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you can google for them as much I'm not an expert but TWRs are one, the LFTR we had during research in the 40s was regularly shut down passively and started back up-- the "off" is a solidified salt plug that melts if the blow loses power that's keeping it cooled/chilled/melted; and Pebble Bed reactors use neutron cross section broadening to slow the reaction the hotter they get. The later ones have expensive waste reprocessing (hey, good for the economy), the LFTR and TWR can eat our existing 70k tons stored in Yucca mountain, and their waste only need be stored for 300 years, not 10,000.

France has been 95% nuclear for 20 years now or so.
Even the AP1000's are just GenII+ designs, not truly modern age because, we won't approve newer, safer reactor designs because Nuclear Is Unsafe. Green and Liberals of all people should be hardcore for nuclear. It requires excessive government regulation, costs a lot to set up (but is worth it), and would let us easily halve if not quarter our carbon emissions from Coal plants. It doesn't matter how much cap/tax we do, it's going to be a drop in the bucket compared to China. Thankfully, at least they're buiding LFTR to look into.

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I have modpoints but I'm still waiting for some of you fucktards to figure out you're talking about a 50 year old reactor design

and post instead about, you know, a modern design, or even a, gasp, non weaponizeable design, that has a self limiting reaction and doesn't need water to cool it.

apparently nobody has any idea, and your liberal/green propqganda lies are going to propagate for yet another generation of idiocrats because no one stands in your way to correct you for me to mod up

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