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Comment: Re:He did it to himself (Score 1) 182

by CronoCloud (#47560945) Attached to: How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D

While he lead to the creation of RPGs, as a game designer I have used him and TSR as the shining example of everything not to do.

He's also a bad writer. A lot of the problems with early D&D are because of his intentionally archaic Vancian writing style sometimes obfuscated the rules in ways it shouldn't. The Gord the Rogue books are painful reads.

Comment: Re:Easy (Score 1) 182

by CronoCloud (#47560747) Attached to: How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D

after some halfwit from Greenwood's warped imagination?

Better than being named Dryzzt420 or Gord-something.

And it isn't even the classic list, FFS.

It isn't? That's the 1st or 2nd Edition AD&D version of the list, right? The versions that first achieved prominence and sold enough copies to be a "thing"?

It's similar but not quite exactly the same as the Red Box list.

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by plopez (#47556901) Attached to: AP Computer Science Test Takers Up 8,000; Pass Rate Down 6.8%

The gap persists even in the professions though college degrees help narrow it. Possibly due to career interruptions:

The pay gap exists even for childless women:

The Wikipedia primer on the topic:

An other article.:

While the numbers vary, it is still cheaper to hire women,

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by CronoCloud (#47548661) Attached to: Valencia Linux School Distro Saves 36 Million Euro

They exist to praise regionalism of the different autonomies(regions) of Spain by local politicians

What is up with that? Here in the states no one would even think of doing something like Californi-ux or Tex-ux, or Illini-ux. If some school district or state school administration wanted to switch to Linux they'd just choose edubuntu, or CentOS and be done with it. Why roll their own when they're perfectly suitable distros out there already.

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