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Comment: Re:Profit over safety (Score 2) 121 121

Nope. Cutting corners it was.
The reactor was designed by cutting corners - enlarging a military reactor the scientists developed 20 years earlier and without a containment (too expensive and nuclear power were considered safe anyway). It was built by cutting corners - utilizing unqualified and uncaring workers, who were faking weld seams. It was operated by cutting corners - qualified people weren't employed - using former conventional power plant operators instead. The experiment ran by cutting corners - instead of waiting for a day due to reactor poisoning, the night shift manager decided to continue nevertheless.

Oh, and due to a quite similar accident on the Leningrad power plant, which happened in 1975, the reactors of RBMK type were to be modified, but not immediately, only when reactors went offline for maintenance - cutting corners again. Guess on which day the Chernobyl reactor #4 was to be shut down for maintenance?

The experiment itself was just the last straw. The actual reason for all this was a very very long string of cutting corners.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) 349 349

Oh, but I do. Learn the actual history, not the conservapedia variation.

"The Shah was deposed and exiled in 1941, and his son, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, was crowned in his place."

Or here:

"The British wanted to restore the Qajar Dynasty to power, because they had served British interests well prior to Reza Shah's reign. But the heir to the throne, Hamid Hassan Mirza, was a British citizen who spoke no Persian. Instead (with the help of Foroughi), Crown Prince Mohammad Reza Pahlavi took the oath to become the Shah of Iran.[21] Reza Shah was arrested before he was able to leave Tehran, and placed into British custody. He was sent to exile as a British prisoner in South Africa, where he died in 1944."

See? Like I said, you are a bloody liar as you have always been.

Comment: Re:Profit over safety (Score 3, Informative) 121 121

Here in Germany there was a minor scandal because Vattenfall - a private company - kept quiet about a hydrogen explosion and the ensuing cooling water loss in one of their nuclear power plants (INES 1, but still), and continuing to operate the power plant after quickly patching some pipes. This is against every law for operation of nuclear power plants. It were government officials, who found out about the problem and the company tried to talk themselves out of it.

Comment: Re:Precedent (Score 1) 63 63

Precedent cases can be used as a source of argumentation by the lawyer, but ultimately it is up to the judge to decide how to interpret the law. This is why similar cases can have completely different rulings, but usually haven''t, since the law framework, on which judges base their decisions, is generally the same.

Comment: Re:French citizens should be looking at Greece (Score 1) 325 325

A much bigger problem? Have you actually read the linked page? The Greek grey market is at 24% of their GDP. That means a whole quarter of all business transactions in Greece is untaxed. I bet most of their "unemployed" are actually moonlighting and collecting unemployment benefits at the same time. I have no sympathy for them whatsoever and I don't see why my taxes should pay for that crap. I mean, yes, there are always some freeloaders, I can live with that. But normally they are a tiny minority, not a whole bloody country full of them.

Comment: Re:Coral dies all the time (Score 1) 124 124

Maybe if you would just started thinking before you write something, just for once.

Yes, corals die easily, and some survive and adapt. But only if the change is small enough to allow the survival of some. If the change is strong enough or happens too quickly, there won't be any survivals.

And as for trees, sure the trees were planted. But they were planted where the trees used to grow and were cut in first place.

It is the same in every post you write. You accuse others of being stupid but you yourself are unable to look beyond superficial, unable to see interrelationships, too dense to understand positive feedback loops and unintended consequences.

Hold on to the root.