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Comment Re:OpenRC forever! (Score 4, Informative) 754

All systemd logging can be forwarded to syslog in plain text format, standard feature enabled by a single edit in: /etc/systemd/journald.conf

It can also be enabled on a per boot basis with a simple addition to the kernel boot parameters

  ForwardToSyslog=, ForwardToKMsg=, ForwardToConsole=, ForwardToWall=
                      Control whether log messages received by the journal daemon shall
                      be forwarded to a traditional syslog daemon, to the kernel log
                      buffer (kmsg), to the system console, or sent as wall messages to
                      all logged-in users. These options take boolean arguments. If
                      forwarding to syslog is enabled but nothing reads messages from the
                      socket, forwarding to syslog has no effect. By default, only
                      forwarding to wall is enabled. These settings may be overridden at
                      boot time with the kernel command line options
                      "systemd.journald.forward_to_console=", and
                      "systemd.journald.forward_to_wall=". When forwarding to the
                      console, the TTY to log to can be changed with TTYPath=, described

Comment Re:Why be mutual exclusive? Get all 3 (Score 1) 374

Which HOTAS works with IL2?

On the PS3 I personally know the X52 does. Also the X45 and Thrustmaster T-Flight do as well. Yes, standard PC USB ones, the PS3 badged version of the T-Flight is just the PC one with different labels on it.

You can also use PC HOTAS with Birds of Steel and at least the X52 is supported in Apache Air Assault.

Does the same HOTAS work with Elite Dangerous?

We don't know...yet. Microsoft doesn't usually support alternate controls like Sony does. So we'll have to wait for the PS4 version.

I really can't even find the HOTAS for Xbone or PS4 you speak of. Which is it? Is it really the whole HOTAS, and not just a stick? Is it made especially for the console?

The only game I know of so far that has HOTAS support on the PS4 is War Thunder. In which case you can use a standard USB PC HOTAS like an X52, T-flight, Warthog, etc etc. Rudder pedals are also supported as is using the PS4 camera for view control a la TrackIR Great for planes...not so much for tanks.

Sadly the other air combat games on the PS4 don't have HOTAS support as far as I know.

Comment Re:Tried it, couldn't use it (Score 1) 352

And THAT attitude is one of the reasons Linux on the desktop has such a small amount of users.

Users are why software exists in the first place. Now I know in the open source movement, some developers get a big head and talk about scratching a personal itch, but when you release the thing to the public then you have an ethical responsibility to the users.

Sure you can put a no warranty clause in the license, but disrespect the userbase and then the software has no users. And software that has no users is dead software.

The gimp developers KNEW that most of their userbase, even on Linux, was using non-tiling WM's And one guy living in the past of WM's stood in the way of implementing a single window mode that would have benefitted more users than practically any other feature since EVERYONE has to deal with the UI.

Besides.. "new features"? How long have they been working on GEGL now....15 YEARS.

So don't give me that "bearded FSF Zealot style" lecture accusing people that complain of being "freeloaders". If you don't want people to use the software for free...start a company, release binaries, don't release the source and charge money.

Comment Re:Tried it, couldn't use it (Score 1) 352

Old isn't bad, but if say someone designs an application like it's only going to be used by members of the "bearded computer priesthood at MIT in 1972", then they might find that people who DON'T use computers like members of the "MIT bearded priesthood" are going to have issues with it.

Designing GIMP so that it was annoying under modern KDE/GNOME/XFCE, (even back in 2002 that was the case) and then having the GIMPdeveloper equivalent to the "Bearded priesthood" tell GIMP users they were "doing it wrong" and should use some old-fashioned WM like TWM or some other tiling WM, wasn't really the best way to handle the UI issues.

Comment Re:Why be mutual exclusive? Get all 3 (Score 1) 374

It is nice that console users are getting it even if we PS4 owners have to wait a bit longer.

    I've always said that some of the more fervent "PC gamer partisan types" should avoid saying things like "$GAME will never be on consoles". Because it's sometimes not true from the moment they say it.

I remember letters in PC gaming magazines and statements on the net later on, saying things like

"consoles will never have an action packed bloodathon like DOOM. Console makers will never allow it." (Cue DOOM getting ported to every console under the sun)

"Consoles will never have a game from Bioware/Blizzard/Bethesda"

"Consoles will never have MMO's" (I saw someone make this statement AFTER EQOA and FFXI had been released)

"Consoles will never have Minecraft"

"You'll never play a game like IL2 with a HOTAS on a console." (cue IL2 with HOTAS support on console.)

