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Comment: Re:Russian steep price (Score 1) 100

Everyone has lazy and unproductive workers. Why should any worker give half a fuck about his company if he can clearly see that even the CEOs are trying their best to milk it for all it's worth and then move on to the next corporation to pump and dump?

There is no work ethic left. On no level of the work force. What I see today in our economy reminds me in a stunningly way of what went down in the former communist countries. Same shit. Same mismanagement with the same disillusioned workforce, with everyone trying his best to waste as little energy as possible doing work, knowing that if he put in more all that would be his reward is more workload shifted onto him. Mostly because it just doesn't friggin' matter whether you try to work hard or whether you slack. Your chances for promotion are zero, your chances to get fired are not influenced at all by how you work. So why bother with anything?

There is simply no identification with your workplace anymore, and no faith in the ones steering the company's course.

And bluntly, whether you think your politicians are greedy, selfish idiots with zero qualification for their job and no well being in their mind aside of their own, or whether you think your boss is like this, where exactly is the difference between public and private sector?

can you find a good reason to bother treating your employees well? what's to say they won't just do what you're doing right now?

Comment: if by "much higher efficiency" you mean 40% vs 25% (Score 1) 257

by electrosoccertux (#49061665) Attached to: Tesla Factory Racing To Retool For New Models

If you think burning fossil fuels in an ICE at 25% efficiency is green, then keep on sending your money to the terrorists.... EVs emit less CO2 than ICE cars even if the electricity comes from dirty coal because there is much higher efficiency at all stages.

if by "much higher efficiency" you mean 40% vs 25%

then yes.

factor in transmission line losses (6%) and charging losses (10-20%)

and it's not so much more efficient.

Comment: Re:It worked so well for Barbie Coder.... (Score 1) 254

right. but they don't seem interested in giving experience, they seem more interested in shoveling children around to fit their cart-before-the-horse assumption that development teams would be 50/50 guys/girls if there were no stereotypes.

that sort of shoveling is what confused me for so long-- lots of people I knew better than telling me they were an expert on what _I_ was feeling and experiencing, and discrediting _my_ subjective experience in order to fit _their_ agenda. They weren't bringing me any freedom.

It is not for me to attempt to fathom the inscrutable workings of Providence. -- The Earl of Birkenhead