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Comment Re:This is why ISIS wins (Score 3, Insightful) 485

Those parties are not really fighting amongst themselves; but they do have different interests in Syria. While their common goal is to fight IS, they each want to use this conflict as an opportunity to back their own horse in this race.

I shudder to think how WWII would have ended if the alliance powers had each worried so much about what the other sides would do AFTER they defeated Hitler that they refused to ally with one another to begin with.

Destroy ISIS. Worry about the other squabbling bullshit later.

The U.S. once had the balls to support JOSEPH STALIN to defeat a nasty threat. Now you won't even support some petty little dictators like Putin/Assad to defeat a religious movement that threatens the entire modern world?

Comment This is why ISIS wins (Score 3, Insightful) 485

U.S., Iran, Turkey, Assad, Russia. All hate ISIS. All have an interest in destroying the ISIS "caliphate."

Can't stop fighting among themselves for even a minute to even consider an alliance.

Meanwhile, ISIS just slips across some other border that the side who happens to be fighting them at that moment can't cross.

Comment Re: Co-Eds Needs To Stop Showing (Score 0) 399

However, it doesn't follow that we should put any of the blame on victims of rape who dress a certain way or who consume alcohol.

Yes, that absolutely CAN follow. If I walk around the worst neighborhood in town alone at 2 a.m.waving around a stack of $100 bills, and I get mugged as a result--the mugger is still absolutely guilty of the crime, but you can also ABSOLUTELY call me FUCKING STUPID for doing it and criticize me for setting myself up as such an obvious target. Calling me fucking stupid for acting so foolishly in the lead-up to the crime isn't "victim blaming." It's just a common sense observation that anyone who isn't high on the smell of their own farts could see is obvious.

I've got a bad feeling about this.