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Comment: Re:Go home, photons, you're drunk. (Score 1) 139

by electrosoccertux (#48892003) Attached to: Scientists Slow the Speed of Light

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Massless particles travel at c in their local frame of reference, always. Having mass in the way just makes the path it takes longer. The researchers who "stopped" light trapped it inside a crystal, while it was "stopped" the energy existed as excited atoms inside the crystal.

From an outside perspective light can appear to be propagating very slowly, but from the perspective of the photon it is always traveling at the same speed. In this vein though, I wonder if it's correct to say that light propagates instantly and we only observe a time dimension because we are traveling through time.

hm, they should make a movie about that

Comment: Re:Sounds suspiciously like welfare. (Score 0) 109

by electrosoccertux (#48782333) Attached to: Cryptocurrency Based Basic Income Program Started In Finland

"Unwilling != incapable"


We throw away ~half the food we produce in this country. We burn it or bury it, but god forbid we give it away.

Likewise, we happily pay to incarcerate a larger percentage of our population than any other country in the world, but we'll be *damned* if we will let people have a little apartment - which would be cheaper.


wow, this sinks to a new level of cognitive dissonance

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