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Comment Re:The above is informative ? (Score 1) 515

So you basically admit that people are "upset" about an imaginary threat that doesn't currently exist, and is unlikely to ever exist?

I knew you were stupid, but I didn't know you were that stupid. Guantanamo Bay is an American concentration camp for abducted muslims and most of them were released after they finally had access to a lawyer after many years of being imprisoned for nothing. The only two differences to Auschwitz are
1) you don't gas the prisoners yet, just torture them.
2) it is on Cuban soil, not in Poland.

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 653

Sweden is a part of Europe, but Sweden is not the whole Europe, that was the point.
In Germany, they are indeed called "bio", not "ecological". Czech also call it "bio" and if I remember correctly, so do the French. Sweden is probably a minority in the matter.

Comment Re:Hang on a minute... (Score 1) 728

As much as I dislike what Poettering does, many things with Unix and Linux are built the way they are because either it was something supposed to be a temporary hack but stayed this way by the sheer force of inertia or because it made sense decades ago, doesn't make sense anymore, but is considered a holy cow because "we've always done it this way".

Comment The summary is misleading (Score 4, Informative) 280

I have read TFA (and no, I am most certainly not new here) and it is full of hypothetical blah blah. Basically, some lawyer thinks that when the food has been artistically arranged, one has to ask the chef first before making photos, or one possibly might receive a cease-and-desist letter if the chef sees the photo and is in the mood for writing one. Never happened so far but maybe possibly might happen some day. Also can happen if the eating place owner generally doesn't allow taking photos.

Comment Re:basic income? (Score 1) 751

No, I mean without the intervention into the civil war, without Hitler invading, without Curtis LeMay constantly trying to get a permission to start the bombing, without U2 spying in the skies, without sabotage by Western intelligence agencies, without being surrounded by nuclear missiles.

Could have been a whole different country and Stalin probably would have been just some middle management functionary.

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