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Comment: Re:Inspire kids to be the next Woz, not Jobs (Score 1) 232 232

Agreed. I would much rather see a movie about Woz. Not only was his work much more interesting than anything Jobs did, but he's a character who I could actually root for. When I watch a Jobs bio, I spend most of the time hoping one of the other characters onscreen will just beat the shit out of him.

Comment: Re:A corrupt company stuggling. Boo hoo. (Score 1) 131 131

What's sad is that UOP really could have done it! If they offered actual counseling guidance, and curricula that didn't just suck, and made sure that their clients passed classes with rigor, they could have *easily* made a profitable college with good reviews and earned trust.

But....but....that would mean less profit!

UNIX enhancements aren't.