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Comment Re:as always.... (Score 1) 204 204

"NASA is thinking about making these companies take out insurance policies"

Who do you think can make a better actuarial judgment of the risk, NASA or an insurance company? The government is certainly large enough to be self insured, which is in the long run cheaper than paying an insurance company which intends to make a profit to assume the risk.

And, forcing the private launch service companies to take out insurance adds even more cost, by adding another level of administration to pass the money through.

but that's the whole point!!! pushing money through the stratosphere, not just into it. money is often refered to as liquidity because you can practically burn it like rocket fuel when

eh, ideas stopped there

Comment Re:I believe it... (Score 1) 327 327

There are few things that bug me more than a page load delay waiting for an ad url to respond.

or when the page formatting isn't set up right and when it renders it pops the browser view around. hm, I suppose the browser window could be modified to detect this stabilize keep the view ...

Comment Re:Messy IEEE article (Score 1) 64 64

That's because in american health care system we have to 10 CEO's before the patient is allowed to the see the doctor first.

In france they lowered it to just 3 ceo's

as opposed to many eastern european countries where Americans and those with cash under the table see the doctor first. Unless you don't want to wake up...

Comment Re:Don't buy based on any promises (Score 2) 35 35

Last summer I bought a Nvidia Tegra Note 7 tablet based on promises that Android 5 (Lollipop) was coming out for it "real soon". They even stated that it was easy to port Lollipop on the Tegra Note 7 since it was basically a stock Android design with little or on deviation from the standard design. That "real soon" slipped to February of 2015 and when February 2015 came and went Nvidia became strangely mute on the subject, ignoring customers' inquiries.

What you describe is basically every tablet seller out there save for Google themselves. They save the new versions for their upcoming products, and only after those get put out do they update the old stuff.

what about their GTX 970 design, top of the line generation that just came out, that has 512MB of VRAM that runs 87.5% slower than the main GDDR5, causing massive hitching and stuttering in any games that use more than 3.5 of the 4GB onboard?

what's that? you say they patched it?

yeah, and the company that conceived such a thing to begin with will also be the company to remove the patch in a year's time to get people to upgrade.

Comment diluting the market (Score 5, Interesting) 249 249

Like most low end Chevy vehicles it'll probably be a complete shame and do the meaning of the word 'electric', that Tesla has worked so hard to craft prestige into, a disservice. 200 miles isn't enough. People will walk away from electric like they walked away from Atari going 'huh, video games are dumb'.

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