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Comment Re:I want to see the video... (Score 0, Offtopic) 102

Hello Anonymous Coward Shill of Comrade Putin.

There are no Nazis in the Ukraine, only what paranoid ex-commies in Russia "think" are Nazis. Yeah sure, "some" Ukrainians collaborated with Nazi's over 70 YEARS ago, but it's long past time the Russians, and that includes Comrade Putin, got over it, and got over their cultural paranoia about being invaded.

You're not going to be invaded, that's what your "Strategic Rocket Forces" are for. Now grow up already and get rid of your Mafiya run government and maybe, just maybe, everyone else will start actually respecting Russia and wanting to be nice to you because they want to.

Comment Re:Making a scene release requires RAR (Score 1) 129

Maybe the "scene" should join the 21st century. As archaic as their rules are, you'd think they're running Win9x on P233's and installing WS_FTP, PKUNZIP and Trumpet WINSOCK on them.

Maybe it's a russian pirate thing... RAR's programmer is Russian. So maybe all those Eastern European/Russian pirates in the warez scene are simply favoring "one of their own" rather than use the "generic industry standards" like tarballs and zip archives favored in the West.

Also when I first heard of RAR, using it instead of ZIP, was trumpeted as some kind of sign of "leetness"

Comment Re:You know who (Score 1) 146

I am a desktop end-user of LInux, without any anti-systemd feelings because for me there really hasn't been much difference. But I think the above post is hilarious and gets the references right.

You do need something like this too: "Lennkor had the aid of Fedoriant. in the poisoning of the Process Trees that enabled him to take the Sysvmarils.

Comment Re:Donna Ford is racist (Score 1) 445

That phenomenon has been studied in first generation college students, it's real.

Parents who didn't go to college don't have the experience to give specific advice on anything related to it, whether appying, or even about college life.

Parents who have done so, can. And knowledge is power.

I suspect this is affecting these gifted programs we're discussing. Though as a practical matter it's probably more of a socio-economic bias than racial. It just so happens that fewer white people are among the lowest social economic rungs of the ladder.

There's probably similar results in poor and/or working class rural blue collar towns. Having lived in such towns said issues are obvious.

You don't see very many (if any at all) poor kids on the yearbook staff, or be a part of a foreign exchange program. And you won't see them at all in Band. (though you will in chorus/glee club) You won't see many in National Honor Society either, part of that is extracurriculars are part of the qualifications at most schools. Fewer extracurriculars due to income means you're less likely to get in.

And in case people don't realize it, smaller poorer schools tend to charge fees for extracurriculars, even non-sports ones. (Sometimes even yearly registration AND book fees, which are sometimes not subsidized for poorer kids.) Sometimes a school district can be actively hostile to lower income students (in these cases it's usually a jerkass administrator who sees poverty as a moral flaw and wants to punish poor people thinking the punishment will be an incentive)

I personally have seen these things. For example, I know of a school that once required it's yearly fee and book fee as a lump sum, and if one didn't have the cash, well the official policy was that the student could not attend till they were paid. But also that attendance was compulsory and lack of such attendance would be considered a truancy violation by both parent and student and law inforcement would be informed.

It was total whack. I think a bunch of people complained and IIRC some phone calls were made to and by government officials and the district backed down a bit. (IIRC it involved splitting up the payments and/or reduced book fees. Apparently they were supposed to be doing that already, but weren't.)

Also sometimes poor kids might get opportunities, that they can't actually take advantage of because they don't have the money to do so.

In my junior year I and my parents were called in to the guidance counselors office. Didn't know what for. The counselor suprised us by saying that the state was starting a new science/math centric school for gifted students and that I qualified for/and was guaranteed a slot for my senior year and that is was a great opportunity. He asked if we were interested....we said yes. My parents asked about cost and the counselor said zero, no fees, zippo. But then he stated that transportatoin would be required. This school was 2 hours away at least. My parents said, if it was a state school, shouldn't they be required to transport? The counselor said no. They asked if there were dorms...the counselor said that might happen in the future. My parents then asked if I could stay with one of the teachers, that they would be okay with that. The counselor directly said that "it was not allowed." He then asked if my parents knew anybody who lived near the school or had a job near the school who could take me back and forth. My parents replied. "what kind of idiot would live down here and have a job two hours away" and directly asked him if HE knew anyone local who commuted that kind of distance.every day. Which he didn't. He then said that if I couldn't take the slot it would have to go to someone else (and not even someone else from my school), and they had to sign a paper giving up the slot. They then asked what the hell kind of school was this to not take into account students not living close by and/or poor kids, and that it was a shitty thing to offer an opportunity that he should have known we couldn't take.

