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Comment Re:what? (Score 5, Interesting) 230

Sorry, but I'll still take Firefox over Chrome, IE, or Opera any day. Here is the dialogue I always have on some message board whenever I try to go over to Chrome:

Me: Where is the menu bar?

Them: You don't need a menu bar, the menu button will do everything instead.

Me: Will it let me open a file?


Can I at least add a stop button and zoom controls to the toolbar?

Them: Sorry, Chrome doesn't allow any customization. You're supposed to do it the way Google tells you to.

Me: Okay. Where are the options to automatically clear my history at close, erase all cookies at close, not remember search form histories, etc.?

Them: Why would you need that?

Me: For privacy.

Them: What's "privacy"?

Me: It's something Google has never, and will never, respect.

Comment Re:...and in other news: (Score 1) 203

Last time I checked, black history was still included in history curricula for the full 12 months of the year. Though I would just love to see a teacher try to function under your ignorant premise and announce that she won't be covering the Civil Rights movement or slavery because "Every other month but February is for white history." I'm sure that wouldn't cause a fucking uproar.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 662

After every Apple press conference, Wired is all but unreadable for at least two weeks afterwards. Every article is "THIS NEW APPLE PRODUCT IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!" It doesn't even need to be a new product. Apple can announce a minor upgrade on an existing product and you'll get 10 Wired stories on how the minor upgrade is going to "CHANGE EVERYTHING!"

I picture Wired HQ having a giant statue of Steve Jobs in the front of the building that employees are required to offer sacrifices to every morning.

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