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Comment Re:They can't afford it (Score 1) 412

What I'm actually implying is that YOUR opposition to NMI makes you a right wing reactionary compared to Richard Nixon. Despite my joke, Nixon was no Liberal, but he knew that wage stagnation and inflation was a bad thing. And he also understood that reducing paperwork would save money.

Though IIRC Nixon wanted a version of NMI that worked differently than what congress wanted. He wanted the NMI to ONLY apply to those not receiving a "fair wage" giving businesses the option of either paying a fair wage, or paying for NMI. Watergate happened before Nixon and Congress were able to work out compromises on NMI and Single Payer Healthcare.

I'm also implying that to current Republicans, Richard Nixon would be called a RINO, which is hil-fucking-arious.

Comment Re: HAW HAW (Score 2) 76

Of course she can't, India has MANY "official" languages. It's why English is sometimes the only common language Indians of different regions speak.

India could save itself a LOT of trouble by just making English the "One and Only" official language, but they won't do it because of hard feelings about the Colonial period.

Comment Re:They can't afford it (Score 4, Insightful) 412

Apparently, you are unaware the US discussed having a National Minimum income system over 40 years ago. Both the President and the Congress of the time thought it was a great idea...that President being that filthy pinko socialist/commie....Richard Nixon.

The pilot program for it is still in place...we call it "EIC"

The reason why we DON"T have the full version of it, or single payer Universal Health care (which Nixon was also in favor of) Watergate.

The thing is, NMI saves money and time because you reduce the paperwork because it also replaces all other forms of assistance. No more Section 8 housing vouchers, no more "food-only benefit cards" There's no forms that need to be filled out or documentation on expenses or income...EVERYONE gets it. And because it puts money at the bottom of the economic ladder, said money circulates more times through the economy Wage stagnation is a killer, and this is the cure.

However since NMI wasn't enacted, Wall Street invented it's own fix to keep people spending like they were still middle class (even if they weren't)...they're called credit cards. Bank credit cards are basically Wall Street's/Fortune 500's way of keeping people spending while STILL keeping wages low.

That is not a good thing.

Comment Re:And nothing of value was added ... (Score 1) 133

When the only UI was an ascii terminal, that was very handy. You've got a VT100 with 24 lines only (and maybe a 25th status line). If your typical work cycle is "edit with vi then exist", "compile with cc", "remember line number of error", "edit with vi to fix error", and so on, then being able to do it all from one program is handy.

yes, but we now live in a X11 world, it isn't 1978 anymore. We have systems that can handle multiple applications/windows BETTER than emacs can because that's what it's designed to do.

Emacs started as an editor, well actually a bunch of macros for TECO....all the other stuff it can do is basically grafted on cruft designed for a computing past that doesn't exist anymore. And who uses all that cruft? People who were members of the bearded priesthood in the 70's who are still trying to live in computings past.

Comment Re:And nothing of value was added ... (Score 1) 133

I must confess, I've never grasped this incessant need to do everything from within emacs. I find it tends to create people who spend endless hours honing their editor instead of doing their jobs, and who suddenly can't do anything without all the training wheels they've added.

They do it because thats all they know. They started using computers as the bearded priesthood in the 70's at MIT or Stanford when all they had was some Terminal with some wacky keyboard with waaaaay too many modifier keys.

Remember that emacs started as a set of macros for TECO, which was written in 1964. They Modified emacs to basically handle multiple applications and be a windowing system before there were any available windowing systems. Using emacs to do multiple things let one visually see the applications/processes/files in a way that "screen" or the standard process control functions can't do. For example, the picture of an Emacs session on wikipedia is basically showing it acting like Norton Commander would on early DOS machines.

So essentially Stallman and the other Emacs grognards use Emacs as their GUI.

Comment Re:Let's Play (Score 1) 111

You've got it confused. You're the one living in the low-rent housing project.

No, you've got it confused. Check the Steam hardware stats sometime. Plenty of PC gamers are using hardware less capable than a PS4. (Seems to be budget laptops) Sure, there's always some guys with more capable rigs, but that's not the masses. The masses are playing games that really don't need much hardware (F2P MOBAS, F2P shooters and WoW) on budget laptops.

Comment Re:Let's Play (Score 1) 111

Do you think I give a shit about the Playstation at all?

