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Comment: efficient prediction/interp also necessary (Score 1) 33

Oculus says any less than 90fps will cause motion sickness....

Does the Sony running at 60fps have this problem?

side note: Alex Vlachos is the head of something-or-the-other-VR-development at Valve and gave a fascinating presentation at GDC2015 which GDC Vault has kindly opened up viewing of for free. This is where parent's 90fps comment came from.

What I found particularly interesting was their use of interpolation combined with efficient stacking of GPU API calls in advance of the next V-Sync to ensure the GPU hits the frame sync immediately. Their pipelined architecture predicts 2 frames in advance, updates the predictions for the frames with the latest head-trajectory calculations right before dispatch, and can blah blah go watch the video. He's an entertaining personality, talks fast to keep you engaged, and covers the content quite efficiently. In fact, I'm going to go re-watch it right.

Comment: Re: RTFA (Score 3, Interesting) 243

by electrosoccertux (#49756769) Attached to: California Votes To Ban Microbeads

A medical centrifuge accelerates this process dramatically....

really? how long will it take you to filter sewage with a medical centrifuge?

And if not, then we need to look at other means of processing the water. Possibly some sort of industrial centrifuge would be a good idea?

Why why why does every single municipal sewage treatment plant on the entire planet need a massive upgrade because there are people out there who cannot stand the concept of having dead skin cells on their faces?

you shouldn't even need microbeads for facial skin exfoliation, acid masks are $15 for a bottle that lasts for like, a year. the acid dissolves the glue holding the dead layer of skin on, and then it slowly falls off. No exfoliation needed, just 5-10 minutes of applying the mask then rinse off.*

*I am a man. I looked into this as a means of regrowing/replacing skin that was damaged from acne when I was much much younger, so young in fact that I came up with my silly username

Comment: Re:Meh... (Score 1) 243

by electrosoccertux (#49756741) Attached to: California Votes To Ban Microbeads

This isn't the first time that I've seen mention of this. If I'm remembering previous articles correctly, these beads are ending up being consumed by very small sea creatures, who cannot process them, who then are eaten by bigger sea creatures, who also cannot process them, etc, until they build up in large concentrations toward the top of the foodchain to poison those alpha predators. There's concern for humans that eat those largest animals too.

Honestly I'm surprised that they were legal in the first place, but if there wasn't an explicit law against them then I guess the companies that have manufactured and used them were free to do so regardless of any perceived morality on the matter.

I'm kinda disappointed, the Crest 3D toothpaste in the blue tube was the first one that actually manages to maintain teeth whiteness for me

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