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Comment: Re:reasons (Score 1) 243

by plopez (#49779207) Attached to: Why PowerPoint Should Be Banned

+1. Slides are note cards giving an outline. Some information is easier to explain with diagrams, charts and graphs, or video. Use graphics well. Keep the slides simple with 3 to 7 points per slide (to cater to human short term memory) with about one slide for every one to two minutes. No more than 30 to 40 slides for a one hour session including anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes for Q&A.

and stop after an hour. A presentation which takes more than an hour is fundamentally flawed IMO. If you must go longer take about 5 to 10 minute break each hour.

Build your presentation to how humans operate.

Comment: Re:Ancillary titles to TFA (Score 1) 243

by plopez (#49779177) Attached to: Why PowerPoint Should Be Banned

"this is largely a function of screen resolution and visible font size"

Wrong. It is limited by how much and how fast the human mind can absorb. Short-term memory varies from about 3 to 7 items. So I never put more than five items on a slide. First think about how the human mind operates, then pick your fonts etc. If you are finding yourself using smaller and smaller fonts you are not using the slides correcty.

Comment: Re:48GB?! (Score 1) 106

by CronoCloud (#49773989) Attached to: Large Amount of Star Citizen Art Assets Leaked

This is the first time in nearly a decade that I hope a game is available on optical media, but my gaming PC doesn't even have one. Between and Steam, I never had the need for one.

You're remind those guys who said, "PC gamers don't need DVD's" when PS2 games shipped on them. I said, "You'll want them because eventually even PC games are going to use the storage space."

The same goes for Blu-ray. When PC gamers said "We don't need Blu-ray, we have Steam." I said, "you can't beat the bandwidth of a truck full of Blu-rays, especially with bandwidth caps.

That said, I've gone digital with games that aren't too large (Minecraft), ones I know I will play the heck out of, like Diablo UEE. And going digital with MMO's/MMO-ish games makes sense, DCUO and War Thunder are digital only on the PS4.

Comment: Re:Looking better (Score 1) 229

by CronoCloud (#49770665) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

Good lord man, Sylpheed? Do you pine for the days of teco on a tty as you snap your suspenders and smooth your beard? Do you have a fetish for slightly quirky japanese-developed-and-centered open source software? Hasn't everyone who isn't Japanese switched to the Claws-Mail fork of Sylpheed by now?

Comment: Re:Screenshots? (Score 2) 229

by CronoCloud (#49770601) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

And 640x480 was still the standard resolution for set-top boxes until around 2007

Define "set top box", since both you and I know, that both the PS2 and the original Xbox were capable of putting out a 1080i signal.

The PS3 was released in 2006, it's a set top box, when using HDMI by default it outputs the highest resolution your display supports up to 1080p.

Now admittedly, if you're you, and you're babysitting kids in the early to mid 2000's with a SNES/PSone/ or perhaps a PS2 attached to an SDTV, you might not realize the HD revolution is passed you by. Sony was selling nice little 15" 720p HDTV's in the early 2000's if I remember correctly, I think they cost about $550 - $600 or so.

Comment: Re:That's because there is nothing to do (Score 1) 112

by CronoCloud (#49770353) Attached to: Privacy Behaviors Changed Little After Snowden

Hash: SHA1

I've not used Enigmail, I didn't know it was that bad. I use Claws-Mail myself, which has an included by default gpg plugin.

One of the reasons keyservers are used are so people can get someones public key BEFORE they contact them securely, and don't have to wait for someone to send them their public key block before they check a signature. For example, if I sign this comment, you could grab my pubkey from Slashdot and/or the keyservers to check the sig and not have to send me an e-mail or reply to this comment asking for my pubkey. Though if I want the sig to get past the lameness filter I have to use SHA1, not SHA256 (which requires a quick config edit)

That said, while claws-mail does have a "Insert My Public Key Block" function in the Tools menu of the compose window, it can't as far as I know, automatically attach a pubkey. And if it did, people would probably complain and say things like "Why do I get these weird text attachments from claws-mail users all the time"

But you're right that it isn't Mom-proof, though it's better than it was.
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