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Comment Re:The future of private and open tech? (Score 1) 300 300


We've gone from having something like Pidgin being able to run all instant messaging clients ad free to now having to download a separate app for every messager, for example (no one uses the older ones anymore, or they've been shut down).

You can blame the pidgin developers for that, for deciding to NOT implement Voice and video support as was earlier planned. Also, since the Pidgin developers mostly used the finch with XMMP on the console it meant that the protocols especially used by "normal" users got short shrift and didn't keep up featurewise.

You can also blame some of the silly UI changes to pidgin, made by some of those finch using developers that were ill-advised.

Comment Re:Companies Selling Actually Free Software? (Score 1) 300 300

We do have to cut him "some" slack on this because he formulated his movement BEFORE the mass adoption of home computers and gaming.

When he joined the MIT AI Lab, computer access was still pretty much limited to the "bearded priesthood". It's also why I think he needs more pragmatism. He's out of touch with the actual needs of people who "aren't" members of the MIT AI Lab style bearded priesthood. As I've said before, he mostly computes as if it was 1964, since he uses EMACS on the console EMACs originally being macros for TECO.

He just simply doesn't "get" how others use computers and how his views would actually remove the freedom from others to do what THEY wan't to do.

Comment Re:Companies Selling Actually Free Software? (Score 1) 300 300

Hey now, I may be no fan of Stallman, preferring more pragmatism in the open source movement, but I don't consider him a troll.

A better way of putting it might be:

Stallman has a skewed view of "living in the real world" since he squatted at MIT till 1998 and spents most of his time traveling to foreign countries to speak about "free software" now.

Someone should tell him that while foreigners invite him to talk about software freedom, the really care more about free as in beer part of it. Part of the reason hardcore FSF zealots tend to be non-americans is because they were former pirates who simply don't want to pay for software and "free software" now gives them free-as-in-beer software without the guilt.

Comment Re:First let's consolidate all keyboards. (Score 1) 658 658

Why the US Keyboard has a smaller "enter" key compared to the Latin America Keyboard? I fell more important having a big enter key :)

It has a smaller enter key to have a larger delete key

This is the original PC keyboard:

Notice how some of the keys are actually wider at their base than the top of the key. Also notice that the pipe/backslash key is next to the Z key. This keyboard was NOT loved by those who had used other keyboards especially the selectric.

This is the AT keyboard:

It's better, but the delete key is small (1 key width rather than 1.5) and the caps lock is in the wrong place for someone trained on a selectric. Which was just about everyone.

This is the mighty Model M:

It's better even if the return key is small, the only way to make the return key bigger would be to shrink the pipe/backslash to 1 keywidth rather than the 1.5.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 1) 351 351

Doesn't even have to be LOGO these days:

import turtle

It's turtle.pendown all the way down.

Comment Re:But... but? (Score 2) 167 167

LOL ... who the hell still has access to usenet feeds?

For the binaries groups? Obsessive gotta-collect-all-the-media pirates, mostly.

My ISP doesn't have their own netnews server anymore. At first they farmed it out to a third party but still included the service, but then they dropped it entirely.

I've been looking around for a service that suits my needs, I don't need/want binaries and I don't want to have to pay whatever month to something like Giganews to help bankroll the piracy for everyone else.

Comment Re:But... but? (Score 1) 167 167

I have my account, that predates Google taking YouTube over. I've resisted all these years going to G+ or giving them more information....but for that, Ihad to give up being able to post comments and replies not only to other peoples' videos, but even to my own.

You CAN post YouTube comments using the old pre google+ identity. You have to manually switch it to the old identity in settings. See that little icon with your name attached on the upper right of the YouTube main page? Click it and you can tell it to use the old identity. Every once in a while in the past they'd switch it back but they haven't done it in a while.

But we shouldn't have had to do that.

Comment Re:Which is why you just go PC (Score 1) 39 39

And what is your problem with gaming with windows that isn't 1000 times worse on Sony?

Microsoft IS worse than Sony, always has been. Some divisions of Sony might have a "minor" in evil, but Microsoft has a Double-major in evil, a Minor in evil and is professional chair throwing extend embrace extinguish brand evil.

And as to exclusives, those are just games that are arbitarily held hostage by corporations.

So PC centric developers are holding games hostage as well, right?

As to paying less... you're right... we do... we're less stupid.

