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Comment: why did Samsung have Exynos if weren't using it? (Score 1) 27

by electrosoccertux (#49521485) Attached to: For High-End CPUs, Qualcomm Ditches TSMC For Samsung

can anyone explain why Samsung went to the trouble of designing Exynos if they weren't going to use it everywhere?

From what I can tell they were used in their foreign mobile offerings (international Galaxy versions), possibly because of different LTE patents required for US use, and possibly due to less competition from handset manufacturers meant they didn't need to differentiate on performance. Still, I'm surprised one would go to the trouble designing their own SOC and not go to the trouble of using that R&D investment everywhere.

Comment: Re:He's good. (Score 2, Insightful) 198

Not to mention that defrauding banksters isn't the crime it is made out to be

Actually, even if you've managed to delude yourself into thinking that it's OK to steal from people you don't like, defrauding bankers hurts us all here. Here's why: 1) It costs the bank's customers through higher credit interest and lower debit interested 2) If the bank fails customers are likely to lose out (although most individual customers will have their deposits guaranteed by the state) 3) The state guarantees deposits of individual customers (up to a certain limit) so, if the state has to bail out those customers, we all pay.

banks don't fail over $1.8m if they weren't going to fail already.

The banks can't just raise rates to make up for it, either, then customers will go elsewhere. If anything this just encourages banks to operate with more efficiency.

Comment: foreign policy (Score 1) 341

I'm more concerned about the effect this has on peoples' perception of our foreign policy. If people understood exactly how easy it is to build a Uranium atomic bomb (I understand we're talking about hydrogen here), they might feel very differently about being ok with Iran saying no to UN or IAEA regulator snooping.

Hydrogen bomb knowledge is still not exactly common (like the uranium bomb knowledge is) so I can understand and even support their interest here. This isn't even about domestic consumption, anybody here could figure it out how to find the info if they really wanted, it's about foreign power

Comment: Re:FMH (Score 1) 128

by electrosoccertux (#49305603) Attached to: Why Is the Grand Theft Auto CEO Also Chairman of the ESRB?


Perhaps you've forgotten what it was like to be young. I, for one, am very glad for my childhood for the protective measures that were placed around sexuality. The overwhelming support for them speaks volumes to the reality. You're an outlier. Your experience may be different, but it's still an outlier.

Comment: Re:Okay but... (Score 1) 128

by electrosoccertux (#49298617) Attached to: Why Is the Grand Theft Auto CEO Also Chairman of the ESRB?

I strongly recommend watching "This Film is Not Yet Rated"... it applies just as well to the ESRB as it does to the MPAA.

yeah, maybe not. that move is a complete waste of time.

from a non-pessimistic viewpoint, it actually makes a sort of sense that the head of the publisher of the most controversial, well selling rating-pushing game would be the head of the rating agency. He has more experience with parents fussing than anyone

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