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Comment Re:regular old intelligence (Score 1) 50

The actual solution is "stop spewing so much shit into the air", but that's hard to do and very expensive.

The alternative is more expensive - shutting down factories / telling people they can't drive to work. Not really a long term solution or any kind of decent solution. All it does is negate some of the worst pollution on the worst days, it doesn't address the problem that many Chinese cities have - a constant huge pollution problem.

Addressing the problem properly will create jobs and lower health costs.

Comment Re:A free search engine (Score 1) 150

Words means whatever the people using them mean them to mean if there are enough people using them that way. A dictionary does not control what a word means, it simply documents the meaning of the word as it used.

In the UK when many people say socialism they mean having a social security system, a national health service, public pensions, public roads, public emergency services etc. Since that is how they are using the word - that is what it means.

Oxford dictionary:
"The term 'socialism' has been used to describe positions as far apart as anarchism, Soviet state Communism, and social democracy; however, it necessarily implies an opposition to the untrammelled workings of the economic market."

Comment Re:Spontaneous combustion (Score 1) 130

Stupid article, complete FUD, batteries don't make a showing in the top ten causes of fires. Do battery fires make the news?, sure - and so do people getting attacked by sharks, that doesn't mean either are common events or something to worry about.

The TWO Tesla cars that caught fire were in extreme vehicle accidents. Are you expecting your house to suddenly get skewered by massive shards of metal?

Having a quality home battery storage system will not push up your fire insurance premiums, in fact it'd likely reduce the likeliness of a fire because the wiring would get looked at when it's installed and old sub-standard wiring can cause fires.

Comment Re:Who proposed tem? (Score 1) 264

Syndrome is a word used to describe a disease, I object to Greenpeace referred to in this manner.

Greenpeace may not be perfect but they have a hell of a lot more morals that the money grabbing politicians who they are up against while trying to keep our global ecology from being destroyed - That hasn't changed from day 1.

Comment Re:Law goes too far. (Score 1) 712

"doesn't actually support what you're saying."

I said:
" at the same time they go way too far, "

"It should be a civil matter not a criminal matter, imprisonment for at the minimum 'insulting' some group is insane."

The link backs up several of my assertions, if you want evidence of Germany locking people up for speech issues, they've most certainly done that before - google it.

Comment Law goes too far. (Score 1) 712

Whilst I can appreciate Germany wants to stamp out the neo-nazi rhetoric, at the same time they go way too far, For example if you say that actually only 5.5 million Jews were gassed rather than 6 million then they will throw the book at you and it's a minimum sentence of 3 months and up to 5 years. It should be a civil matter not a criminal matter, imprisonment for at the minimum 'insulting' some group is insane.

Comment Re:This is just a diversion (Score 1) 23

Windows 10 gives up all pretence of having any privacy.

Sending every keystroke to MS HQ!!!! We used to call software that does that a virus, key-logger, malware, now Microsoft are doing it, hoping the general population doesn't notice.

You really have to advise anyone you know not to install windows 10, it is out and out spyware, and you can't turn it all off in the privacy settings.

Comment Re:I'm not a panicky guy but... (Score 1) 418

Linux Mint is probably the best, it doesn't worry about patent stuff and so will play back more movies etc.

But if games is your thing then Ubuntu is the one to go for, but AFAIK Mint is based on Ubuntu so maybe steam works with it too.

Note: KDE is more like windows UI-wise.

Linux Distributions Supported by Steam - Linux Issues - Knowledge Base - Steam Support

Comment Re:The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1) 416

like heads up display of facebook

I sincerely hope this gets banned instantly, HUDs should be regulated, text messages should not be allowed because they take concentration off of the road, even on a HUD. People who have lost concentration can look straight at you and still not see you, cyclists know this full well.

Comment Re:The problem with neural networks (Score 1) 45

A human programmer cannot possibly think of every possible situation a car might encounter on the street and pre-program an appropriate response into the car.

And they don't have too, all they have to do is make sure cars are substantially better than humans at not driving into things. What to drive into and what not to drive into in the event of an unavoidable accident will be determined by a simple scoring system that determines each possible route and picks the one with the best score. The scoring system doesn't have to be perfect or even great because autonomous cars will very rarely ever drive into things by accident. When you look at the reasons humans drive into things and rule out the reasons that won't apply to autonomous cars, you won't be left with much - crashes due to mechanical failure are about 10-13% of the total.

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