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by flyneye (#47573209) Attached to: The Problems With Drug Testing

It's alright this is how Obama-care works. If we got rid of the questionable doctors doing it, they would be replaced by illegal Mexican aliens. So relax and take another pill. The government wouldn't allow anything to harm you, would they? Of course your medicine is safe and we have more medicine to treat the side effects of the medicine, and more medicine to treat the side effects of that medicine. Just think of Obamacare as a subscription service for the latest, greatest pharmaceuticals that Big Medicine can manufacture. Every month you will recieve a new bottle to add to your collection and calm the effects of the previous prescriptions. As an added bonus, the doctors will scratch their head, stare at the chart and say" There's a new clinical trial I can put you in for a pill that cures all this". It won't of course, but it will add to the drama. Support your pharmaceutical companies and they will continue to give you the best medication they can mass produce at maximum profit, within the bounds of their intellectual property.
Take a pill!

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by flyneye (#47573173) Attached to: Reglue: Opening Up the World To Deserving Kids With Linux Computers

Unions and their agendas applied to teachers ARE a large part of the problem. Besides promoting liberal ideas that have killed public education over the years, they help keep bad teachers comfortable in their jobs to continue harm and elevate costs of said bad teaching. I deny right or left leanings and purport to relying on observation and experience, unlike sycophants of either right or left.

Parents are half the problem, Teachers, the other half.

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Of course my sidearm will help protect my liberties. Me and every gun owning person, at that.
Yes, I do say whatever I like to whomever I like.
I never said I killed a cop, I said; if the case warranted it, I would kill a cop as easily as anyone threatening my life.
Never changed my mind, I abide by any laws that do not conflict with my integrity or religion.
Feel free to clean my boots and there's a tip in it for you boy.
You're odd enough, I figure distended anuses would make you feel right at home.
Nope, the reason the U.S. is under tyranny came around a century ago. Go read a U.S. history book.
Nobody fantasizing about killers and vigilantes, except the over-zealous jealous Aussies who are subjects to their masters.
I have several guns.
I stand up to bleating anti-gun morons who rely on regurgitation of disinformation, rather than brains or fact all the time.
I'll repeat myself.
To deny my right to own a gun, is to open myself and family up to the dangers of criminals who would still own guns, should they be taken away.
This is the equivalent of anti-gun nuts threatening my safety and they will suffer for their threats.

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by Archangel Michael (#47570021) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Economy Recovering (For Wall Street, mainstreet still at unacceptable unemployment)
Debt Going down (Sequestration, in spite of horrors by Liberals about "government shutdown')
Pulling out of wars (while Russia invades multiple countries annexing them at will, Hamas/Israel, Syria, Libya, Iraq ..... )
Health Care for all (Not watching the news about Federal Case regarding Fed Exchange ...)

How about Open Boarder Invasion from the south, causing massive harm to the environmentally threatened South West? (Check)
IRS Lying in attacks against conservatives (check, check, check and ... "Not a smidgeon of corruption" .. check)
Support of Islam at every step, while ignoring the plight of Christians (and others) world wide. (check)
Golfing and fundraising instead of actually doing his job (Check)
Another Multimillion dollar Vacation (check)

And the "other guy" (Romney) was mocked for saying exactly what is happening today in Ukraine. Obama is the pigeon on the chessboard of the world, strutting around knocking pieces over.

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by tnk1 (#47569285) Attached to: An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax

The person you are talking about was Brigadier General S.L.A. Marshall who wrote "Men Against Fire" about WWII experiences, which is where the low direct fire ratio theory came from.

And yes, it was very controversial and got debunked, but I've heard that factoid repeated to the present day. I think it gets repeated because it sounds both interesting and believable at the same time to people who haven't been shot at. For those who have been shot at (and shot back), it obviously does not ring true.

For extra irony, here's his Wikipedia entry:

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by Archangel Michael (#47569039) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step


It may have been necessary to break the barriers, but at some point, the barriers are gone, and the only thing holding people back are the people themselves. There is NO REASON why black people can't succeed in America. After all, we have an unqualified "black" (half) man as President, simply because we're still threatened by "Racist" reverse slur being tossed out. After six years in office, he still can't seem to figure out when it is his fault when the shit hits the fan. I mean, still holding "race" or "GWB" or those "evil Republicans" is pretty lame leadership technique.

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by argStyopa (#47568501) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Jesse Jackson: "I desperately need a new cause to trumpet, or I'm no longer going to be able to afford my lifestyle. Therefore, I shall identify a desperate need for my community, for which I shall naturally be named the spokesman. By this method I shall articulate a set of vague, impossible goals such that we can once again identify an entire culture as 'victims' of the nebulous (but nevertheless nefarious) forces that keep us "down". I shall continue attach myself to this I-hope-ever-growing-movement, in order to be able to pay for my cars, mistresses, and if I'm lucky, even the lawyers needed to keep my son out of prison. Perhaps I have finally found the cause celebre that will even allow me to ride into media sinecure, like that dirty sellout bastard Al Sharpton."

Well, that's what I heard, anyway.

I'd call his plan for IT diversity the Nationwide IT General Graduate Effectiveness Resource System. Come up with your own acronym as required.

The real question, for the IT community is, of course, does his plan ensure enough vaginas in IT departments? If not, then his victim train will have to wait until that one leaves the station.

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by CreatureComfort (#47567991) Attached to: UK To Allow Driverless Cars By January
I think that the main reason people speed, race the yellow, and in other ways behave as general asshats when behind the wheel is the inherent understanding that every second spent driving is a wasted second. You notice you rarely see passengers road raging. Once everyone becomes a passenger, and transit time becomes productive time, whether it involves work, updating facebook, playing games, or getting a few extra minutes of sleep, much of the incentive to rush goes away.

Personally, I generally drive like a bat out of hell, and regularly am cussing the idiots who wont get out of my way. But, once I get my autonomous vehicle (I plan to be a very early adopter) I won't care that the car is doing the speed limit, stopping when I would have chanced it, not changing lanes into the "fastest", etc. I'll be reading, sleeping, gaming, etc. In fact, once my commute becomes reliable productive time, I can see myself getting irritated that I get to my destination before I've finished my chapter, level, quest, etc.

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