As an aside, if people don't believe in inherited privilege... well the local regional superintendent of schools is the son of the previous superintendent. This is an ELECTED office mind you and I'm pretty sure our country was originally opposed to inheritance of political power and titles. and yes, I'm opposed to ANY relative of an officeholder holding the same office, or preferably any elected office at all. And I think that ban should extend to 3 generations at least.

Comment Re:Consoles are easy to choose, use, and afford (Score 1) 250

Adults insult adults all the time and do so effectively especially in anything serious.

In a serious setting, if a peer does something really dumb... then they get called out on it. And the goal is not to convince as much as to attack the status of the person making the dumb choices.

What the hell? What kind of attitude is that? Insults and attacks are not professional. I don't know where you work, but if that's the mindset there it's not a nice place to work.

Comment Re:"mobilitis" (Score 1) 250

I have this beautiful vision of console gamers playing bad ports of mobile games

You may have thought you were joking, but it's already happened. Well, sort of. Usually they're "enhanced ports" so they're not too awful, but they often needed some more tweaking and work for the final polish. Example: Dungeon Hunter Alliance, the iOS game. It's a Diablo clone (which explains the "alliance" name so it reminded people of the fun playing BGDA on a PS2) so it should have worked very well, but it came across as dated compared to other such games on the PS3 It also has totally uneeded Move support.

The Vita version is seriously overpriced.

Comment Re:Consoles are easy to choose, use, and afford (Score 1) 250

Tiny controllers are unergonomi? Compare the size and shape of a NES pad with a Dual Shock 4 some time. They're most certainly NOT sized for children these days. Have you seen how BIG the Xbox pads are? Designed for 250 pound 6 foot tall goatteed Master-Chief-fanboy dudebro gamers I think.

Comment Re:PC dominates the gaming world (Score 1) 250

i"m sorry, but did you actually take a look at those videos?


The SNES version came out four years after the original PC release

The date factor doesn't matter too much, does it? In the old days, ports often were released years after the original. The Turbo Duo and Sega CD ports came out a bit earlier 93...they even have the voice. (I chose the SNES version for the video because it was the most commonly found console version, the other versions are rarer and even less well known)

is vastly inferior at a lower resolution, choppy animations and no speech.

The game is a turn-based RPG with a faux-first-person view, so that doesn't matter too much. Still, the SNES did an acceptable approximation of 256 color 320x200 VGA on an SD screen, and did so with a slower CPU and less RAM. The Amiga version required 1MB of RAM and a hard drive. The PC vesion also supports Tandy graphics and EGA so some PC owners probably played with only 16 colors and 320x200.

However the gameplay is what matters and that's entirely intact, even if it plays slower (that 3.58MHz CPU in the SNES does the game no favors) The SNES version does compare fairly well on the music, though I suspect it depends on the sound hardware, something like a Roland MT-32 would be better.

Those Later DOS games like Wing Commander were starting to require more CPU probably remember the people upgrading to a 386 for WC. Thats why they gave the SNES trouble...and why SNES DOOM needs that SuperFX chip.

Comment Re:Consoles are easy to choose, use, and afford (Score 2) 250

Adults realize if they want to convince others of a point of view that denigrating or insulting others doesn't help. For example, Do you think that those Linux guys who insult windows users as "idiot sheeple" are going to convince any to switch?

YOU are the kindergardener in this situation because YOU think everyone else is an idiot, or sheeple or whatever. Perhaps the problem is not them, but YOU and your ego.

The presto-intellectual pretensions of childish twits is not to be taken seriously.

Pot...Kettle. You must be real fun at parties. But I suspect you don't socialize with other people much, because they're all idiots and sheeple and don't realize you're right all the time.

Comment Re:PC dominates the gaming world (Score 1) 250

There are also quite a lot of PC games that are entirely free and quite good.

Here we go, yet another PC gamers who spends so much on hardware that they don't want to spend money on software when the GAMES are the important thing, not the hardware.

And in case you don't know, there are also F2P games on consoles, and cheap indie games, and sales. While we "can" drop $60 on a game, that doesn't mean we do it for ALL the games. Besides, there are PC gamers paying for $60 dollar games as well. Not all PC gamers wait till something like Skyrim is $10 on Steam 4 years later. And while you can fill up your hard drive with indies, do you have the time to play all those $5 games

I can't believe you think the console has LESS DRM... if the console had less DRM it would be easier to pirate but it isn't so you're wrong.

I personally wouldn't say that it is "less" DRM (most of the time), but it's "transparent to the user" DRM that doesn't get in the way, so it feels like less. As an example the PC version of Diablo 3 has an "always online" requirement, the console versions do NOT have that.

Comment Re:Consoles are easy to choose, use, and afford (Score 1) 250

I just don't like the kinds of games that come out on consoles.

What do you mean by that, when they are some of the same games that come out on the PC?