Well then, why suggest that Sony add a livestreaming feature as a default feature (which it already is and has been for over 2 years) unless you gave a shit.

What does Sony currently call their live streaming feature?

They call it simply "Share"

Yes.... oh enlightened one do you know and can explain such things to us ordinary plebes?

By my standards, the average PC gamer, especially those in the UK or Europe, are ignorant plebes that are barely gamers at all. They tend to not know anything about any other gaming besides their tiny niche of it. Whether that niche be The Barrens, Summoners Rift, de_dust or The Warehouse. Or perhaps some Cricket, Soccer or F1 game for the "mates" in the UK. They know zilch about console gaming. In fact their knowledge of consoles seems stuck in 1985 (especially the piracy-happy Euro-gamers)

I've seen all sorts of ignorant statements by the PC Gamers over the years, from PC gamers who claim to be gamers, know games and know technology.

I saw one claim that the PS2's CPU was too slow to keep up with a broadband network connection (giving some math that made no sense at all), and thusly wasn't capable of doing an MMORPG. This statement was made AFTER the PS2 already had TWO. When he was called out on his totally whack math and ignorance, he doubled down and wouldn't admit to not knowing what he was talking about.

I saw one claim that there would never be an MMORPG on a console, also after there were already two. Then when called out, claimed said MMORPG's weren't REAL MMORPG's. That a REAL MMORPG, had to have crafting, guilds, message systems, chat systems....which both of those games had.

I saw another claim that there would never be an MMO on a console because they lacked keyboards. when confronted on the fact that consoles had USB ports for a reason, doubled down and said that keyboards wouldn't work and that those ports weren't for keyboards anyway. It was then pointed out that said keyboard using MMO's already existed on consoles.

I've seen one say something like: "consoles suck because they would never have games like Deus Ex, Half LIfe or X-Com" This was AFTER those 3 games had seen console ports. When it was pointed out that said games were already on consoles, said PC gamer claimed it wasn't true, doubled-down and directly said those 3 games were PC only.

Or another claiming that RTS would never be on consoles....when there had already been RTS's on consoles and that the RTS genre originated on consoles in the first place. The first RTS was designed to make fast paced strategy game for consoles. Herzog Zwei, look it up. It was the game that inspired Westwood to do Dune II.

Or PC gamer magazines former RPG guy, Desslock, who used to call console games "mushroom man games" and his ideas on console games seemed set in 1985 and never updated. He once claimed that the reason he didn't like consoles there were no strategy or RPG games on consoles and that when he looked on the shelves for them he didn't recognize any strategy or RPG titles.

One of his former co-workers actually called him out on this, saying a simple google search would have shown otherwise and he began suggesting titles for him to play. Some time later (maybe 2 years)...Desslocks last column for PC Gamer listed "4 must play RPG's". 3 of them were cross-platform titles and the last was a PS3 only RPG at that time.

Or more recently some dumb PC gamer said that the MOBA genre would NEVER be on consoles. This statement was made AFTER there were MOBAs on consoles.

Comment Re:Let's Play (Score 1) 111


If Sony is doing to be adding hooks into their consoles to encourage YouTubers to make videos of games on those consoles as some sort of special console feature.... I'd be very supportive of the idea. The one click hooks that Mojang put into Minecraft (to give an example) that allows content to be streamed directly to Twitch could be expanded upon and simply installed by default into the next upgrade of the PlayStation line for all games played on that console.

The PS4 has had the ability to stream to Twitch and Ustream since the Launch of the November of 2013. Where the hell have you been to NOT know this? Living in the PC Gaming Ghetto?

Comment Re:why bother (Score 1) 364

I'd totally own a PS4 but my wife says no, I've spent enough building my sweet gaming PC and anyway, I'm not allowed to sit in the living room playing games in front of the big TV in my underwear because I make funny faces and noises when I play.

Heh. Though if you ever do have the spare cash for the PS4, you could hook the thing up to your PC's monitor (if it has HDMI). That actually works fairly well if you play the MMO's available on console, or ran Linux on your PS2/PS3, or both.

Comment Re:VLC (Score 1) 89

You don't. Why connect your TV to VLC, when you can use DLNA to access any of the content the DLNA server is shared, not just what is playing in VLC. Including Music and Photos. Just use a DLNA server on the PC. Heck, some routers have built in DLNA servers, add external storage to the router and you're good to go.

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