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Comment Re:What truly makes me sad however... (Score 1) 407

Yeah this was a MEDIA issue. I read it in my weekly reader and my liberal progressive teacher opined on our sad fate. Kids whose parents used aerosols were told they were evil, etc.
Good thing that doesn't happen today, we're waaaaaay "evolved" beyond that today.
Yeah this global warming issue is all about SCIENCE, that's right, every scientist in the world is in agreement with each other on this POLITICAL ISSUE.
There is NOT a MEDIA FULL COURT PRESS going on to push a religious cause so that globalization can be implemented under the guise of SAVING the planet (Al Gore stage right!!!)
There is not an army of fan-boys railing on one side or another about it, nope. It is settled SCIENCE....hmm, by the by, when did SCIENCE become settled?

Comment Re:What truly makes me sad however... (Score 1) 407

All these guys disagree with you!They are REAL scientists doing science, scientifically using the scientific method. Good thing SCIENCE allows people to question weak theories that have NEVER been proven. If it didn't I guess it would be like, hmmm, a RELIGION.

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