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Comment: Is anyone really surprised? (Score 1) 134

These next 2 years are going to be a nightmare of politically driven witch hunts against Science. They are also working to cut the NASA climate research budget; and I expect cuts in similar research done through DoD, USDA, National Science Foundation and others.

I can also see them killing off alternative energy programs, even research by the military so they can get more money from the Koch brothers and friends. Even though the military and intelligence communities have flagged climate change as a major security threat to the US, and the military would like to get away from oil based fuels as they were a major vulnerability in Afghanistan. Fuel convoys kept getting attacked.

They will do anything to line their pockets and torment those who do not conform to their dead of the norm.

Comment: Capitalism does not create freedom (Score 2) 35

In the 80's and 90's there was a common wisdom that introducing capitalism into a country would create liberty and democracy. But China is proof that it does not work that way. Other data are Imperial Rome (Eastern and Western branches as well), Nazi Germany, Imperial China, The British Empire, Fascist Italy, and the Ottoman Empire. All of them had market economies at times in some cases very wealthy and vibrant. But none of them could be considered democracies either due to central autocratic rule, or through restriction in franchise based on wealth e.g. land ownership) or gender.

Comment: Re:Plot Hole (Score 1) 129

by plopez (#49614679) Attached to: Why Scientists Love 'Lord of the Rings'

Because Sauron could've swatted them down like flies. The closer you get to Morder, Barad-dur, and Mt. Doom the more powerful he was. Like the inverse square law. Elrond says something like, "Even a powerful elf lord like Glorfindel could not burn a path to Mount Doom." Gladariel, Elrond, Gandalf, and Glorfindel together could not take on the journey. In the council at Rivendell they even say that they could not use force but had to rely on stealth.

So, eagles flying in would be a suicidal headlong assault.

Comment: Re:The first crappy language I encountered! (Score 1) 164

by plopez (#49605327) Attached to: Bill Gates Owes His Career To Steven Spielberg's Dad; You May, Too

It was a teaching language; it resembles assembly, Fortran, and COBOL; pushed into production and was very harmful;

But of course since we learn nothing in IT and software development we had to do it again; . It was a teaching language for the love of Mike.

Probably because larval PHBs had only one computing class in college and so it was what they dictated when placed in a decision making position over IT and programming departments. Footnote, I see the same thing happing with Python these days. Being pushed into unsuitable roles because that is all anyone knows.

Comment: Re:More like to his own parents (Score 2) 164

by plopez (#49605291) Attached to: Bill Gates Owes His Career To Steven Spielberg's Dad; You May, Too

His dad gave him $2 million dollars after he dropped out of school. I certainly would not have gotten any money from my parents if I had dropped out of school. His dad was a well connected lawyer, who helped guide MS in the early years, and got prominent businessmen to serve on the board of a fledgling MS. His mother was from a well connected banking family.

With those sorts of advantages how could you fail?

Comment: Re:He's also an interesting candidate for this (Score 1) 384

by plopez (#49602615) Attached to: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic

There s debate as to whether a Free Market can ever truly exist at all. To fulfill the definition, in a Economics sense, you need things like instantaneous information spread all across the market. In addition if you look at the NYSE, often touted as approaching an dealized free market, you will find it covered by three layers of regulation; the exchange regulations and by laws, the NY state regulations, and the SEC. So it seems you can't even get close to a free market with out regulation and government intervention.

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