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Comment: Re:Go home, photons, you're drunk. (Score 1) 139

by electrosoccertux (#48892003) Attached to: Scientists Slow the Speed of Light

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Massless particles travel at c in their local frame of reference, always. Having mass in the way just makes the path it takes longer. The researchers who "stopped" light trapped it inside a crystal, while it was "stopped" the energy existed as excited atoms inside the crystal.

From an outside perspective light can appear to be propagating very slowly, but from the perspective of the photon it is always traveling at the same speed. In this vein though, I wonder if it's correct to say that light propagates instantly and we only observe a time dimension because we are traveling through time.

hm, they should make a movie about that

Comment: Re:Sounds suspiciously like welfare. (Score 0) 109

by electrosoccertux (#48782333) Attached to: Cryptocurrency Based Basic Income Program Started In Finland

"Unwilling != incapable"


We throw away ~half the food we produce in this country. We burn it or bury it, but god forbid we give it away.

Likewise, we happily pay to incarcerate a larger percentage of our population than any other country in the world, but we'll be *damned* if we will let people have a little apartment - which would be cheaper.


wow, this sinks to a new level of cognitive dissonance

Comment: doesn't need to be faster (Score 1) 65

by electrosoccertux (#48756613) Attached to: Wireless Charging Standards Groups Agree To Merge

couple things:

* you need to buy a quality Qi charger. Lots of the cheap ones on Amazon are aweful. Having purchased 11 and shipped back 7 to Amazon, I personally recommend the Gmyle Qi black pad, but they are out of stock of the microUSB port one in black (useful if you want to rapid charge faster). A good charger does 750mA screen on, 1A screen off. There are some apps with the ability to monitor current draw, set to log when screen off so you can track performance. Many of the cheaper chargers will start at 1A but after a weak peter out to 400mA or so which, I agree, is too slow. Usually replacing the wall-wart with a solid supply is all that's necessary, or just buy a better Qi charger.
* you have one at your desk at work, and at home at your computer, and by your night stand. For $10 each that's cheap convenience. You leave it on the pad any time you're at the station.
* your current solution of just using the quick charge still wears out the microUSB port. I mounted a pad inside the CD tray of my car using rubber feet as guides. Pretty convenient, but most trips are short enough that I need to use a rapid charger.

Comment: Re:frankly, I think it's awesome (Score 1) 437

by electrosoccertux (#48739483) Attached to: Netflix Cracks Down On VPN and Proxy "Pirates"

oh, ok.

There was a china one just a couple months ago, then this one, and then one in the last few years I thought.

Also, on every single A-320 flight I've been on, during takeoff and once during landing, there has been a violent, high frequency vibration/shudder throughout the entire plane, right as the plane nose-ups and leaves the runway.

It doesn't worry me, but I do think it's ridiculous that they allowed that past QA. I'm not making this up, and it's not just me, I've recognized it at least 4 times. I use this to fuel my anti-european sentiments.

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