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Comment Re:But... but? (Score 2) 131 131

I don't have any problem with the account verification though - it's just a variant of the 2-factor authentication so don't complain too much, it may prevent you from getting your account hijacked.

Well, I just would rather not give Google my cell phone number...

Comment Re:Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 1) 509 509

There is no such thing as an idiot proof flat tax.

Businesses by their nature have very complicated taxes. We'll let them write off a $45,000 truck to deliver product but not a $45,000 mercedes (unless you are in the limo business in which case, you might be able to after all).

Wealthy people, by their nature, have very complicated taxes. Is this a business trip or a holiday? Is this a business lunch or a personal lunch?

We can reduce the loopholes (temporarily) but corporate bought representatives will put them right back in. The flat tax by it's nature is either regressive OR has a massive deduction for everyone which means many of the poorest won't be paying taxes (just like now).

Each share of the national spending last year was $10,000 for every baby, child, senior, and working person. It's about $20,000 if you restrict it to adults who have earnings. That means- unless people can earn well over $20,000 there is not point in working under a totally flat tax. Which means it must be progressive (you have to take money from those who have money to pay).

AND it ignores state and local taxes which are currently higher on the poor than the middle class and higher on the middle class than on the wealthy in every single state. In some states, it's 12.9% for the poorest but under 1% for the wealthiest.

Comment Re:But... but? (Score 2) 131 131


Does this finally mean I'll be able to post replies to my own YouTube channel and other's videos?

I have my account, that predates Google taking YouTube over. I've resisted all these years going to G+ or giving them more information....but for that, Ihad to give up being able to post comments and replies not only to other peoples' videos, but even to my own.

This will be a welcome change if that works!!

Now, if they'd also do away with trying to occasionally "verify" your account with a phone call. I fear I"m gonna have to go get a disposable phone for that one day...but hey at least this is one step in the right direction.

Comment Re:Two birds with one stone (Score 1) 509 509

While the right calls Obama a socialist, he's really a capitalist corporate servant.

To be fair, the system has been so rigged at this point, that unless you are an independently wealthy socialist, you are going to have to sell out to capitalistic corporate interests to be elected.

Comment Re:Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 1) 509 509

And that's why we vote. To come to a democratic, collective decision.

And each of us tolerates the decisions we were in the minority on.

I don't like subsidizing sports stadiums but they got 51% of the vote.

I voted republican for Reagan and Bush Sr. and then the republicans went bat shit crazy (measurably so on with reagan republicans having a '32" conservative ranking while Ted Cruz has a over 60 ( I think it's "68"). Democrats have stayed about the same in the 20's.

So now, I vote democratic. I don't like all they stand for but no way I'm voting for the extreme right wing conservative party the republicans have become. But... if 51% of the country elects a republican candidate then I'll tolerate it for 4 years because that's the collective decision of our democratic republic.

Comment Re: Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 2) 509 509

Aye, and if you count the two trillion dollars we spent to protect oil fields, the subsidies are much higher than people realize for oil.

Imagine ... if we didn't do that. And oil went to $300 a barrel. We would have automatically gone to less expensive cars, solar would have surged into demand along with other alternative energies. We might have even worked on smaller, safer self contained- no human intervention nuclear power.

But since we engage in massive subsidies for sports stadiums, oil companies, banking companies-- I think the benefit (much lower cost solar panels) of subsidizing the early expensive iterations of solar panels will be a good bang for the buck. And reduce our need to spend two trillion dollars again in the future.

Comment Re:Two birds with one stone (Score 0) 509 509

As I said in my post, I don't live in the U.S.A. Apart from that solar panel thing, all I know is that she's the wife of former president Bill Clinton.

So, in other words, her primary qualification is, that she sucked a sitting presidents dick, right?

Not sure how that qualifies her for President???

Comment Re: Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 4, Insightful) 509 509

Yeah, that's just what this country's over-leveraged home owners need---more loans.

And exactly who held a gun to those home owners' heads and forced them to take out loans way beyond their means?

If you don't know how to live within your means, manage your money like an adult, and overstretch yourself fiscally and fuckup and blow it and lose it....exactly who's fault is that?

And why would anyone suggest other folks having to be there to catch them when they fall?

The US is supposed to be to succeed and free to fuck up.

Most good lessons in life are learned more from fucking up and having to deal with the repercussions.

Comment Re:Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 3, Insightful) 509 509

Absolutely after a day of hunting, give me a curvy redhead I only have to pay once and don't have to talk to, and a bottle of good scotch and that is money well spent. At least getting screwed by the hooker is a hell of a lot more fun than having the government do it. kingdom for MOD points today!!


The govt shouldn't be in the business of trying to mold or target my behavior. I fail to find in the US Constitution where that is one of its few, enumerated responsibilities and rights...

Look, I don't mind paying reasonable taxes, to fund common good things, schools, roads, etc. But that is best done by the states who are more directly answerable to MY needs locally.

I earn my my money, and should be able to spend it on anything legal I wish and I should not be having external forces, like the federal govt trying to mold my behavior by penalizing me with taxation.

That is simply NOT their job.

Comment Where in the US Constitution..... (Score 5, Insightful) 509 509


I"m still trying to thumb through my US Constitution and find where within the enumerated responsibilities and rights of the Federal Govt. that it is charged with picking winners and losers in industry. Also,where in there is the Fed govt supposed to figure out health costs of one industry vs another and penalize one over another?

And no, it has nothing to do with the "General Welfare" parts....

Comment Re:Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 5, Insightful) 509 509

Things are so much better since we cut taxes for the wealthy.

The infrastructure is crumbling and college tuition which was free or nearly free now costs more than a luxury car at state universities.

We should have more of this dog eat dog stuff until we can share the glorious french experience of 1789 to 1799.

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