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Comment Re:I want to see the video... (Score 0, Offtopic) 97

Hello Anonymous Coward Shill of Comrade Putin.

There are no Nazis in the Ukraine, only what paranoid ex-commies in Russia "think" are Nazis. Yeah sure, "some" Ukrainians collaborated with Nazi's over 70 YEARS ago, but it's long past time the Russians, and that includes Comrade Putin, got over it, and got over their cultural paranoia about being invaded.

You're not going to be invaded, that's what your "Strategic Rocket Forces" are for. Now grow up already and get rid of your Mafiya run government and maybe, just maybe, everyone else will start actually respecting Russia and wanting to be nice to you because they want to.

Comment Re:Could it be? (Score 1) 39

Yep. The actual secret ingredient (at least for a Flint-style coney, which is my fave) is finely ground beef heart.

BTW, nobody I know in Michigan calls the sauce "chili." If you want a chili dog, by all means have one 'cause they're tasty too, but don't confuse it with a coney dog.

Outside Michigan? Everything that claims to be a Coney dog is just a dang chili dog.

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 1) 178

If you look at it it is essentially 3 aircraft. Different airframes, avionics, wing geometries etc. VTOL, regular runway, and carrier capability. The last it was tried was with the F-4 and it failed in it's original goals of interchangeable parts and sate of the art tech as well ( the expensive Sparrow missile dod not work correctly for about 10 years).

A total fuck up if there was one.

Comment Re:Making a scene release requires RAR (Score 1) 129

Maybe the "scene" should join the 21st century. As archaic as their rules are, you'd think they're running Win9x on P233's and installing WS_FTP, PKUNZIP and Trumpet WINSOCK on them.

Maybe it's a russian pirate thing... RAR's programmer is Russian. So maybe all those Eastern European/Russian pirates in the warez scene are simply favoring "one of their own" rather than use the "generic industry standards" like tarballs and zip archives favored in the West.

Also when I first heard of RAR, using it instead of ZIP, was trumpeted as some kind of sign of "leetness"

Comment Re:You know who (Score 1) 146

I am a desktop end-user of LInux, without any anti-systemd feelings because for me there really hasn't been much difference. But I think the above post is hilarious and gets the references right.

You do need something like this too: "Lennkor had the aid of Fedoriant. in the poisoning of the Process Trees that enabled him to take the Sysvmarils.

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