You don't pay less, you "spend" less, there's a difference. PC gaming is some Ian in the UK or Ivan in Russia spending all his quid or rubles on a PC, and then pirating all his stuff instead of paying less for hardware and then having money for games.

Or you have the guys playing nothing but one map in something like CS/LoL over and over and over and then BRAGGING that they don't buy games.

And then some people wondering why the PC release of multi-platform releases is an afterthought.

Here, let me give you an anecdote, do you know how Gaijin the developers of war thunder finish funding that game's development? They did a console game that was basically a pre-test of War Thunder:

They openly said that without that game, there would have been no War Thunder.

We also have more control over our platform.

That's right you do, but it leads to:

We have mods.

Mods exist because BRICers and Second Worlders are too cheap to buy games. Gamers who play nothing but free mods are why the PC is an afterthought. Sure there may be a few patches as well, but mods are the favorite of gamers who care more about free-as-in-beer than anything else.

We don't have to pay for multiplayer like complete fucktards. I can't believe you console nitwits pay for MP. That's fucking hilarious.

Servers are a continuing expense that cost money to run don't they? PC gamers pay for WoW or EVE subscriptions, right? So they're idiots too because all games should have free multiplayer? PS+ isn't just multiplayer, there are other benefits as well, besides, it's less than one game a year. $49.95. Yeah yeah, spend $$$ on an overpriced video card but $49.95 a year is too much to help pay for server costs.

You keep lusting after shooters that don't work properly on you consoles because you're using the wrong interface.

What interface is that? Who gets to say an interface is wrong? Isn't choice of UI a good thing? Some people might prefer a certain UI some might prefer something different. After all there are mods that change the UI in PC games, isn't there? And if it's controls that you're actually referring to, who says I can't use different controls?

You endlessly talk about how much better console X looks than console Y...

I don't do that, only idiot shooter and sports game only dudebro gamers do that.

The sony and MS consoles are stupid machines for stupid people.

While I wouldn't say that Windows is an OS for stupid people. I do think that just because one can game on a badly designed general purpose OS like Windows...doesn't mean one should.

Comment Re:Which is why you just go PC (Score 1) 39 39

The PS4 and the XboxOne are just limited PCs. There's no reason to own one besides caving to corporate hostage taking techniques and ignorance.

Sure there's a reason. Gaming without Microsoft/Windows, at least if you go Sony or Nintendo. There's also the console exclusive games that have never had a PC release. And the consoles are designed specifically for gaming, you don't have to worry about AVG or whatever deciding it wants to run a scan when you're playing, you don't have to worry about the OS monitoring a print spooler, and all the other things Windows does that isn't gaming.

Console gaming is gaming without the hassle.

Besides, PC gamers only "think" they are the master race. PC gamers are actually the cheapskate piracy lovin bourgeois scum of gaming. Filthy PC gamers right there at the bottom with phone gamers and those filthy dudebro console gamers who only play shooters and sports games

Comment Re:Right ... (Score 1) 117 117

This is not even in the same REALM as what Sony did with the PS3. Sony had absolutely no reason to remove the functionality

They thought they had a reason, they were worried about a Linux exploit leading to easy piracy. Sure there was only "proof of concept" stuff, but they were worried about what "might" happen and took preventative steps.

There were also issues with trying to keep OtherOS working properly, after they let their maintainer go. There was a video output compatibility issue with Linux in one of firmwares just prior to 3.21 . IIRC it was 3.10. And we mustn't forget that the partition schemes weren't optimal in the first place. Either you have 10GB of OtherOS and the rest for GameOS (which somewhat cripples Linux) or you have 10GB to GameOS and the rest to Linux (which seriously cripples GameOS)

and it wasn't optional.

It most certainly was optional. You could keep the older firmware and Linux if you wanted, however since your PS3 was no longer "trusted", you lost access to PSN.

Comment Re:How did slashdot manage to spoil the show? (Score 2) 70 70

Was slashdot actually fast enough in the past that it published news rather than olds?

It was, at least some of the time, on some topics. You'd see "new distro release" posts within a couple hours of a new release.

As for why Slashdot isn't as timely you can blame either:

1. Dice

2. VA

3. Beta

4. The lack of a CowboyNeal option in polls.

5. the reduced number of Soviet russia, Natalie Portman and ??? Profit!, and "you must be new here" jokes.

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