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Comment: I work in Earth-observing satellite ground systems (Score 3, Interesting) 24

by idontgno (#48935737) Attached to: Spire Plans To Use Tiny Satellites For More Accurate Weather Forecasts

The last I looked, the state of remote-sensing algorithms for limb profiling (i.e., looking through the layer of the Earth's atmosphere over the limb of the planet from your orbital position) is something between bad and "are you kidding?".

I wonder what kind of secret sauce these Young Turks have that NASA and NOAA doesn't?

Comment: New Laptop? Windows? (Score 5, Insightful) 467

by idontgno (#48889511) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

I thought the included (pre-installed) Microsoft Windows Defender (or Windows Security Essentials) was already good enough.

That, plus not installing every stupid piece of malware-studded "freeware" I come across and being a bit conservative in my browsing, has always been enough since Windows 7.

Windows after 7 also has a built-in software firewall, so wouldn't seem like you'd need one of those either.

I just can't picture needing anything beyond that.

Comment: Re:It all comes down to payroll (Score 2) 263

by idontgno (#48867139) Attached to: The Tech Industry's Legacy: Creating Disposable Employees

The first rule of business economics club is never talking about business economics club.

The second rule of business economics club is that you never take all costs into consideration. As much as possible, make those someone else's problem: your minions', your successor's, another division's, the great big greater economy, the ecology, whatever. But keep all the success/credit/profit for yourself.

Then cash out and find another place to pillage.

Yes, business economics club is kind of like piracy, but more boring and venial.

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