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Comment Propaganda (Score 4, Insightful) 91

"The site has closed down more than 125,000 accounts associated with terrorism"

^ This, folks is what's known as propaganda and it's utter BS.

It doesn't take more than a couple of seconds of logical thought to realise that either the 125,000 number is wrong or the accounts are not associated with terrorism, unless you include talking about terrorism to mean 'associated with terrorism'

It's sad that people fall for this kind of crap.

Comment Re:Trend towards illegibility (Score 1) 146

All webmasters should do time+motion study to get it into their heads that people want to do things quickly and 1 click is better than 5 clicks.

Google seem to delight in adding extra clicks in order to deter you from logging in or out, Logging in to google breaks my password managers 1-click functionality and requires 2 extra clicks. Fully logging out involves several page loads and no less than 7 clicks.

Comment Re:OT Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 564

"Applying your exact same logic, should the speed limit be zero (The only truly 'safe' speed)?"

Indeed and that is why I support closing down through roads to rat-running, allowing only bikes and pedestrians through to encourage cycling and walking and to reduce injuries and deaths from unnecessary traffic around where people live.

The simple fact is there are far too many serious injuries and deaths here in the UK and the US is twice as bad, so 30mph isn't suitable in residential area here, note - higher speeds on some main roads is ok depending on circumstances. Some London Boroughs have changed to 20mph and life goes on.

Comment Re:Shit (Score 1) 325

Silly fecker doesn't get it, these people make up the laws as they go along, yes they are written down but the point is - they have a tendency to interpret the law however they want to, whether or not you win depends on how authoritarian the judge is.

^ This applies to unique cases, in cases where the same ground has been trodden a thousand times before, you can know what to expect.

Comment Re:OT Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 2) 564

Which has f' all to do with the fact that a car travelling at 20mph is not likely to kill someone it hits and a car travelling at 30mph is massively more likely to kill anyone it hits.

I see nothing in your calculation about the probability of brain damage or death from high speed collisions.

Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 0) 564

Boy racer eh, the fact is you don't care about mowing people down because you want the pleasure of being able drive fast. If you want to speed, hit a race track, there's no reason why side streets should be more than 20mph, only rat-runners would object to 20mph zones.

2am is irrelevant because 99% of people are not driving at that time of day, if you want to drive 30mph at 2am then drive on 30mph roads, why the fuck would you want to go racing around the back roads at 30mph at 2am?

Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 2) 564

A 25 mph speed limit is unrealistic on any public road I've ever seen, with the exception of roads made of cobblestone. It's difficult to drive a modern vehicle that slowly--it takes concentration on your speed that frankly makes you have much less attention to pay to obstacles and hazards... like children.

Utter crap. Does this mean you are not capable of driving your vehicle at 15mph or 10mph or 5mph? It must be excruciatingly difficult for you to drive at 5mph eh, god your brain must practically be hemorrhaging.

I had some kid run out in front of the car and the fact that I was only doing 15mph instead of the limit of 30mph is what stopped the kid from ending up dead or in hospital, the speed difference gave me the reaction time and stopping distance needed to avoid hitting the kid - with all of a few inches spare.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 4, Insightful) 564

Perhaps the kid was jumping in front of the car and would have been injured anyway.

Two things about this, one, slower vehicles are much easier to avoid for careless kids and two, speed kills, every extra ten miles an hour exponentially increases the likelihood of the pedestrian being killed when hit.

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