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Comment: Re: 9 whole billion? OUTRAGEOUS! (Score 1) 125

by gl4ss (#49351909) Attached to: GAO Denied Access To Webb Telescope Workers By Northrop Grumman

that could make sense if the addition was 3 million / 30 guys - not 1 billion. 1 billion extra needs some manufacturing contracting price to rise.

for the amount of people involved, it's an outrageous addition to the budget, especially for adding costs to planning. they techies certainly do not cost 30 million per head per year or anything near that.

the latest one billion addition can be summed up by "because we can ask for it". never mind they got the project because of their low bid.

but you're seriously kind of a right wing nutjob if you think multiple billions additions can be justified by such personnel movings. the personnel costs should be a percentage of the quote OR they would have no problem retaining the people(because apparently, they would be paying them millions already for engineering and techie jobs).

Comment: Re:World War III (Score 1) 54

dunno, you kind of sound like you have no idea what the law was used for. you think it was used for banning muslim caricatures? noooope. it wasn't for that. it was more for banning you from whistleblowing that the local mayor is an asshole.

first, it wasn't even about offensive, just being annoying was enough. even if you were speaking the truth. so it was too broad of a law and used mainly for politics.

and really pakistan has enough problems of it's own without doing anything - furthermore if you were going to ban everything that's potentially offensive or blasphemous in the pakistan/indian/myanmar region - you would need to ban everything and even banning everything would be offensive to some fuck in the region.

images of buddha? sure, offensive. have a buddhist monk selling images of buddha? yeah sure, whatever, so it's not offensive. unless you ask some other guy who says that it is offensive. saying that beef tastes good? yeah offensive, no wait it's not, no wait it's saying that pork is good that's offensive... and majority of these nations have majority of the people living - up until this point in history - in a little bubble world of their own covering 20 kilometers where they live, with their grandparents having raised them to think that their way is the only true way.

Comment: Re:Quantum Computing Required? (Score 1) 291

by gl4ss (#49333427) Attached to: Steve Wozniak Now Afraid of AI Too, Just Like Elon Musk

it doesn't need to be.. it would be useful even at 1/100th time. though time is relative, so you couldn't even apply the term real time to it. how long it takes for it to "think" an answer to a problem... are you real time intelligence? you still need an reaction time.

what people mean with real time with AI though is usually "in comparison to a human" as if the AI had a human brain or was a human in a box. which is not that likely outcome of AI research at all.

and it could always be ran in a context for the problem it's supposed to solve - and why wouldn't you do that? if you can pause it and run it again with same start point without it being aware that it is a different run even. you know, like a computer program.

but that doesn't make for good headlines, "OMG AI ALIen OVERLOARDDSS" makes for much scarier stuff.

furthermore, the singularity hipster journalists should all just go fuck themselves, getting tired of this reporting on "what could happen" and zero reporting on actual research. if they want be journalists writing about science fiction books, fine, go do that, but if they want to write articles about AI maybe they should look up some actual research and researchers instead of asshole futurologists who do nothing but troll journalists for fame.

Comment: Re:Last week I tried to write a Win8.1 universal a (Score 2) 131

by gl4ss (#49325485) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Windows 10 SDK

well what it leads to is just apps being first developed on 7.0, then having stuff fixed for 7.5, then being rewritten for 8.0 and then again the project reworked for 8.1 and then a total rewrite for 10.

so fucking universal!

and yes, the thing is, this is the _exact_ same marketing stuff they were hyping out with wp8 and windows 8. they were showing slides of how it's all unified and you get the same app running on everything and all that. they made such a big deal about it, despite you never going to be able to run wp8 apps on your win8 tablet(unless said tablet is a x86+vt and you have the sideload package and you run the wp8 emulator on said tablet, which is basically more trouble than running android apps on said x86 computer).

it's a mess. wouldn't trust them about this before they have phones, tablets and the desktop out and the sdk to do it out and it actually can run the same app on everything.

Comment: Re:Sooo .. (Score 1) 127

it also functions as the keylock/screenlock shortcut, so it's not going to be any use for this. otherwise the usability would be pretty poor, as you do want the screen to turn off and lock from input when you place the phone in your pocket, unless you enjoy random stuff happening.

this lock is separate from that. meaning that you can just open the screen and start doing whatever it was you were doing.

now, with these phones it would be nice to have separate real lock button.

Comment: Re:'In Canada's Interest' Really? (Score 4, Insightful) 201

by gl4ss (#49320295) Attached to: Leaked Snowden Docs Show Canada's "False Flag" Operations

it's doubleception. canada could have blamed some other party after getting caught for trying to frame other party.

now, framing individuals? that's war talk.

I just wish other countries would already learn up and stop sending anyone into usa for being prosecuted for cybercrime. the fuck anyone can know who they framed or whatever, just as excercise...

Comment: Re:Ban teachers union (Score 1) 213

by gl4ss (#49320145) Attached to: Finland's Education System Supersedes "Subjects" With "Topics"

when your adults want it.
when your hillbillies don't freak out from removing morning prayers, oaths, flag raising and such tomfoolery.
when your adults just want a decent education, equal education, for everyone, for their children and their neighbours children and the children on the east coast and the children in texas. when your adults want everyone to be taught science the same way, the same subjects, when you want religion to taught as a topic and not as history, when your adults will accept that their children deserve _better_ education than them.

Americans don't want it - it's not about the teachers union. from the headlines from USA it would seem it's anything BUT the teachers union that is resisting this. wholesome education you see would include things some parts of the large mass don't want to be taught, like that usa is just a country, that christianity(or the local sect version of it) is just a religion and that there is a vast number of other religions and countries(and that mostly indeed they don't even agree with the pope on what christianity has as it's beliefs so..).

Comment: Re:Oh dear ... (Score 1) 40

by gl4ss (#49320009) Attached to: Magic Leap's AR Demo Video

Let me guess, you're either a frail little twig or a barely mobile lard ass.

Try exercise and diet, then you'll be able to move more comfortably and without losing your breath.

feck off.

the problem with majority of these virtual reality companies and tech is that they try to be too much.

what they need to break into big market is VR gaming.

you know what's the best way to actually play for 3 hours with an oculus rift? a fucking space mouse? kinect? what the fuck. of course not. best way is to sit on sofa with either controller or sofa compatible mouse and kb. essentially you're just going to replace your monitor with the thing - and no it's not the same still as using a hmz-1 or something like that. the immersion is vastly superior and the head movements should work - BUT the head movement should be just something optional. like, if you need to use your head movement even for up/down looking it gets really tiring and aiming becomes a chore. good example about this is how hacked in vr support in hl2 was better than actual "virtual reality support" in tf2, because they tried to make too many modes in the official vr support. just having mouselook functions perfectly - and the head movement then just mapped another mouse. does this disorientate people? probably those who can't play fps's anyways - as a feeling it's not that much different than looking at a screen and using mouselook. the point however is that it doesn't tire you so much.

full movement virtual reality for home games is a wii motion control like gimmick - you just can't make it work and the disconnect is so huge anyways, you can't have tactile feedback anyhow.

just make a high res 90 fov+ head unit and it will sell like hotcakes. console and pc gamers will buy it in troves and just use their old desk or sofa and controls, trying to turn the room into a minority report joke ui is a bad idea(virtual high resolution monitors, 360 degree desktop and such not so bad idea, but would be interacted with kb and mouse finely.

if waving the hands was a good ui for day to day work, then we would be using something quite different from the old typewriter style we have.. the typewriter is better than the pen.

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