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Comment: Re:So the concept of Putlerbot sockpuppet is true! (Score 1) 176

by dunkelfalke (#49802053) Attached to: Professional Internet Troll Sues Her Former Employer

The closest equivalent in English is "you have fucked up".
You are welcome.

And my Serbian friends never use this kind of speech when they think I can hear them - they are well aware that I understand what they say. You may speak with your friends however you like, but I am not your friend.

Comment: Re:So the concept of Putlerbot sockpuppet is true! (Score 1) 176

by dunkelfalke (#49801861) Attached to: Professional Internet Troll Sues Her Former Employer

Is it more likely that hundreds/thousands of Russian citizens are utterly delusional to the point of insanity, all the while being perfectly Internet savvy, or that there are propaganda firms working for Putin to control the Western public opinion regarding things such as Ukraine? I find the latter much more likely.

Well, first of all, Russians who actually speak English can get a much better job than that. Second, the government propaganda in the Western mass media has shaped the public opinion regarding Russia for over a century now. It would be a waste of time. Third, Putin stopped caring about what West thinks about Russia two years ago. Previously you could see that he sort of tried to build a working relationship with EU and USA, but it was very much an one-sided effort. So he stopped caring and annexed Crimea. And fourth, you underestimate the number of internet savvy Russians, I think because this part of the internet exists outside of what most people usually see - same for Chinese internet.

Tu si se zajebo. Sasvim solidno "citam" srpski i ostale bivse Yugo jezike, osim makedonskog.

There is no need for this kind of vulgar speech. It is good for you that you can read Serbian. Also in cyrillic or is this the reason why you have a problem with Macedonian? Because for me it is not more difficult than understanding Serbian (I speak Russian pretty well and also have learned Czech).
Anyway, then you might have seen a Putin paid shill indeed.

Comment: Re:So the concept of Putlerbot sockpuppet is true! (Score 2, Insightful) 176

by dunkelfalke (#49801285) Attached to: Professional Internet Troll Sues Her Former Employer

Not really, no. Russian government shills are only used inside the country, to calm down dissent. They won't do their work on any English language website - what for? Basically, if you don't speak Russian, you won't see them. The only exception might be Serbia, but my guess is, you don't speak Serbian either.

Comment: Re:EU food ban? (Score 1) 85

The import ban for food was supposed to hurt Poland - the loudest supporter for sanctions - first and foremost, and I think that worked out pretty well. I still remember Poland begging other EU countries to buy as many of their apples as possible. It also hurt Greece a lot, making this a problem of the whole euro-zone.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 1) 396

That half of your immigrant population that comes outside EU is mostly a legacy of UK being a former empire. If skilled immigrants from the EU would have it more difficult than they have now, they will just move elsewhere where they are more welcome. I mean, why should Poles and Lithuanians go to UK if they have jump through a lot of hoops to do that if they can just as well go to USA?
And UK will just get more people from Pakistan.

And when it comes to the retirees, thanks to EU, health insurance and government pension funds are interconnected, making it easier for the retirees to live anywhere in the EU using the local services (this is why, by the way, I am going to retire to Czech Republic or Slovakia - it is very easy for a EU citizen to do and I already speak the language somewhat). For non-EU citizens using the local health services would be much more difficult.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 2) 396

The greatest lie is a half-truth.

Greece had almost a million civil servants in 2012 and apparently even Americans know that. That is not just people working for the government, that are people with a secure job for life. The population of Greece was 11 millions in 2012. Looks like indeed 10% of greek population consists of civil servants. Labour force in Greece is about 5 millions so whooping 20% of the labour force are civil servants in Greece, not 7%.
Just FYI, Germany has the same amount of civil servants, but 8 times the population/labour force. There are more people working for the German government than that, of course, but they are just salaried employees.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 2) 396

Poland is what they call an "asshole victim". Right after WW1 they've invaded soviet Russia and annexed half of Ukraine and Belarus, including both their capitals. And in 1938 they have helped Hitler with carving up Czechoslovakia.

The grudge between Poland and Russia is very much mutual - if you read up some history you will see that Poland and Russia fought quite a lot of wars and more often than not Poland started them.

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