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Comment Re:Nature provides the solution (Score 1) 131

There was no distinction between Russians and Ukrainians (and Belarusians too, by the way) until the late Middle Ages, when the Old East Slavic language started to drift apart into Old Russian and Ruthenian due to the area being divided by Lithuanian and Mongolian conquerors. The Lithuanian part much later became the Ukraine and Belarus, the Mongolian part later became Russia after Mongols were overthrown.

Then again, circa 500CE there were neither, it is way before Kievan Rus' was even founded, so at that time that area was just settled by Eastern Slavic tribes and Finns with some Viking settlements along the large waterways.

Comment Re:Why does EU need GM? (Score 1) 325

Yes, that's a remnant of Europe's dark times, where it was composed of totalitarian nation states engaging in protectionism and warfare. It's time to end that nonsense.

Food security is maybe the most important thing a government can do besides upholding the law.

And the "general population" gets what it wants, right? Whether it's burning witches, burning Jews, or burning GMO crops.

I wish they would burn stupid people so I don't have to explain to them what democracy is about.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 2) 112

The scientific fact is that most "recreational" drugs attach to certain receptors, which are meant for internal communication only. The euphoria you get from drugs is due to them being in far higher dosage than what the receptors normally expect.

This abuse leads to desensitisation, making it difficult for drug users to feel good naturally.

Besides, the argument that the brains are hardwired is kind of stupid. Your stomach is hardwired to be filled with hydrochloric acid, but that doesn't mean you should drink it.

Comment Re:This is not about science. It's about dependenc (Score 1) 325

You have it quite wrong. EU is not big on consumer crap like Facebook or Twitter or whatever you consider "high tech", but when it comes to industry software there are enough local companies that provide it. And European mechanical and chemical engineering is at the very least on par with anyone else, and often actually better. In fact, large scale machinery, chemicals, drugs, food processing and packaging is what Germany and the Netherlands export to the USA.

Comment Re:Why does EU need GM? (Score 1) 325

Food won't be any cheaper because EU basically sets the minimum price for agricultural products by introducing strict quotas to keep european farmers afloat and thanks to the generally pretty mild EU climate plants are seldom artificially watered - there is usually more than enough rainfall. Reducing labour would also be counterproductive - like GP has mentioned, EU even pays some farmers for not producing.
Seriously, GMO makes absolutely no sense here and it is not welcome by the general population either.

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