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Comment: Safety vs weight (Score 1) 134 134

The sooner autonomous cars take over the better, people crashing cars is causing the weight of cars to be fixed at very high levels.

If cars were all autonomous they could weigh 650Kg and safety would not be a concern because crashes would be so much fewer. Heavy vehicles could be restricted to motorways and speed restricted to 20mph when in cities.

+ - Apple Music earns artists just 3 cents an hour-> 1 1

Mark Wilson writes: It has been hard to avoid talk of Apple Music over the past couple of weeks. After the initial excitement of the launch, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the revelation that there were no plans to pay artists during the initial three month free trial period.

Never fear, Taylor Swift is here! After complaining on behalf of musicians around the world in an open letter to Apple, Ms Swift managed to convince Apple to change its mind and dip its hand into its pocket. But did this mean that a great deal was offered? Clearly being paid 'something' is better than not being paid at all, but the New York Times reveals that Apple will be paying out just 0.2 cents every time a track is streamed.

If that sounds very little, well, it is. But sadly it's not unusual. Spotify uses quite a complicated formula to determine how much artists are paid. The company explains that this averages out to a "payout to rights holders of between $0.006 and $0.0084". This still isn't very much, but it is between three and four times what Apple is due to pay.

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Comment: Re:What about low-income boys? (Score 1) 473 473

A better example would be shower facilities. If you offered homeless people a shower, only had room for one communal facility so decided to limit it to just women, would that be sexist?

Of course it would be sexist, why are you even asking? The solution is simple and obvious - put a lock on the inside of the facility like most normal bathrooms.

Comment: Not uncompensated (Score 4, Insightful) 381 381

As a nation, we work harder and longer than almost all of our competitors, and much of that work is uncompensated

Oh, it's compensated all right, it's just not the poor bastard doing the overtime that's getting the dough, it's the directors and the shareholders.

If you work for free, that's called slavery and you're a mug. And American holidays are a joke. And the American health care system is a joke and the internet competition is a joke. Brainwashed.

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