"PC's have esports like LoL, consoles will never have a MOBA" (I've also seen this statement made AFTER the first console MOBA had been released)

Comment Re:20 years... (Score 1) 352

Hi there Gimp developer!

There it is, the old "The name isn't offensive to foreigners" excuse Yeah that's the standard Gimpdev response now since euro-devs now. dominate Gimp development The classic "Gimpel is an attractive european bullfinch" response, for example.

Well, that's bunk. As TFA states, the GIMP was a project at an AMERICAN university, started by NATIVE English speakers who should have known better than to give it that name but were so in love with their own cleverness and geeky-Pulp fiction-reference-making that they kept it.

They should have known better.

Comment Re:Tried it, couldn't use it (Score 1) 352

The "fix" is to get a window manager that doesn't suck. If you have a non sucky WM

what something out of 1987 like TWM? Or some other archaic thing like Icewm, Windowmaker, or one of the fluxbox variants?

That's one of the big issues with open source development, too many developers are stuck in the past and use computers like it was 1964 or 74 or 84.

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 352

I absolutely hate having all the random bits strewn all over my desktop rather than neatly contained in a program window

GIMP has a single window mode now. It's a checkbox option in the "windows" menu. Works well if you're using a more modern Desktop environment instead of some silly archaic WM from 1996 the GIMP developers probably use. Single-window mode isn't enabled by default.

Comment Re:Get some perspective. (Score 1) 352

Not just because it doesn't have hardware acceleration

Actually it did/does. I know it had both MIPS (including mipsel) and Altivec optimization. Altivec enhancements were why running certain filters is faster on GIMP running on say..a PS3 with a YDL install vs running on X86.

AFAIK GIMP doesn't have any GPU enhancements though.

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 352

Yep. I even tried out that Photoshop version under wine, it worked fairly well.

Though doing so changed a bunch of text icons in Thunar to wine bottles because for some silly reason Wine overrode the mime types and assigned text files as Adobe Workspace files for some reason. I STILL haven't got that entirely fixed.

Comment Re:Why be mutual exclusive? Get all 3 (Score 1) 374

Yes, if you fucking need Elite Dangerous, you need a goddamned PC. No console will ever do that.

Ahem! From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Future updates

A native Mac OS X version was released in May 2015.[53] Although there are no plans for a Linux version of the game, Braben has stated, "There is no reason why COBRA cannot run on Linux, running through OpenGL."[54] On 5 March 2015, Frontier confirmed at GDC that work was underway on bringing the game to Xbox One consoles, with David Braben later confirming via Twitter that the Xbox One version would be a timed exclusive and that game would eventually also be released on PlayStation 4.[55] A "preview" version of the game for Xbox One was later released via the Xbox Game Preview Program on 15 June 2015 during Microsoft's briefing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015.[9][10]

The XBox One version got it's actual release in October:


Comment Re:Why be mutual exclusive? Get all 3 (Score 1) 374

+ Games that will never be on the console, such as RTS's,

I could be playing an RTS on my PS3 in less than a minute.

Terraria, etc.

You might want to double check your mental list of games that aren't on consoles because Terraria most certainly IS on console...several consoles and portables have it.

+ Mouse / Keyboard / Throttle == Elite:Dangerous bliss

HOTAS? You mean that thing I could plug in and play IL2 on the PS3, or War Thunder on the PS4 with? And Elite Dangerous isn't PC exclusive.

+ 3D support

Consoles also have this, though it's considered a gimmick.

- crappy FPS gamepad

Depends on the game, besides there have been console shooters with keyboard and mouse support.

Comment Re:Never heard of the waived-fee repair? (Score 1) 374

IIRC they did charge a small fee under certain circumstances. I think I had to pay 20 bucks to get one fixed, but that might have been a 39001 rather than the 30001 series with the DRE defect.

They don't charge a lot to fix PS3's either and they actually FIX it, you get you your same PS3 back. I have a CECHE model PS3 that was having graphical glitches and freezes.

Comment Re:Broken PS2s? (Score 1) 374

Early model PS2's have drives that can flake out with Disc Read Errors after some years. However, the 50001 FAT model series (the one with integrated IR) are built like tanks, and about as heavy especially if you have the PS2 HDD in it. I never had a slim so can't compare them to FAT PS2's.

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