Band Releases Album As Linux Kernel Module

if alternative electronic is something that was swapped on bbs's then my favorite alternative electronic artists are 4mat and lizard king(ok purple motion made one good track).

we too had a show for _this_ kind of music on radio and it was called "space junk" because well, most of the music on it was just ambient noise. much like this bands titular song. so I would categorize this band just as electronic noise band, it really doesn't make it that much better if the noise is generated with light activated harmonicas or whatever. it's still just boring ambient noise.

point being, nobody would have heard of this without this gimmick, so bravo for them for the gimmick. but let me ask you this, will you seek this song a year from now?

Comment: Re:OSS vs Reality (Score 1) 98

by gl4ss (#46831251) Attached to: OpenSSL: the New Face of Technology Monoculture

monoculture in general is bad.

what openssl does should be so understood that there should be numerous libs that do the same things and numerous plugins in for openssl that do the same thing.

but I suppose there was "nobody ever got fired for choosing openssl" mentality too which was in effect. and it's still true, there haven't been any stories of anyone getting fired for using it.

Comment: $409.99 WHAT THE FUCK (Score 4, Informative) 109

by gl4ss (#46820713) Attached to: WRT54G Successor Falls Flat On Promises

they clearly missed the ball on there about what made the previous model useful.

I mean, for 400 bucks you could pick up two minnowboards.
or like, 7 raspberry pi's with wifi.
or like, 10 normal home wifi routers.

400 bucks why bother with their gpl dancing around. you can buy a frigging dualcore laptop for that money and enjoy out of the box webcam hosting, ethernet + wifi routing with a built in high resolution display and built in ups!

Comment: Re:Something smells fishy here (Score 3, Interesting) 99

by gl4ss (#46813515) Attached to: Scammers Lower Comcast Bills, Get Jail Time

the guy who did the internal investigation and lawyer costs... 2.4 million. I guess they're claiming that they don't know which discounted rates were legit and which were purchased so they removed the discount backdoor from the system. that's a bit fishy if they had used it for discounting feature for people who had suffered from service outages etc...

Comment: Re:Synthohol (Score 1) 170

by gl4ss (#46812341) Attached to: The Science Behind Powdered Alcohol

and nobody cares for the taste so fuck it.

however, several researchers have been researching for alcohol substitute that could be cleared from body with another substance.

however biggest problem with this research is simply that any such substance is either already labeled as a drug or gets labeled as a drug very fast. because alcohol is the only thing state wants you to use for druggy effects.

Comment: Re:Joke about lawyers (Score 1) 88

by gl4ss (#46803637) Attached to: General Mills Retracts "No Right to Sue" EULA Clause

wanabe corporate lawyer is even worse, like who was probably putting it on here.

can't imagine a real lawyer being so stupid, then again I hear in usa anyone can pass for one.

they should actually be class action sued by everyone who liked them on facebook since they tried to unlawfully coerce their options and freedoms.

Comment: Re:Sunk Costs (Score 1) 285

by gl4ss (#46802993) Attached to: $42,000 Prosthetic Hand Outperformed By $50 3D Printed Hand

make it 1000 for the printer.

10 000$ bucks printer(mojo) doesn't print in taulman nylon(which is what he is now printing another version in for him). ..part of the reason why the commercial hand option is so high is that the person isn't expected to pay from his own money at all, but from insurance.

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