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Comment: Fuck the playstation (Score 2, Informative) 187

by dunkelfalke (#49097815) Attached to: Why Sony Should Ditch Everything But the PlayStation

TFA writer is seriously myopic thinking that his console is more important than anything else. It would be s shame for Sony - for sll their faults they still are a quite impressive manufacturer - to be reduced to a one trick pony. And for what? A bloody game console? Why would anyone need another Nintendo? Besides, consoles cripple games. Deus Ex 2 could have been a much better game if not for consoles. And as for the xperia phones, they are actually decent. ANT+ support and IP55/56 is very handy outdoors.

Comment: Re:Can't eat what you don't grow (Score 2) 690

by dunkelfalke (#49017499) Attached to: Free-As-In-Beer Electricity In Greece?

No it doesn't make any sense at all. USA and Canada both were much more modern and rich countries in 1917. Russia on the other hand was badly beaten in the first world war, had a civil war, was invaded by foreign armed forces in 1918, was invaded by Poland in 1919 and was almost destroyed in WW2. USA and Canada, on the other hand, weren't, their infrastructure was intact and their human losses in both world wars were ridiculously small. Technologically Russia was at least 50 years behind USA in 1917, the life expectancy was 25 years lower. By 1960 a parity was reached. Soviet Russia started with a 24% literacy and ended with 99.8%. All that is a huge success in my book.
There were enough people from poorer countries trying to get to USSR because the standards of living there were higher than in their home countries. That is a normal process.
Basically you comparing a spoiled trust fund baby with somebody who started piss poor and even though that piss poor guy was able to rise quite high, since he wasn't as rich as the trust fund guy at the end, he was a loser in your eyes. That is a very childish view, to be honest.

Oh, and by the way, speaking of threatening the lives of people trying to run away from it, USA currently incarcerates almost as many people as Stalin had in his worst years. Good job, I say. That is what I call freedom you can be proud of.

Comment: Re:Can't eat what you don't grow (Score 2) 690

by dunkelfalke (#49016389) Attached to: Free-As-In-Beer Electricity In Greece?

What else do you want to compare it with? Every other comparison would be apples-to-oranges. You can only compare it with what came before or what came after. Matter of fact, of all the former soviet republics only one has somewhat higher standards of living than before. Besides, you act as if Stalin was in power 1917-1991. But this sort of delusion is common to Americans, some of them asked me whether Hitler was still the head of state in Germany - in the late nineties.

Comment: Re:Can't eat what you don't grow (Score 1) 690

by dunkelfalke (#49016031) Attached to: Free-As-In-Beer Electricity In Greece?

Matter of fact yes, USSR was very much a success, compared to its predecessor. The backwards Russian empire that was a century behind the developed world was transformed into a comparatively modern country that was finally able to feed itself (the last famine was in 1947, USSR was dissolved in 1991), while Russian empire had famines every 10 years or so. They've put the first man into space for fuck's sake, just 15 years after the most devastating war in the world's history!
Life expectancy at birth in 1960 was twice (!!!) of the life expectancy in 1900.
Could have been better if there was no need for fear of yet another foreign invasion.

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