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Comment Re:Dumb move... (Score 2) 107

A "Requirement" is a requirement. Does not and never will be the same as a "Feature" no matter how much you wish it to be or if you fall for someone "Advertising" it as such either! This is more akin to false advertising not feature removal! Removing Linux from PS3 was "Feature" removal! Allowing devs to now charge for their games is more of a "FEATURE ADD" if it did not exist beforehand.

There is a reason we produce something called a dictionary.
To help people to call things what they should and should not!

Comment Re:All for not... (Score 1) 51
Based on what I read there is a 1 year grace period where prior art is null and void so... if You invented on January 1st 2014 someone has until December 31st 2014 to file (before you) and take your invention.

Then there is the possible "lost paperwork" that several bigger businesses would be happy to "pay" persons of low integrity in USPTO to "accidentally" lose so theirs can be considered FIRST.

USPTO is a paid WHORE for big corp. Power is nice, but NOTHING beats what people will do for money.

Comment Can't Blame China (Score 1, Troll) 42

If you were are new, up and coming world power, would you want enemies of the past foisting their standards on you? Especially considering the current dimplomatic trends regarding Tech Patents, Snowden revelations, and just technology politics in general?

American Business interests have proven beyond all shadow of doubt its willingness to play hard ball (unfairly) to trap you into their business models.

Comment Re:HaHaHa (Score 1) 379

They do try to apply the very same deals to PC's and Smartphones. this is exactly how Steam works, and yes I do use steam, but I also never pay full price for any game unless I get it off where I actually get to own my game from a functionality perspective. And that is the real gist. With I can install my game anywhere and not have to worry about DRM breaking it if I want to play the single player version 20 years from now.

So for me, if they want to lock me into a game on their terms, then that game better be very inexpensive like say movie cheap at $10~$20. So there is a trade off, however I still at least own and fully control my PC, and if MS wants to step on that too much there will be Linux. The market does tend to favor the most open,easy, and compatible systems and right now that is still Microsoft Windows love it or hate it. Linux may be more open that Windows and almost as easy to access now, but it sure as hell is nowhere near compatible, despite things like WINE. I will continue to use Windows but when/if Linux finally steps up I will not hesitate to jump ship.

On the last part, it was sad sarcasm... yes we are losing our rights and ownership to everything as a people and we keep voting in the idiots to do this.

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 379

Yep, this is pretty much the model I have adopted! If I had the financial muster I would start a gaming company just to keep things the way they should be!

No always on DRM, no stupid snoopity systems and quality diverse selection of games not where titles are just FPS based with an endless sequence of ever changing numbers.

Comment HaHaHa (Score 1) 379

I am glad this will not be affecting me as I will not be buying any more consoles for the remainder of my life. It is time for them to die and just use the PC or a smartphone in my opinion.

I wonder how people would react to Ford, Chevy, or GM not only requesting to be compensated when that vehicle is resold, but also controlling its price? It is time to stop selling vehicles and licensing their use!
It takes a publisher nearly nothing to copy/create/spawn a new disk where the auto maker still requires the expertise of staff and systems capable of building the same machine repeatedly with quality.
We must all look forward to the future where we do not own any of our technology.

Comment Good ideas are discovered after the fact! (Score 4, Interesting) 140

Good ideas are hard to determine, and sometimes you find out something was actually a really bad idea only after several years like trans fats, or saccharin.

The results of scientific discovery are diminished by classifying them as success/failure. The only 2 classifications should be "A Truth Discovered" or "Pseudo Science".

Any lab experiment which is conducted to seek the truth even if it does not yield a commercially viable result is still a truth discovered. A so-called failed experiment still is a success at discovering a method which does not work to achieve desired results, and discovering what does not work in some cases can be more important then finding out what does and is an actual truth discovered.

Any experiment performed to skew results in a particular direction, or where evidence is tossed that does not agree with your idea's is nothing but pure Pseudo Science. Unfortunately we have so much of this it has made people distrust scientists because they have proven that they are just as opportunistic as normal people and will do just about any dishonest thing for a buck! True Science be damned!

Comment Re:Texas (Score 1) 277

I see what you did there.

Here is the definition of Tolerance.

Until someone comes and "STOPS YOU" they are at the very least tolerating you. Tolerating does not require someone to "accept" or "not disparage" you in any way.

Speaking of schools, lets review their "Zero Tolerance" policies and the fact that they lean more left than right. The left is the intolerant side if anything which is why that word sits on your minds more frequently than the right. Hypocritical much?

Comment Fail out the gate! (Score 5, Interesting) 69

I have experienced Behavior Biometric Denial of Services. Humans are just too erratic, imagine this.

Your front door is locked using this method. All of a sudden you are outside and a thug walks by making obvious threats and you start running inside to get away or get your gun and the door now locks your ass out.

You are using email services and you start looking for a job and with the sudden increase in email traffic and/or login presence causes your service to block your account temporarily because of behavioral changes. (this actually happened to me for a short time)

I was in the middle of waiting for an actual offer letter when this occurred... very frustrating!

Comment Re:Finally... (Score 5, Interesting) 436

Well, if the video can be forensically shown to be un-tampered with then it will be admissible. The nature of the evidence is taken into account as well as the methods of collection. In the case of video, anyone can find it under just about any circumstance because the actions depicted in the video is the evidence itself, which tends to avoid the issues associated with other types of evidence that can be planted which is why they have to follow a strict chain of custody and procedures.

Its a lot more difficult to plant video evidence of you raping someone as opposed to me walking in and claiming I found this illegal gun with the serial filled off in your home.

Comment Rush Rush.... (Score 1) 54

Be sure to hurry up and give up all of your freedoms and private for Big Brother... no reason to wait when you can hurry it along and get a little friendly jail time for it too.

I do not know of a single person whom has not broken the law online even by accident. My 4 yr old niece has already done things not legal.

The difference between you and a government official is that the government official gets away with it.

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