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Comment: Re:What will it take to run a 2-hour marathon? (Score 1) 254

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About 2 hours


... Philippides, the one who acted as courier, is said to have used it first in our sense when he brought the news of victory from Marathon and addressed the magistrates in session when they were anxious how the battle had ended ; "Joy to you, we've won" he said, and there and then he died, breathing his last breath with the words "Joy to you". – Lucian translated by K.Kilburn.

so since it killed him, naturally, the first thing we do is try the same thing!
no wonder marathoners look like cancer survivors...

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They've actually been one of the fairest reviewers of AMD that I've seen. Consistently choosing non-Intel-optimized benchmarks. It's one of the reasons I kept going to them. I actually think it was a bit unfair to ditch the 640x480 game tests. In 4 years, I want to know how well my game is going to perform when the CPU can't keep up.

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Ok, I guess, as long as it is not an Apple product. If it is, then all that is thrown out of the window and the product is deemed "great" and worth the extra cost. This is most obvious in the smartphone sections. For example you can read the "android user on an iPhone 5S" article, and he lists all those important limitations of iOS that would definitely turn any Android user away, but says they are "temporary" and inexplicably concludes that iOS is not a worse experience. Similarly, supposedly they would test all important smartphone releases, however they review each iphone multiple times (seriously, check it out), then some popular Androids and that's it. They missed things like the N9, which was probably the best phone when it came out (as I had an iPhone, an Android and a N9 at the time), and don't try anything that could appear too price competitive to Apple devices (like Xiaomi). The Mac/Macbook etc reviews are similarly biased, the site seems to be in awe of Apple and everything they make. As an owner of a Mac Pro, a Mac Mini, 3 iPhones (all company provided) and the experience with them and all Apple products in our company, I am not similarly awed (I could write long stories here).

So, yeah, Anandtech, while it is not as good as it used to be, it is probably still (one of) the best (although for PSUs and an alternative take on GPUs you should look at HardOCP), but be wary of the Apple bias.

but it -is- worth the extra cost.

I don't care what you think, a $150 billion liquid cash savings account is proof that they're doing something right.
1. marketing
2. flawless design
3. fantastically controlled experience

I don't use one, probably never will, but I'm not an idiot with 1/4" thick bifocals that can't see what makes it a good phone for most of the population. Every time I touch one I'm happy to use it.

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