They are mostly intended for kids

Are you from Europe? Because it seems that it's the Europeans that seem to think that consoles are for children. Perhaps it's because SCEE advertises things like Wonderbook, Invizimals, and Eyepet in Europe and don't in the US.

Here in the US, consoles are for everybody.

have no depth, plus they have poor controls, bad gameplay, uninteresting stories, dull characters and inferior visuals.

When they're the same games? Recently a PC gaming magazine had their staff did a list of the top 100 PC games.

Here are their top 10:

1. Half-Life 2
2. Mass Effect 2
3. Bioshock
4. Team Fortress 2
5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
6. Dishonored
7. Grand Theft Auto V
8. Deus Ex
9 Portal
10 Fallout: New Vegas

NONE of those games are PC exclusive. All of them are multiplatform with one or more consoles. I own 8 of them...none of them being the PC version. So if you truly believe that "console games" have uninteresting stories and bad gameplay, what you're really saying is that ALL games have such, because console games and PC games are the SAME GAMES because we live in a multiplatform world. It's not like the NES/SNES days of few multiplatform titles.

There is a reason why every single PC game that was ever brought to consoles sucks.

That's one of the dumbest blanket statements I've ever heard said in our multiplatform world.

It's because it needs to be dumbed down not only to work on the limited controllers, but also dumbed down for the console audience.

Hey buddy, PC gamers are MORE "filthy casuals" than console gamers are! Farmville? It isn't like 1985 when the larger proprotion people playing on PC were playing some turn based D&D derived RPG by JVC or Lord British, or were playing some hex wargame or flight sim from a company founded by some retired colonel.

The PC gamers playing LoL, TF2, or Rocket League are the same sorts of Dudebros playing Transgalactic Tournament, CoD or Rocket League on console. PC gamers aren't any more Cerebral than console gamers. Hell the console gamers playing SRPG's and stuff like Demon/Dark souls are just as focused on min-maxing and stats as any PC MMO addict.


Comment Re:Consoles are easy to choose, use, and afford (Score 1) 250

and what is there to look forward to on consoles is the Flavor of the Month Generic Shooter, or this seasons Sports game with updated rosters.

Perhaps if you looked at the OTHER games besides the ones in the end-of-aisle displays you'd know better than to say that.

Besides, the PC has it's OWN trouble with over-focus on certain genres or games like the WoW/TF2/CS/LoL thing.

Comment Re:Consoles are easy to choose, use, and afford (Score 2) 250

you just made it clear that you are more interested in the way I said something rather than what I said.

In the real world, how we say things matters.

the PC is the superior gaming platform.

For what?

For people whose only game is WoW?
For people who play a single map in LoL/DOTA over and over again?
For those who play cs_office or The warehouse over and over again?
For those who care more about e-peens than actually playing games?
For the former Spectrum lads in western europe and the former commies living in Eastern Europe and Russia who hate consoles because they got so used to pirating everything?

Every platform has it's plusses and minuses, including Windows on X86. It's a trade off. There is no inherent "superiority" in simply spending more money to play the same games.

Sure a console doesn't have flexibility, but when it comes to games that can be a good thing. The PS4 doesn't have to worry about AVG or any other application deciding to update itself, it doesn't have to constantly monitor a printer queue, or maintain a ton of Windows services. You don't have to install a half dozen voip apps to communicate because the community/guild in each game favors a different one, and it already has a 10ft UI better than the steam Big Picture mode.

Its just a shitshow about why its bad for people to hurt each other's fee fees.

It is bad to do that.

I don't care about your fee fees. You want to say that makes me a bad person... fine. I don't care.

Bad Person? Well it does make you an insensitive jerk. People who don't care about the "fee fees" others as you call them... well we have a word for them: psychopaths. They tend to have problems in modern society. Human beings have feelings, and emotions, they matter to many people even if you think they don't.

Comment Re:Those who rent and those who own (Score 1) 250

Why not just use the traditional "open-platform" vs. "closed platform/walled garden" terminology. Though on the PC, Steam itself is a form of "walled garden." in certain ways.

If you were to say that consoles are walled-gardens, I would have no issues with that terminology and would agree.

I would however say that "walled gardens" and "open gardens" BOTH have a place in the modern gaming universe. As do Mobile (including Vita and DS), Console and PC...they all have a place.

Comment Re:Error -103: This software title is not in servi (Score 1) 250

Good question! For most it is still working. IIRC the only PS3 games I have that don't have online play working is Civilization Revolution, which for some strange reason used Gamespy and NOT PSN and the PS3 Ghostbusters game (Atari chose to shut them down)

Everything else seems fine, though the hard part with some older games is that they often don't have "lobbies" so it's hard to find people to play with. Sadly, SCEA never got the idea to use Home as a lobby for lobbyless games.

It's a lot easier to find people playing on the PS4. (and the future "Communities" feature will help too)

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